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Interested to Participate? Follow the steps below and reserve a spot

Update (March 2017): If you already have a broker you’re happy with, you can join the group by purchasing Mike’s grandpa’s book via Amazon ($12) or donate a minimum of $25 to Mike’s favorite charity.

1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to delete your browser cookies.


2. Choose one of the brokers below.

Forex – $250 minimum deposit. EU Regulated. FREE demo available. Countries accepted: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, UK, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden. Review. – $250 minimum deposit. Fully regulated. Sister brand of FREE demo available. Countries accepted: UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore and Thailand. – FSB-regulated Forex broker. Best for people who would like to use MetaTrader4 in South Africa, as well as other countries. CMTrading Review.

Forex traders from other countries, please check out my recommended Forex brokers.

Binary Options – Available everywhere. Best for people in the US who prefer to trade with a traditional broker rather than on an exchange. – AU Regulated; best choice for people from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan (HighLow Review)

Binary Capital Markets – EU Regulated, SpotOption platform ($250 minimum deposit; Binary Capital Markets Review) – CFTC Regulated Binary Options Exchange (Nadex Review) – EU Regulated ($10 minimum deposit; IQ Option Review)

General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

3. Register and fund your new trading account.

4. Contact Guy and tell him which method you used in order to be eligible to join (donation/book/broker)

2/12/2015 NEW UPDATE: My signals are now available via a private Facebook Group.

 Mike's Signals Group

Support and Service Info

All trading signals are delivered between Monday and Friday. The signals are delivered through Facebook, but you can configure Facebook to send you the signals via email and/or SMS. For more information regarding my signals group, please visit this page.

Broker Registration Requirement

In order to qualify for this offer, you must create a unique trading account. In the case you already have an account with one of the participating brokers, you must create a new account with a different broker. Why should you create a completely new account in order to qualify for my service? Consider that operating this service and providing support is something that requires a lot of time and responsibility. The broker pays me a fee when you signup through the above links which enables me to keep the service %100 free. The minimum deposit requirement is between $10-$250 and you are not required to deposit more in order to qualify.

I encourage you to deposit according to your budget.

Important Risk Note: Trading binary options can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. we strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment. customers must be aware of their individual capital gain tax liability in their country of residence.

It is against the law to solicit U.S. persons to buy and sell commodity options, even if they are called prediction’ contracts, unless they are listed for trading and traded on a CFTC-registered exchange or unless legally exempt.

 U.S. Government Required Disclaimer   

147 thoughts on “Join my private signals group”

  1. Hi Michael
    I am 3 weeks old signed up young trader from Kenya, already with IQ, broker. I lost the money in trying to gamble.
    I want to buy the book but have it sent as a gift to a sister in US. Can she pay through her account im not a Paypal registered member.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Good day! Sorry for my English. Just now I have donated 25 USD to Beyond Fistula via PayPal.
    As well sent a message to Guy awaiting his reply for granting me access to your private Facebook group. Please advice how long should be received access instruction from GUY.
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello Mike,

    I have just purchased your Grandpa’s book on Amazon as I already have a broker (however I did try to make a donation using your link but Paypal didn’t let me go through… would be happy to make a donation though if you can provide alternate means of payment?)

    I have also sent a message to Guy awaiting his reply for granting me access to your private Facebook group.

    All the best.

  4. Hello Mike if you there am Marvin from South Africa and I have an account with IQ and am trading with real money, I just need to know how to predict the currency movement, cause now am only guessing and because and am betting small amounts because of that. I want to make real money please help.

  5. Mike:

    I am USA resident, I bought you book and I will open account with Finralli, after that what is the next step to join the signals by facebook?

    Thank you.

  6. Mike
    has the signals group replaced your auto trader? what happened with that ?
    Got a lot of broker accounts, gonna give to your charity. Ajay

  7. Hello Mike!!! I tried to open an account for Nadex per your instructions using the link provided. It says…” We are sorry, it seems you were referred from a marketing campaign that is not approved.” I tried Nadex because I’m in US so it would suit me well. What should I do? I’d like to join the group.
    Thanks in advance!!!

      1. Thanks Mike! All good with Nadex now! Opened a demo account and sent Guy a message on facebook to add me to the group. Waiting on response. Is it Finrally also a good broker for US traders? Thanks!!

  8. Just to let you know I have donated $25 to your charity and have friend requested Guy so I can join your facebook group. I have got a screenshot of the donation do I send it Guy when he accepts the friens request? I did a donation as I am already signed up to 2 brokers. Thanks

  9. Hi Michael:

    I have the account with Wiz-options. Can I to work here with your signals.



      1. Hello Mike

        I been trying to download the software through the link you sent me. However when I sign in. the page goes blank and nothing else happens. I tried different browsers to no avail. Today I tried Mozilla and it tells me that the sign in page is not secure therefore is blocked. I am from Canada therefore as you recommended tried to sign up with HighLow. Sent all info in but they keep rejecting my ID. Sent my passport, then sent my driver’s license and a bank document and still the same problem persist. “your address does not match”. Well I have the same address in all my documents including a credit card statement. Any ideas? I believe I signed through your link so you can get the commission too. Cheers

  10. Hi Mike,
    I joined last June but found that sorting through facebook was a bit difficult. Is there a replacement now?

    1. Some of our signal providers are offering another ways of getting signals, such as via Telegram. These are extra services and the signal providers may charge for them. You can still trade with us without subscribing to any of these extras by just following the signals posted in the group.

  11. Hi Mike,

    I’m a newbie and interested in joining your group? Do you offer signals for forex trading? And if you do, what broker do you recommend for me? I am from the philippines. Thanks you!


  12. Hi Mike,

    I have created my trading account with IQ option using the affiliate link as mentioned above and sent friend request to ‘Guy Matityahu’..

    Awaiting his response to join your private trading signal group.

  13. hie i’m tinahse, i want to open binary option account using your link, but first i want to try the signal on the demo account, my question is am i allowed in the group using the demo or do i have to deposit real money first to be allowed in the group.

  14. Hey Mike,

    I’ve sent a friend request via Facebook. Also have a Nadex demo and active account. I would like to be part of your group. I believe you have a great program and a great heart as humanitarian.

  15. Michael
    I am interested in joining your group, after a few unpleasant experiences. I already have an account with BCM, so how can I sign up please?

  16. Hello there Mike!
    I have opened an account for Nadex per your instructions using the link provided. Where do I go to receive the signals? I have contacted Guy, but I have not heard from him.

      1. Michael I’m in the same boat. Bought the book and waiting to get in and learn.

        Maybe he’s busy but if it’s possible could you give me an alternative to get in… It’s keeping me up at the moment haha.

  17. Hi Mike,
    Is it OK to use TopOptions? I noticed this broker is not on your list. Can I join your private signals group and keep using this EU regulated broker or do I have to make a new trading account with one the EU regulated brokers on your list?
    Thanks for your kind support

  18. Hey Mike, I’ve joined IQ Option around a year ago and have only just came across your YouTube page yesterday. I became convinced that you are genuine and subscribed to your page. I love what you are doing and it’s very difficult to find someone as kind hearted as you!

    I’ve donated to your chosen Charity yesterday and have emailed you from my email provided with the proof of payment attached. I’ve also messaged Guy on facebook. I am only now waiting for a response/invitation to your group to receive your lovely signals. Cheers! Ken

  19. Hi Mike,

    I would like to join your private group via donation. Is the group still open ? Do you have other charity organisation for me to donate ? Thanks

      1. Hi Mike,

        Thanks. Just to let you know that I have donated and look forward to joining your group. Heard many great things !!

    1. Why would you open another account? If you want to use IQ Option for trading and join our group, you can buy the above book or donate to any charity. If it’s too expensive, you can even open a $5 account with Ayrex.

      1. Hi Michael,

        I already have IQ option account and i want to join your group. for this i already donate to that charity(Beyond Fistula/A Little 4 A Lot). So i want to acess the group. Can you check this please?

  20. Hey Mike,
    tried to join your signals group, but no answere.
    ( Facebook – Michael Kerner )
    How many signals a day do you send in the group?


  21. Hi Am already on two platform from your list that i use which i don’t have any problem with thats iqoption and stockpair .Could i use these platform inside of opening others and what do i need to get the signals.

  22. Hi, Michael, I have an account with IQ options, that I have not used yet I would like to know if I can register with you, I have no experience with trading. Can I use your robot?

      1. Hi Michael,
        By saying ”you no longer recommend any robots” you mean your auto trader is no longer available?

  23. Hello Mike,

    I’m from Trinidad & Tobago and would like to be part of the community.

    Which broker(s) do you recommend?

    Thank you,

      1. Thanks Michael.

        I joined Daweda and have made a donation to Beyond Fistula.

        Your link for Guy doesn’t seem to work.
        How do I join your group?


          1. Actually it was my issue.
            I can get it now and Guy added me to the group.

            Thanks so much Mike and Team.


  24. Hi Mike, I just want to know whether i can be added to the group.
    Also am from Bulgaria. Could you help me to find a suitable broker here?
    Many thanks

  25. hi mike, i have opened a broker account through your link and deposited. i m very keen to become a part of the big family. please invite me, god bless u!
    kind regard,

  26. Hi mike

    thanks for the response. I registered on the Hilow. Could you add me to the group thanks? i have added the other traders on FB but no one accepted my request. hope a feedback



  27. Hi Mike. I just want to know whether i can be added to the group and get practiced with the signals for a while before i fund a account.
    I work full time and i am not sure what time i will be available for trading. So i just need to get a idea first about the trading and my timing.
    Also am from canada. Most of the brokers does not offer the binary trading here. Could you help me to find a suitable broker here?
    Many thanks

  28. Hello! I recently joined your group-im using demo with IQ option as im complete beginner. I was wondering is there someone who cuold show me how to do the signail option on IQ-couple of examples would be enough-i have team viewer….or may be some videos about how to do the signals on IQ! Thank you!

  29. Good Day Mr. Mike,Thank you a million times for your generosity. I am a newbie and interested in both your manual and auto signals.Is it possible to use the two on one broker. I have no account yet.

      1. Hola, es auténtico el perfil de Facebook MIke’s binary options channel ?

        Allí han puesto un post sobre autotrade y usted comenta aquí que aún está en proyecto haciendo una nueva versión mejorada.

        Este es el post que han puesto
        Billionaires Auto Trade Boost Group!!! Multimillonarios auto trade impulso group!!!

        Esta semana leí que habían perfiles falsos de usted y quisiera saber si este perfil es realmente suyo. Saludos.

  30. Good day Mike.
    My name is Max and I live in Nigeria.
    I lost my job recently and looking for a means of survival when I stumbled into Bosscapital binary options broker and registered and as well funded my account. I have never traded because am new to binary options and do not know how and where to generate signals. In trying to get signals, I stumbled into one of your videos.
    What a wow!
    I love your confidence, spirit of giving and delivery!
    You are such a wonderful person! I do not know whether to regret funding my Bosscapital account or to regret not meeting you on time. And so I decided to reach you and to ask you to assist me. Please I wish to know if I can use your signals on Bosscapital platform? If not, please which other signal service provider can you recommend for me? I wish to join your Facebook group!
    I love to be in your team!
    May God bless you for the good job.
    Awaiting your response.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response.
        I’ve already signed up with the Expertoption platform, as you adviced. They look good!
        I will be using their demo account temporarily till I fund my real account.
        Please, how can I access your signals?

  31. Its such a nice thing you are doing Sir. Please tried joining your facebook group. Ive opened under ayrex and messaged johhny and Alfaz, havent gotten any reply. Also mailed you but im sure you get alot of mails. Please help add me.

  32. Hi Mike please assist me on how can I get access to your services as am from South Africa, I need an Automated system that is profitable or your signal, please advice how can I get those services?

  33. hi mike,
    I just proceed with the procedure mention above and johny also accept my friend request, what now because nothing happens after that, how I join the group and receive signals?

  34. Hi Mike , I’m from Singapore and was signing for your autotrader and was being directed to Bigoption for deposits of funds. As this broker is not listed above , can you advise if it’s ok to proceed. Thanks

  35. Hi Mike, its not very easy to sign up with you on face book. Please can you advise. I clicked on link to join on face book but instead landed up with Johhny Grab. I`ve been trying for a while now. Still don`t know what to do.

  36. Hello Michael,
    My account of has been activated but why I can not access. Please advise. I am in Thailand.
    Thank you.

  37. Hey Mike,

    I’ve recently found your channel on YouTube and I’m amazed how much of valuable knowledge can be found there. I cant even imagine what can be learned from other more experienced people who participate in your group. Thats why i’d be more that honored if you allow me to participate in it. I have some success with IQ Option and i hope you and your group will help me to take it further.

    With best regards,

  38. Hi Mike!

    I´m Eduardo from Brazil. I´ve notice about two automatic trade robots: BinaryRobot365 and OptionRobot.

    Witch one is better (do you recommend)?


      1. Hi Mike . I’m Dolores. Which one you recommend for me. I’m new and I’m in Australia. I like if I can have auto traders, because I’m working. I don’t really have time because I work long hours and I don’t know to do it my self . Please help me. Because I try 2 times already with Vena system and HTF doesn’t work. I’m only have $250 to spend. And can I joint your group? Thank you Mike

          1. Hi I’ve been trying to join the group but can’t get access I’ve made an account with IQ options

      2. Hi mike I’m Dolores. I try so many times to login into your account to join your auto traders but doesn’t go through. I don’t know what happen. Can you help me please, because I like to join with your auto traders . Thanks Dolores

  39. Hello Michael,

    Have you heard of & James Freudman? He recommended trading platforms to me which have ended badly. Janusoptions, STCapitals and HW Markets. All three sites are non responsive to me and I cannot access any of my trading money!

    Have you heard of any of the above? Any suggestions as to how I could extract funds?

    Cheers Mike

  40. hi mike, hi guys,

    I have a registration problem.

    during registration, I fell at the first step. I filled out all the fields (name, surname, email, password, phone number), but when I press the register button, it’s not let me trough and the password field is blank. please help?


  41. Mike,

    I sent an email to join the FB group. I haven’t heard back from you assistant. I even added/messaged you on FB as well. Excited to join your trading family!

  42. Hi Michael,
    I am from Canada.Which broker you recommend for me? Will IQ Option work for me?
    I would like to join your Binary Signals Group also, pls help.


      1. Sure. Which one is good broker for Forex in Canada? Also how can I join the Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group on Facebook?. can u email me pls. thx

      2. I sent an email to to request a invitation to join your Mike’s Binary Options Group. So what do I do next.? And which broker you recommend for Canada?

        Thanks for all the good work you doing. I appreciate your time and effort.


  43. i was a member last summer can i get back on the group? i took mike facebook group off my facebook because i wasn’t using this group that much . Now i want to rejoin.

  44. Hi Mike . I am already with iq option and funded but I want to join your facebook group. What to do from here.

  45. Where can I see your track record and evidence you are legit, sorry, just so many damn scammers. I am in Australia

  46. Hi Mike. I live in the UK and I’m new to all of this. Really interested in getting started as soon as I can. What recommendations can you give me re brokers and software to use please?

  47. I already created an account with nadex but hadn’t funded it yet and they won’t allow a duplicate account. Do you have any suggestions in order to fulfill the requirements to join the group?

  48. Mike, i would like to be added to your group. I already donated to Beyond Fistula charity. Please send me the invitation. I can send you the receipt.

  49. Hi Mike,

    I am from India & your subscriber for Scam reviews regarding binary options.

    Please adivise what is the best broker for Indian residents which I can join & be a part of your Facebook group for receiving signals.


  50. I am from the US, can I still join your Facebook group? I have used Markets World in the past so I am familiar with them.

          1. Hi Mke, my name is Siyabonga Sishuba I recentley joined IQ Options under the group today with $100 but the system does not allow to be added on group please assist.

  51. I was wondering if it is safe to sign up with marketsworld if you are in the united states?? I currently have a account with nadex but I would like to sign up with marketsworld if it is legal in the united states?? thanks

  52. I’m from the united states and when I get to your register page for your autotrader I filled in every box and clicked register but it just keeps bringing back to the same page. Any Help?? thanks

  53. sir, am from india, i like to trade to binary option, i wish to know that in india whether it is legal to trade binary or not. if i trade binary whether i have to face any question ask by govt to me?.

    I have try netteller/skrill but the transaction failed. how to transfer fund to 24 (using option robot).

    Thanks in advance

  54. Hi Mike, how are you? ?Thank you for taking time to read and to respond to my email. I have accounts with AXETRADES which used to be AXEOPTIONS, and with options/signals on the FXPin platform. Seems good so far, only wonder what you have learned about these. Please let me know, and thank you again for your time. Jeff

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