Global Trader 365 Review – Is Global Trader 365 A Scam?

Monday, August 19th, 2013 by Henry Knight 
Global Trader 365  is a broker not to be trusted! Read my complete review and you will understand why. First of all, please do not trade with them, nor invest in their trading platform, which is designed in such a way as to make you lose all or at least most of your money. However, the real trouble begins when you attempt to withdraw either the remainder of your money or any profit you might miraculously have made.
Is Global Trader 365 a Scam? 
After submitting a request for a funds withdrawal on their website, you don’t even get a confirmation email from them, so you’re left wondering whether or not your request has gone through.You have to email them to initiate some sort of communication. Then, all of a sudden, they ‘award’ you a bonus, which is, as many seasoned traders know, is something to be avoided like a plague.  After they ‘award’ you this bonus, which often, uncannily, equals your withdrawal request, they’d make it extremely difficult for you to complete the actual withdrawal. What this means is that they’ll use all possible ways and means to preclude you from getting your money back. In most cases, it will make an enormous amount of emails and threats to convince them to do otherwise.
Global Trader – Unregulated
In my case, I have already filed an official complaint against them with which is a US Government agency working under the FBI. However, it´s difficult to tell how long their investigation will last and what the results could be.  The Global Trader 365 is an UNREGULATED broker, which means that basically they´re free to do whatever they please. Their HQ is apparently located in Gibraltar:  Brainerd Properties Ltd, Suite 41/42, Victoria House, 26 Main Street.


That is according to what is stated on the bottom of their website.

In addition to filing a complaint with IC3, it probably makes sense to write to this office in Gibraltar to let them know how Global Trader 365 treats its customers.  Also, please remember you can only get your money back within a space of 120 working days, i.e. roughly 4 months, provided you’ve invested it via a credit/debt card. Beyond that time limit, it will be almost impossible for credit card offices to reimburse you.
In conclusion, the above-mentioned ‘broker’ is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a scam operation. Please do not trade with them: you’ll lose all or most of your money. Sooner or later, they will be investigated by the IC3 and other governmental agencies in the US and Europe.”
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  1. Thanks for your info. I am only sorry that I did not read this before. Luckily this time it is only 250 USD.
    Pls another company to be careful of is Titan Trade. I lost about 30000 USD with them. I tried to with draw just 5000 USD to by my mother an Electric Wheelchair to give her some dignity back after a stroke. They convinced me for ONE last trade. That was ONE last trade.

  2. I see so many complains. Is it not possible to stop these people?? I also send them $200 via paypal 18 days ago and still no respons from them.

  3. CVCOptions also operate in the same way. Do not get involved with them and avoid robotic software. The Binary Redemption is another scam to suck up all your money and put you in touch with these scam borkers

  4. The mail from W & Y Insurance is definately a Scam. Do not send even a cent, or you will even loose your shirt.

    – G. P. Wadia

  5. I have twice been contacted by a rep from W & Y Insurance, saying that as a result of a class action suit I am entitled to a refund of my money lost with Open Area. Documents they send relate to Global Trade 365 N.A. No mention of Options Area.
    Also a typo on first page of UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FEDERAL DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON D.C.judgement by Judge Sacral T Hughes,
    ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’.
    Pages marked with ‘Dept of Justice/Programs/ seal.

    The kicker is that I send them $1500 TT and ‘by 5 pm, you will have money in your account’.
    The first contact promised $10,000. $4000 extra for depression and trauma’. He got upset when I challenged his credentials and hung up.
    Question: Has anyone heard of this ‘Class Action Suit’? Does it also involve Options Area or, as I suspect, scammers are jumping on the bandwagon, having somehow obtained my phone number and amount lost from Options Area? (Canada based, but banks in Cyprus)

  6. I don’t think anyone can get anything from them! This is the new age of super cyber crooks but, “Karma is a bitch” as they say. I hate to see what lies on their path in the future! They are after all human and are subject to all the failings and troubles human beings can encounter! Which means life isn’t over just because they scammed a few bucks from people. They are heartless cruel people who have no concept of morality.

  7. if you are having problems withdrawing your fund even when you were given a bonus,just contact me, i have worked with a binary broker for 5years, i have helped a lot of people and i wont stop until i have helped as many as possible, here is my email address if you have a bonus that was given to and you wish to withdraw it

  8. Hi Mike
    Do you know about AAoption? they work together with Swiss Binary Robot signal. I wonder are they good company that can be trust?Thanks before

  9. Hi Mike, Thanks for your informative and frank site. I’m a new trader looking at various options. I was looking at “legalinsiderbot” who talk about a $500,000 no-loss insurance which is absolute rubbish. The requirement is to sign up to a broker so they make the intro commission. The address they give on emails for the company is Vison Tec Gmb 173-185 Greenwich High Road London SE10 8JA

    That address is a large, modern Novotel Hotel and next door is a railway station. I rang the hotel to check and they confirm there is and never has been a company of that name there so it is a complete scam. Perhaps you could warn others?

    Regards, Roger

  10. So may people have been scammed. the amount of money they have made from us is incomprehensible and it is global as I live in Africa. Any ideas of pro bono lawyer trying our cases ?

  11. GlobalTrader has never refunded the money they approved for withdrawal. No matter how many times I sent my bank statements showing no deposits from them and no matter how many times my banker said there was no deposit made, they just ignore and will no longer respond to my email. I filed a complaint with ifra-us and they never even sent a auto response that they received my complaint. Can you advise what recourse I might have? GlobalTraders didn’t trade my money away, they simply stole it and said they they deposited my withdrawal amount but I’ve never received it!!! They just down right stole my money!!

  12. Ok, that’s a start. Anyway, they can start elsewhere under other names.
    Some institution bigger and more powerful than us, we scammed people,should intervene. All these criminals should be caught and put into jail.The hardest thing is to do is recover the money.

  13. That’s it !!! I thought the same thing too.
    And… another one. THEY KNOW about this website, so they know about the information we share and can change domain,addresses,numbers and so on. We should think about something different in order to communicate.Easy to say….

  14. They certainly are a scam. I have lost $3500 in less than a week the supervisor called me and told me how he was going to help me took a trade for me which cleaned me out when it lost and hasnt called me since

  15. After they blew through my $1000.00 investment in less than 45 minutes, I spent days… weeks… months trying to contact them via their (718) 407-0988 number and their email address. Not one response… until today! I received a call from their accounting department asking why I have only $2.65 on my trade account. I recapped my story to the person on the phone, and told her I am still waiting for full refund as mentioned in my emails to, and she asked for the name of my broker. I told her I wasn’t near my PC right now, so I didn’t have her name, but I also said “She sounded a lot like YOU.” At which point she became very defensive and said, “It wasn’t me. I’m an accountant, not a broker.” She asked if she could call me back in one hour. that was 4 hours ago and I still haven’t heard from her. Big surprise–no one answered when I called back myself. I’m trying to get the chargeback processed through my bank, but since I’m a few days outside the 120-day window, I may never see my money again. They need to be stopped, because I’m sure they are in BERNIE MAYDOFF territory when it comes to personal losses from those of us who were only hoping to improve our financial futures. This is just sickening.

  16. I’m still receiving phone calls! They will never stop to bother me. I decided that once in a life time I could be robbed, but there is not going to be a second chance for them! Never.


  18. Hi Mike, thanks for all the honest and integral information on your website. This crowd, Global Trader 365 have been phoning me also. I told them I wasn’t interested in investing in them, and the guy almost became aggressive, demanding to know ‘why’?! Bullying tactics are not going to help them.


    1. Unfortunately bank wire transfers are non-recoverable and with companies like Global Trader 365, you are dealing with a ghost company. No one is able to verify their true location. They hide behind a network of offshore “monkey” companies so it makes it impossible to file a lawsuit against them..therefore the money deposited via wire transfer is basically gone!

  19. The creditcard charge information is :

    Thank you, your deposit has been approved. Please note, the charge on your card will be shown as: Hortense Holdings 18774566578. Your funds are now visible in your account balance.

  20. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I made initial deposit $300 yesterday and make trade I lost $25 , today unable to login, reset password has tried at many time still unable.
    Please let you help me.
    Thank you

    1. Luckily you only invested $300.. I am surprised they closed your account so quickly without first trying to get you to deposit a lot more. Perhaps you were very clear about not wanting to deposit more and they just felt like they already got all the money they could from you. Anyway, I hope you deposited with a credit card and not via bank wire. Best thing you can do now is call the number of the back of your card, file a dispute against this charge and report them for the scam they are! There is a good chance you will get your money back. Global Trader 365 is the type of company that gets a few credit card disputes every day. Don’t worry about logging back to your account, the only way to retrieve your money now is by calling the number of your credit card. Best of luck! Mike

  21. I deposited $200 and then had an account manager contact me and tell me about their secured capital program. I never signed any bonus forms or anything. I did document who I was without signing the document claiming bonuses. The rep said if I drop below $2000 that they would replace the money as they were telling me what trades to place daily. Let’s just say I lost $641 and they did put it back in and now they will not let me withdraw any of my money. They will not return calls, emails, and their US and Canadian numbers are not working. These people are a scam. I am going to file reports to IFRA and everyone should also report them to Interpol cyber crimes to and IC3 – See more at:

  22. Hi MMichael Freeman , thank you very much for this packed information about Gglobal 365, i nearly invested with themlast year, fortunately i had no money at that time, thank you to everyone who posted here it opened my eyes now i know, Michael help me am in south Africa i would like to invest advice me which is the best company to invest with? And can i invest when am in Ssouth AAfrica?

    1. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, this is why I always recommend going with a fully EU regulated broker. Since you are located outside of the US, you are not restricted to a few brokers. I would recommend going with Topoption, Interactiveoption or OptionFair. Checkout the broker reviews section for the complete reviews on each of these brands and you are welcome to email me at with any questions. Cheers! Mike

  23. My father in South Africa was scammed by a company called Global Options 365. I suspect it is the same crowd. Has anyone heard if them?

  24. I have also suffered at the hands of globaltrader 365 i left my account idol for a week over xmas then made a request for a withdrawl and found they cancelled it returned the money then the next time i logged in my funds had been wiped i also found them through automated income app and after many emails and attempted phone calls (which don’t connect) i am still no closer to getting my money back.

  25. Guys
    Thanks very much for this platform
    I got recommended to global trader from that online automated income app software..
    I did my homework by reading reviews at and others before joining
    I deposit $200 usd made 4 trades and lost all 4 trades.. At that point i knew they were crooks..
    I did not trade any more with them ..I had a $100 balance left in my account.. I tried to log back in last week and notice that
    the site were down.Tried to call them with no response
    I would like to know if the feds shut them down because i cannot no longer access the site
    Guys, let me know what i can do if anything at this point.
    It appears,the income automated aqpp people, nancy reviews people , and global trader are in bed togather and they all should be all thrown in jail

    sam f

  26. I have to say the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life was to invest with these crooks and not read any reviews beforehand… I lost $4000 pounds with globaltrader 365. To my surprise its not only , they also own and … Im going to file a report with the FBI. Thank you so much michael for this blog post you are helping so many people ou with this.. I just wish i would have checked it out before investing! I also found another post with everything that is going on with this scam company!

  27. To Anne,was this woman’s name Kate Morison? I dealt with that lying witch.She would say and maybe even do anything to get money from people.I thought she was fired along with Alex Robinson and Cindy Johnston.

  28. Yes I went through the same situation with a foul mouth woman called KATE. I have told her numerous times that I am not interested to do tradings for her amounts which she has suggested. They told you stories and then she never phoned back after she got her bonus back from me and there is still money in my account with them. GlobalTrader365 they are scammers!!!! America must clean up their fraudsters and keep them out of the world before another incident happen to them like terrorist attacks.

  29. This Company is a big scam. Together with Ryan Miller who promotes this company. Please tell me how I can get my money back. They scamed me out of $250 and people are still getting scamed by them.

    1. The thing is I am not an Edward Snowden so I have no plans to fight against this broker in anyway, I think that by allowing people to post their real experiences with Global Trader I’ve done my share. I will leave the rest to Interpol, CySEC, tax authorities and credit card dispute departments, they can determine how they want to handle this company, hopefully the folks who actually have power actually ‘care’to do something. Cheers! Mike

  30. Michael I have a lot of information about this company that I would like to discuss with you privately. Please shoot me an email as soon as you can… I can help out a lot with the information that I have.

  31. Hi Michael Freeman,the one you gave me was in Israel so I put a net at the end and that one is in Scottsdale,Arizona.Couldn’t they be lying about their location because the one I dealt with was in New York,New York(supposedly) ?

  32. To Bobbette Langley, try instead of com.Try to get your money back anyway you can because GT365 is a scam and has a bunch of lying crooks as employees.

  33. Today, Globaltrader365’s webhoster GoDaddy has taken down their website. If you check the whois entry, this was done because of “spam and abuse”.

    Beware: Globaltrader365 is currently sending out messages to their customers making them believe that they moved “for improving their service” to Don’t believe this fairy tale!

    1. That’s good information! Maybe the best way to find scam brokers is to contact their hosting company! Unfortunately they purchased the domain and probably via different hosting service. They are not stupid, but anyway, sooner or later they’ll have to either change their name of go out of business.

  34. I too deposited $250 with GT365 but it never showed in my account there, they are nearly impossible to contact, and I cannot through phone at all. Have had a few contacts through online chat on their website and a few emails saying they are investigating it, then claiming my bank must be holding the money and they never got it but this happened in mid-November and it did come out of my account through debit card!! Now when I emailed again today, it was returned as undeliverable!! I too need help in figuring out how to get my $250.00 back. that’s a lot of money to me! Help please!

    1. Hi Beth, don’t waste your time trying to call them, they are a scam. If you made a deposit within the last 90 days you can contact your credit card dispute department by calling the number on the back of your card. Report that you’ve been scammed, many traders are able to receive their money back in this way, but it might take a couple of weeks for the credit card company to investigate your claim. Good luck! Mike

  35. I have tried to get on the Global Trader website for the last 3 days and all I get is a “can’t find the server” error message. I’m very concerned now. I will try and call this morning and will be stopping at the bank to see if I can get my money back because I paid from my debit card. If I don’t get some action, I too will be filing with FINRA and any other agencies that I can find.

  36. I have the same problems with globaltrader365.
    6 december 2013 i made a deposit of 250 euro to my trader from my bankaccount. I have send them the bankcertification that the transfer was complete but no response.
    After 2 weeks i called the phonenumber on the site and they said never to have reseave any money from my bankaccount.
    Now i see whats going on…
    Like i dont have problems enough.
    I dont think i see my money again but its a good lesson for mi!!

  37. Thanks for info. No trades yet after $2000 put up. I will work with CC company. My contact has been with Charles Constantine who seems too busy to work with me.

  38. I started with them on november, but plenty of the bonuses they use on my account they just plant it they dind’t ask. Actually i made one wire but the majoroty of the transactions where made by credit card.

    1. It won’t hurt to give it a try and call your credit card company. After all, they are a scam and even if you met the bonus restriction they would’ve still prevented you from ever getting access to your money.

  39. Im desperate i invest $10,100 on global trader 365 and when i tried to make a withdrawal they canceled it, they told me that cant allowed me to make the withdrawal because me account was with bonuses but the problem is that they change me 5 times my broker and my account never increased from the amount that i deposit, right now i need my money back on a rush and they are not helping me what can i do?

    1. If you invested money with them less than 60-90 days ago you might still be able to get your money back by filing a dispute with your credit card company. The only issue is that if you accepted a bonus offer and the bonus restriction is stated on their Terms and Conditions page, it will be tougher to present a convincing argument with the basis of getting scammed and Global Trader will most likely win the dispute on the basis that you accepted the bonus offer with the knowledge of the restriction which they are only required by law to mention on their terms and conditions page. If you never accepted this bonus and they just placed it on your account, you can argue that you’ve been a victim of a scam and you want your money back and there is a possibility that you will win the dispute and get your money back in full. The number you need to call is at the back of your credit card, unless you deposited via bank wire and in this case you are pretty much screwed because your bank won’t reverse the transaction and getting into a legal battle with this company might not be worth the time and cost. Good luck and all the best to you! Mike

  40. hello…i want ask about this gt365,,,its a really scam company?becouse i alreadysign up for their account…but i never paid yet anything deposit to my gt365 account…but i already put my bank card number…their can take money from my bank or what?

    1. All comments are real and yes, unfortunately they are a scam. If you Google “Global Trader 365” you will find other websites where traders are reporting the same issue, let alone all the emails I received on this company personally. I am not exactly familiar with how it works with bank information but you should definitely contact your bank and tell them to block all future transactions with this broker and have them place a hold or contact you before any transactions over $200. Luckily you didn’t deposit any money yet, people have lost a lot of money!! A lot!

  41. Please contact me at if you want to see the trades that i lost on black and white.
    You always trade with your own money and as soon as you loose, you only have bonus money left and then you have lost the battle.
    Please email me if you want to see it all on paper
    Please be do not trade with this company.

  42. To those people that are thinking about going with Global Trade 365 to be their Options Trading platform, my STRONG advise to you is RUN and NEVER LOOK BACK. Let me give a brief background about how I started with Global Trader 365. In August of 13 I started working with a broker named Allan Goldberg. Things in the beginning were working AWESOME. I was literally making 5-6 thousand dollars a day. I made $30,000 in my second month. And this is where the problems began. Allan got promoted to a diamond broker and could not handle my account anymore, which is fine if only he would have told me. Instead what I got was him not answering my phone call or answering my messages. Their customer support is a JOKE at best. Don’t even bother trying to use the “LIVE OPERATOR” link, NO ONE will ever answer you, EVER. So after about 5 emails to “customer support” a another broker called me and we started to work together. My next broker got promoted as well and just like Allan NO ANSWER, NO RETURNING OF MESSAGES. After 2 weeks I got hold of another broker. That lasted about 4 days before they stopped answering the phone as well. As of 1-16-14 I have gone through 8 different brokers. HERE IS WHERE THE BIGGEST PROBLEM LIES, WITHDRAWS.. Last year I submitted a withdraw request for $5,000, it took 1 1/2 to get it. In November of last year I submitted another $5,000 withdraw request, I finally got it 4 days ago. OVER 2 MONTHS it TOOK. And my personal favorite, in December it submitted a $3,700 withdraw request. I got it 5 days later, you must be thinking good. Not so fast. They shorted the money by $973.00 I withdrew $3,700, I got $2,727.. Still waiting on the rest as of today……… DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH GLOBAL TRADER 365, I PROMISE YOU YOU WILL REGRET IT..

  43. That is why he was probably fired because of all the lies he told you and others.If you dealt with anyone else at GT365 have them send you proof of the promises that were made.Your credit card company will ask a lot of questions.Just tell them the truth about what happened.Also GT365 has so many credit card disputes against them (tell your credit card company this) you still have a shot at getting your credit back.The worst thing that can happen is you do not get a refund but it does not hurt to try.

  44. Nick what should I say if I call globaltrader though. I dont know anyone to call. The guy that traded for me is dominic anderson and i was told he got fired. Ilost 3000 back in julyb2013 which is long time to file a dispute. I can file dispute but then what happen after that? Will my credit card ask me anything?

  45. To john,if you used a credit card and was promised by Global Trader 365 your trading capital was not at risk and someone from Global trader 365 can send proof of that to you, then yes,you can get your $3000.00 back.I filed a dispute the same day after GT365 traded my account down to $245 from $4000.00 ($2000.00 credit card + $2000.00 bonus). I did not believe they (GT365) were ever going to give me my $2000.00 back but I was able to get Alex Robinson to send me proof he was going to do that until I filed a dispute.The holding company is Hortense Holdings .I called them well over 50 times and left messages but no one ever called me back.You should file a claim.I was fortunate that I received proof before Alex Robinson was fired.

  46. Nick

    I likw to get my money 3000 back that I lost when they call me up to follow there trade. This is back in july 2013. Is it too late to file credit card dispute? Whay should I tell my credit comoany reasom for dispute though? The thing is I authorize globaltrader to maje deposit to my account and also sign up for secured capital which is scam for bonus money to refund your loss trade:( so what should I do?

  47. To Michael Freeman,it was not wasted time because I received the credit I was promised even though I had to make them keep their promise.Unless you were ever scammed out of thousands of dollars you do not know the stress and aggravation it brings.I had to constantly call Global Trader 365 and email them from 20 to 35 times every day Monday through Friday. Also, filing complaints against them with various organizations (FBI,NFA,CIA,BBB,this website,my credit card,ect.)Do not get me wrong,I do not think they had a change of heart(they are still crooks)but Alex Robinson did send me what he promised(after I harassed him non stop for 2 months) and I believe it helped me get a refund.I did get lucky but it taught me 2 very important things 1.anything that is promised to you on the phone get it in writing before committing any money and 2.use a credit card so you can dispute the charge in case you are scammed.I feel very sorry for anyone who used cash instead of a credit card to GT365 because if I used cash instead of credit I do not think I would have had any chance of getting a refund.I was told Alex Robinson was fired along with Cindy Johnston and Kate Morison.I am just glad I did get a refund and I also believe this site helped. Hopefully GT365 will be shut down and finally put out of business.Thank you for having this site Michael.

  48. Well ,I finally received that $2000.00 back on my credit card thanks to my credit card company and Alex Robinson sending me proof he was going to put the credit back on my credit card but since I filed a dispute he did not because of a double credit.Today William Thompson (Global Trader 365) called me about funding my account and said things have gone a big change and he was sorry about me losing the $2000.00.He is clueless that I already have the credit back so I told him I will get the $2000.00 back one way or another.I still have $245 in my account and was told I had to get the account above $2000.00 to make a withdraw.I will trade the $245 down to 0 or to $4000.Either way it is free money.They still will not give me their exact address because William said I might kill the others involved in their scams.I would not do that but I know some people who may.

    1. Lot’s of wasted time but at least you lucked out. I personally find it hard to believe that they suddenly had a spiritual awakening and decided to become “good guys”, it’s kind of hard to believe with a track record of scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, from traders. Nonetheless, I am happy for you that you get to walk off with your money and a lesson learnt.

  49. I have the same problem with Trade Rush, I have instructed them to remove all their bonus from my fund and remit the balance, but they have refused urging me to continue to trade. Please how do I get help to withdraw my money.

    1. Traderush and Global Trader are miles apart. It could be that you took a bonus and your account is now restricted to a volume of trades, all brokers offer bonuses, you have to be cautious before accepting a bonus offer. It’s a loyalty offer and it requires you to generate a high volume of trades. In your situation I don’t really see how you got scammed.

  50. They won’t stop calling me, now I just lecture them when they call about how terrible it is to rip people off, I ask them if they read the reviews ….then I tell them they wouldn’t answer my calls by blocking my number when I wanted my money back. The guy I was talking to that time said he was dealing with 100’s of thousands of dollars and people writing the bad reviews had just lost a very small amount. I said, “you mean our money is nothing to you?” and he basically said yes. I told him my 3k meant a lot to me and I was sure no one wanted to do business with their lousy scam operation any more. That guy insisted and insisted on trying to get the money back by having me deposit more. I told him I would never deposit any money with them and neither would anyone else; finally he hung up. If the money is too little to even count why don’t they give it back to us???? and why don’t they just stop lying????

  51. guys these feedback can help file.complaint. however is there anyway we all cam get class actiom suit so ppl who wrote on this board can get monetary compensatiom?

    mike freedomn what do you think? I really want to recover 5k back in july 2013:(

    1. Hi John, I am definitely in support of any actions against GT365, unfortunately I cannot be part of a class action lawsuit against them but I would love to be part of facilitating it. You can be sure that many traders who got scammed by this company are visiting this page on a daily basis. Looking at the stats for my blog, in previous weeks, this article was getting 50-100 visits per day, but now it’s only getting around 20 visits, which tells me that less people are looking for Global Trader 365 and they are finally getting ready to shutdown. The review is still up there on Google but they’re probably not advertising as much due to all the negative reviews they kept getting. I hope that this article cost them a lot of future “blood money” and I will make sure to trace any new brand that they open and black-list them immediately. On my part, I will continue to haunt them until they give up and move to another industry.

      I am really sorry you lost so much money, just today I got an email from a trader who got scammed by Banc 54 for $50,000 and I am holding my fingers for both of! If you see that it’s not working, for your own health, I recommend moving on, it’s a new year! Time to leave them in the past and take it as a hard lesson!

  52. Global Trader 365 called me this past Saturday and tried to get me to send more money to my account.I told the one I spoke with that GT 365 owes me a $2000.00 credit on my credit card and she said they will have their recovery department work on it. Yea right,I probably will not hear from those thieves again.

  53. They have been calling me even on Christmas day to try for a repeat performance of the $3000 I lost. HA HA HAAAAAAA…I can tell they are desperate for more suckers to invest in their scam. THEY WILL NEVER GET ANY MORE MONEY FROM ME!!!!!! I do not answer their scam calls any more… Now they are even leaving messages. That’s funny they blocked my number and wouldn’t answer for weeks when I wanted to get my money back!!!! They have to know the GIG’S UP!

  54. A few days ago I received a phone call. A female voice, apparently Indian or African. She claimed to be from globaltrader365. I told her I had changed brokers. She wanted to know why. So I told her that I could not log in and therefore suspected a scam. She basically said that there would always be complainers. Ha! Then she got on to the Technical Department, gave me a new password and a few seconds later I was back in. The money was still there. Then she preached me a sermon about the wonders of One-Touch Options and the various membership clubs they have and insured trades. My Bullshit Detector was screaming at that point. Then I got a radio call from work. I had to go somewhere, so I politely broke off the conversation. Later in the day I made 2 One-Touch bets on the NASDAQ, one Call and one Put. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I suspect the NASDAQ wouldn’t move much due to the Holiday Period. Expiry is December-28. I’ll see what happens next and report it to you.

  55. Guys,

    just received a call from globaltrader365 on my voicemail. I rejected his call because of my bad experience from them. Im pretty sure they will want me to deposit more money into account and promise me that i will recover my 5k losses!! I reject their call many time and never deposit again ever since back in july. The guy on voicemail says he is polino and his number is 718 407 0984 and he tells me to call 1800-957-3732 ext 301

  56. Dr. Romie Ogbolu

    Hows your class action suit is it working? What city is area code 215. DId you find a lawyer? Im interested in getting money back that i lost and deposited its 5000. 🙁 My balance at globatrader365 is 13.45 now. The deposit made was back in july 19 and 23.

  57. hello mike or NAYONE

    I need help in getting my money back from globaltrader. i was contacting by global trader broker named andrew fox and the other name mr. anderson that if i made a deposit i will get secured capital which will covers my losses if it lose. I was a newbie at that time so i did what they say. They send me document to sign for secured capital which i realized now that its actually a bonus capital. I sign and send fax. I rewarded with extra 1000 bonus money. I deposited 1000 on july 19 and july 23 i made 2000 because i lost so much money hoping it will works. Right now, should i called my VISA credit card money and initiate a dispute? I check my globaltrader365 account history and im worried that my credit card company will find out that i made that deposit. How can i get my money by inititing dispute? please help. ANYONE?

    Their staff are trained professionals that go to great lengths to gain your trust .They are very persuasive and I lost $6000 on one trade .

  59. They have a goal in their minds that is so hard to be reprogrammed. I don’t know what their profit is going to be, but I strongly believe that it is a tough challenge! I was contacted to have my money back. I do not trust those people and I did everything to make them aware of my skeptical ideas. They are not afraid of blasphemies, they are not concerned about bad words. They are programmed to get everything they can from us. Poor people. I feel sorry for them. I lost 2000$, they lost their human nature. They are going to die. For sure!

  60. I was approached by this company to make a deposit of 1K in order to start trading. It was sounds to good to be truth, so I did pass info I had on hands to my friend for review.

  61. I filed this dispute on Halloween Oct.31 2013 and was suppose to take up to 45 days,it is close to that now.I asked the credit card company what is the hold up and they told me it is still pending.What else do I have to do to get the $2000.00 credit back as promised by GT365 ? I provided proof they were going to give the credit back.

  62. After countless phone calls and emails that I contacted Global Trader 365,Alex Robinson finally sent me an email saying he was going to credit my credit card but since I filed a dispute he did not want me to get a double credit. I sent this to my credit card company and now they are trying to get my $2000.00 credit back.The credit card company needed proof and that is what I provided.

  63. I used to get numerous calls from them when i had just joined. It was very annoying too as they would always call me at 3 or 4 am when im sleeping i guess its afternoon at wherever they are. So just like them i blocked one by one all the numbers they call me from. I stop reeiving any calls there forth

    1. I always wondered to myself, ‘what type of person does it take to become a telemarketer working for such a scam?’, given that they sit at their desk and spend an 8 hours shift harassing and tricking people over the phone and obviously dodging incoming calls from pissed off victims.

      Seriously Where is Dr. Phil to make sense out of all of this ?!?!?! I am sure that ‘greed’ is the motivating factor, but it takes someone who is both ‘greedy’ and ‘rude beyond normal’!

  64. You were a victim without being a victim. I was a real victim and I’m receiving calls from them everyday (I never answer the phone). I don’t know what to expect from such a fraud. Are they untouchable? are they gods? They have nothing that resembles human beings.

  65. I do not even have an account with this company but when I got my last bank statement, I had a charge for $200 Frobisher GT365. Needless to say, after several attempts to reach them with no luck at all, I sent emails to their billing support and to their customer service sites.
    After reading all of these blogs, I am not too hopeful about hearing from these scammers. I have cancelled the account and will be disputing this charge for obvious reasons.
    This group of crooks needs to go DOWN….., the sooner the better. They have scammed far too many people and gotten away with it for way too long.

  66. In reference to my post on December 10, my bank have successfully retrieve my USD5000 and have deposited into my credit card . Thanks all for your help and advise. I wish all of you the very best in retrieving your money from these scumbags.

  67. I recently opened an account with this mob and put in $400. My first trades seem to go well with a strike rate of 50%, increasing my bank by about 10%. Later after dinner, I tried to log back in, on my Android phone to continue. No luck. No luck today either,using my laptop and Google Chrome browser. Couldn’t get in.I guess the moneys gone. I kick myself for not having checked out their background and customer complaints. Education is expensive!

  68. I left a message to the answer machine:
    “You are going to die, you’re dead.” Hope they’ve got the message. I can’t stand anymore to be contacted all day long!

  69. 0037184070989 another phone call from Belgium. I can’t stand it anymore! It is outside Brussels. I know that they are everywhere.

  70. If you send the information they requested they will show it to the banks and that will indicate that you authorized them to use the money and YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY MONEY BACK!!!!Do not talk to them…let the bank handle it only!

  71. No not give them any information they are liars and thieves they will never give you your money!!!!! They have been stealing peoples money once they get the personal information!

  72. I have not sent them anything or sign anything . So you are suggesting that I don’t sent them my documents which they have requested for just 5 mins ago and let the banks sort it out amongst themselves ?

  73. You will be successful if you say it was an unauthorized transaction and they illegally used your information. But if you say anything about your knowledge of depositing it will be hard to prove they did anything wrong because of the information on the online contract.

  74. I just receive mail from customer care asking me for government id , utility bill so they can process the withdrawal . I have however already lodge a dispute with my bank and cancel my credit card which I deposited with. Should I inform them that I have already made a dispute and let the banks settle this with each other or should I comply by giving them the docs and ask them to do a wire transfer and if they do , I will cancel my dispute . Kindly advise

  75. I have filled a dispute with my bank earlier. They have said that they will investigate the matter which might take up to 45 days. I had inform them that it was an unauthorized transaction. Will update of the progress. Has anyone had any luck in dispute claims?

  76. Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I wish to report that I have had it with Scamers, GlobalTrader365. Tonight, I contacted LegalMatch.Com seeking a lawyer to take on a class action law suit against GlobalTraders365. I recommend that everyone who has been scammed by this wicked outfit join me in the class action lawsuit. Kindly send me an email expressing your desire to join the class action law suit. There is no way, we can sit back and let GlobalTraders365 get away with their highway robbery. Let us put them in a legitimate court before a USA judge to defend themselves. I appeal to you to join me.

    My email is and phone is 215 431 9720.

  77. Hola Denerb , I am having similar issues regarding the retrieval of funds and have submitted the requested items via email ,ie government id , copy of credit card front and back , and a utility bill .
    I will post my progress of my results and if there are no results ,I will be filing a lawsuit . Rosa

  78. Dear Michael,

    I had made a deposit with them of $5000, presently I have $8000in my account , after reading all this helpful reviews , I had requested for a withdrawal of $5000 of my initial principal but it’s been pending for 4 days now. Could you suggest the best way to retrieve my money back. I’m only interested in my initial profit, they can keep the profit for all I care. Will a dispute with my CC company work , it’s been a week since I deposited. Or IRFA , ICE. Kindly advise

  79. To lindahedary,those phone #s are in the New York/NY,USA area code.So they have to be in the USA and are subjected to USA laws.The toll free # I have for Global Trader 365 is 1-800-957-3732 and the other number is 347-471-2403 which is in New York/NY USA.They (GT365) will not give you their address they say for security reasons.But Somebody there told me their address is 70 Pine Street NY/NY 20170.I do not know if this is GT365’s real address.

  80. To Maria, The phone number that you noted earlier is the same number they have called me with, and the other numbers are 718 407 0993, 718 407 0984, and the number you mentioned 718 407 0989. All the traders seem to use the same line and when they make you really mad after they steal your money they block your number. The only time they answer and are attentive is when THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!! If you have a problem they will tell you they will call you back or for you to call them and they block your number for a few weeks. Then after while they start calling again to see if you are desperate enough to believe their lies and give them more money. They will never return your money!!!

  81. To Maria Cristina Cataldo,give the phone # to the FBI,CIA,your bank and any organization you can find. Do not let Global Trader 365 get away with stealing your money from you.They keep contacting you because they see you as an easy mark.They think they can get more money out of you,like a bunch of sharks going in for an easy kill.The people at GT365 have no morals,will and do lie and could not care less about who they steal money from and how they do it.

  82. I blocked my credit card the same night I made the transaction. I did the right thing, so I am not going to have new losses. I also deleted the information about my card, that’s why I think their’re trying to get the card information back. I’m not going to tell them anything, let’s see what happens!

  83. I received a phone call from Global Trader today. The person who contacted me was speaking Italian. I was surprised that he wanted to refund my money, since I had started a protocol to withdraw my 2010$. He told me that I had to send a scan of my credit card, my ID and I would get a bonus. I don’t trust them and I would like to share the telephone number of that person, because when I called it back, somebody answered.
    17184070989. Can anybody check? I also learned by this Italian man that their location is in the Virgin Islands. Help me, please!

  84. Yes, and to answer your other question about why they would set up another web site with the same name, they are angry and upset because so many people are reading the truth about them and they are not able to bring in the money they did before. They just want to confuse people into giving them thousands of dollars.

  85. Well, I hate to be negative Rosa but there is no chance of getting your money back. They are just lying to you like they did to the rest of us. You will never hear from them and they will block your number.

  86. Today December 8 , 2013,the forum here is now very hard to find when you look up Gloabal Traders 365 on the internet . It is buried in reviews by RIVIEW COMPANIES, these companies are companies being paid to do a review .
    Why would a legitimate company that Global Traders 365 professes to be actually want to advertise under the heading GLOBAL TRADERS 365 SCAM ?

  87. Hola from Costa Rica a sunny place for shady people . I tell you all this because I thought I knew better than to get scammed again after living here 10 years .I have experienced several similar problems that others are having .GB365 makes it very easy to put money into their system but it looks like an endless paper trail to ever get your money back out .So far I have been in contact with an account specialist Michael Clark who states he will contact me by wednesday . I was also sent a follow up email about my request of being refunded . There were numerous attempts by Kate to have me send more money just to get into the $5000 category . I have discontinued all communication with them and will just be trying to get my money back . I did not loose 1 cent trading and actually gained $685 on 4 trades . I will objectively post each and every contact with their company . The FBI , the OIJ /the equivalent of the FBI in Costa Rica and any other agency THAT IT TAKES TO RETRIEVE THE MONEY SENT TO THEM .
    I sent them money via Mastercard and a bankwire that went to Bulgaria . So far no red flags about robbing or scamming me out of the money . Iam going to pursue this and I hope there is a trail of how to get money back from them others can use .My bank states there is nothing they can do . I will do this and post every scrap of info that I have to help anyone to try to get their money back using any available means including filing a lawsuit .I do think that if you have lost money on a trade that this is not a reason to complain . If you are being biked , cheated or scammed this is where we have a winning chance to succeed in a court of law .

  88. I received several phone calls from Global Trader, but I never answered. I realized that this organization is strongly connected to the brokers who stole my money. In my country there’s no way to denounce them, but I still confide in the international anti-fraud agencies to get a positive answer. Can we stick together as the victims of a financial fraud?

  89. Well, I’m another one that tried to go into automated income….I never could connect with them, so it was gt365 that was my only contact…I always look for reviews first. unfortunately my reviews were for automated income and it was so new , I didn’t really see any negative comments..I didn’t do a reviews search for GT365.Someone by the name of Will Thomas immediately called me from GT365. I had only deposited $200.00 and he wanted me to at least do THOUSAND…WHICH I HAD NO INTENTION OF SENDING TO THEM…hE GAVE ME THE SAME B.S. ABOUT THE $2000.00 AND GUARANTEE OF NO LOSS. He did give me his phone number and I have been able to reach him… and he did return my calls , I guess he wanted that extra money..I spoke with him today and I’m supposed to call him Monday morning…My intentions were to tell him that I would send the $1000.00 but first I would need the $200.00 refunded.But after reading all these comments…so much for that.He did have me put $25.00 that mcdonalds stock would go up and I won $17.75. I put that $200.00 on my debit card as a credit. I did ask where he was located and he said NY City. But I think my money was processed through a Moroccan bank. I’ll be watching your site, it’s GREAT!

  90. I have received many constant calls from Global Trader trying to get me involved with them again (which I refuse to answer because they play the same game every time about not responding to anything I say). I think they are finally getting the message their crooked scam operation has been ruined. They are probably trying to regroup as another company because they aren’t getting the million dollars they planned on !!!! Thank You Michael Freeman for setting up this blog!!!!

  91. These crooks at Global Trader 365 are total liars. I just spoke with Kate Morison ext.303 and she is telling me that they put the $2000.00 back on my credit card last month or whenever I requested it.She said that is a problem with my bank and I should talk to the bank about it.Well my credit card company never received the $2000.00 credit.I am going to keep calling and emailing them.

  92. funny tried to give my cc number to them and my bank would not let the transaction go thru
    as due to some other issues i had with online purchases, but the next day the bank calls and let me know that they were other transactions made that credit card security caught and would not let thru..kind of funny how after giving 365 trader my info i have all these other purchases that try to go thru.

  93. Julia_Canada,it is not enough to lie and deceive people out of their money but now Global Trader 365 is putting charges on people’s credit cards without their consent.These criminals at Global Trader 365 have to pay back what they stole and sent to prison for hard time.Please name names when filing a complaint with your credit card company ,bank,FBI or any other organization.

  94. I can only confirm that Global Trader 365 is a real internet scam and would stick at no means to get at their victims’ money. Promises of quick fortune and false guarantees that are never fulfilled, and, once invested, your money will be never available to you. I would very much like to warn everyone to refrain from any contact with these unscrupulous scam artists.
    They lured my father into depositing 5 000 (can. dollars). My mother was very upset after she had found out about my father being involved in this kind of thing and tried to persuade him to withdraw, however, the guy from GT whose name is Alfred kept calling him guaranteeing that if he invests another 5K he will be safe from any loss and that the deposit of 10 000 will be refunded even in the case of loss of the whole sum or part of it – that was actually the reason why he finally agreed to this offer. He made a deposit of 10K only to learn that a few minutes later his account with GT showed 29 dollars. Immediately after that he was again called by Alfred who informed my father that the money was lost due to some unexpected turn in the market and that my father is not going to get his money paid back unless he makes a new deposit of 10K. When he asked Alfred why GT cannot just refund 10K as promised before without depositing another 10K Alfred told him in a very unscrupulous manner that so are the rules and he cannot do it another way. He refused to send my father any confirmation of this “guarantee” via email but insisted on the deposit first and confirmation email immediately after the new deposit. Finally my father had to finish this absurd, pointless and distressing conversation. However, the guy did not give up and keeps calling us trying to rid my father of another 10 000.
    Furthermore, yesterday we found out that my father’s credit card has been charged with 7K without his consent so that the sum total of all the losses now amounts to 17 000. The credit institutions were informed about fraud, both credit cards cancelled and investigation process started. But the guys from GT 365 still keep calling my father as if nothing had happened in spite of the fact that he refused any further contact with them. One more thing: the refund of the first deposit of 5 000 turned out to be a mere show – there is no trace of this back-payment on the recent bank statement.
    I now take it my personal duty to warn everyone against Global Trader 365 and please never submit your credit card details in any form otherwise you will be ruthlessly robbed not only of your “deposit” but also of your money without your consent and your knowledge of it.

  95. I think its great the way you made them squirm!!!!! Imagine not being able to share the information about investing 50,000 pounds. They think when they say the money is guaranteed it will make most people jump to invest and double or triple their money. but they have no way of explaining how you will withdraw…because YOU WON’T!!!!!! Thank you Michael Freeman for not buckling under the pressure to delete this blog!!!!

  96. I can only confirm that Global Trader 365 is a real internet scam and would stick at no means to get at their victims’ money. Promises of quick fortune and false guarantees that are never fulfilled, and, once invested, your money will be never available to you. I would very much like to warn everyone to refrain from any contact with these unscrupulous scam artists.
    They lured my father into depositing 5 K (can. dollars). My mother was very upset after she had found out about my father being involved in this kind of thing and tried to persuade him to withdraw, however, the guy from GT whose name is Alfred kept calling him guaranteeing that if he invests another 5K he will be safe from any loss and that the deposit of 10K will be refunded even in the case of loss of the whole sum or part of it – that was actually the reason why he finally agreed to this offer. He made a deposit of 10K only to learn that a few minutes later his account with GT showed 29 dollars. Immediately after that he was again called by Alfred who informed my father that the money was lost due to some unexpected turn in the market and that my father is not going to get his money paid back unless he makes a new deposit of 10K. When he asked Alfred why GT cannot just refund 10K as promised before without depositing another 10K Alfred told him in a very unscrupulous manner that so are the rules and he cannot do it another way. He refused to send my father any confirmation of this “guarantee” via email but insisted on the deposit first and confirmation email immediately after the new deposit. Finally my father had to finish this absurd, pointless and distressing conversation. However, the guy did not give up and keeps calling us trying to rid my father of another 10 000.
    Furthermore, yesterday we found out that my father’s credit card has been charged with 7K without his consent so that the sum total of all the losses now amounts to 17K. The credit institutions were informed about fraud, both credit cards cancelled and investigation process started. But the guys from GT 365 still keep calling my father as if nothing had happened in spite of the fact that he refused any further contact with them. One more thing: the refund of the first deposit of 5K turned out to be a mere show – there is no trace of this back-payment on the recent bank statement.
    I now take it my personal duty to warn everyone against Global Trader 365 and please never submit your credit card details in any form otherwise you will be ruthlessly robbed not only of your ‘deposit” but also of your money without your consent and your knowledge of it.

  97. I guess I was the luckiest of all. I spent $7.00 today on their bitcoin software, and the access code wouldn’t work. I did indeed register with the phonie broker, but did not deposit any money thank god. Something was screwy with it, it wouldn’t allow me to change a password. Didn’t trust it. I should have googled it first. To make that kind of money for only $7, I knew it was going to be a scam.

  98. I have submitted a complaint with the FBI in New Jersey ,USA.I was scammed out of $2000.00 by Global Trader 365 and so were many others ( people I was lied to about taking their secured trades were Alex Robinson (senior analyst)1-800-957-3732 ext.313,Kate Morison ext.303 and Cindy Johnston(no longer there). They told me as long as I followed their trades my $2000.00 was never at risk and safe and they also gave me a $2000.00 bonus conning me to send over proof that I am Antino (Nick) Gravante . When my account was down to $245 they avoided me then told me they were going to credit my credit card the $2000.00 but never did. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and was told by Alex Robinson that since I filed a dispute he did not want to give me a credit because when I won the dispute I would have a double credit.I spoke to my credit card company about this and they told me that a double credit would not happen.If my credit card company received credit from Global Trader 365 (Hortense Holdings),my credit card company would drop the dispute.I have not been able to get in contact with these people again.I have left emails and telephone messages.I also spoke with a Jacob Stark ext.311 about this too and he told me that I only had $245 in my account and I told him what happened again and he said he would investigate this and I never heard back from him.I also left messages for him too.I filed a dispute on 10/31/2013.Please do not let Global Trader 365 get away with this.Also the company or bank that the money goes to is Hortense Holdings in Gibraltar.That is the charge on my credit card.I called for an address and was told by James Abrue(who sounded like Alex Robinson) they are located in New York but could not give me the exact address for security reasons.I called back and spoke with Ryan Smith and he told me the address is 70 Pine Street NY/NY/20170 (I do not know if this is the truth he told me).


    11.Dormant Accounts Procedure:
    1. An account there have been no transactions (trading / withdrawals / deposits), for 1 calendar month and more will be considered as dormant account.

    2. Dormant accounts will be charged a monthly maintenance fee of 50 units from a total client deposit or the full amount of the free balance in the account per month. There will be no charge if the free balance is zero. Consequently, GlobalTrader365 has a right to close all accounts with a zero fee balance.

    3. GlobalTrader365 ( client accounts in which there have been no transactions (trading / withdrawals / deposits), for a set period of 12 months, will be considered by GlobalTrader365 ( as being final dormant accounts and all funds will be forfeited.

    1. At least 1 deposit must have been made before you can make a withdrawal.

    2. All requests to withdraw money will have to be submitted with the required documents and information and will have to adhere to the following conditions:

    * A trading volume of deposit plus bonus X20 is required in order to make a withdrawal and also to withdraw the Bonus.
    * Your withdrawal will be accepted after a period of 30 days following your last deposit.
    * Withdraw procedure takes between 5 to 10 business days from the moment clients documentation submitted and approved.
    * Maximum monthly withdraw amount cannot exceed 5000 units.
    * You will be charged a fee of 35 units for any withdrawal.

    …. what ??? IT MAY TAKE NEVER OR FOREVER !!! not specified and doggy agreement! DONT DEAL WITH THEM

  100. Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with ‘support’
    you: Hi
    support: Welcome to GlobalTrader365, how may I assist you?
    you: how long GlobalTrader 365 operating on the market?
    you: how sefe are you?
    you: safe
    you: just not sure how much I should invest
    you: scamers!
    support: Globaltrader365 has been operating for over 3 years.
    you: this is what people are saying
    you: its a scam
    you: I want to invest 50000 pounds
    you: and what I read is a scam company it worrys me
    you: is this a regulated broker?
    support: Instead of reading angry reviews, you should do research form legitimate sources.
    support: Yes, we are a regulated platform.
    you: where I can check your company?
    you: it takes you too long to answer… ? (4min waiting)
    you: is there a problem? (2min waiting)
    support: I can give you support for the website and your account. For this information you need to contact the accounting dept. You can send your inquiry to
    support: I’m handling several chats simultaneously and might take a minute to respond.
    you: listen I opened an account 5min ago.. was about to put my money in… but something told me to check what is going on… and it looks like a scam…
    you: an you telling me you dont know the most important THINGS how the company is REGULATED?
    you: com on….
    you: thats bloody bad
    you: it should be straight answer!
    you: THANKS
    you: 50000…people will be watching this on youtube tomorrow to start with!
    support: As I stated, this is support for the website. I if you have an issue with your account I can assist you with it. It’s not that I do not know this information. I’m not authorized to share it.
    support: You can request specifics to our accounting department through the support email:
    you: Tell your boss that he better start looking for a new job! It’s gonna be hard tomorrow.

    that’s all guys what I have to read and check… THEY ARE DOGY FU***RS

  101. To Charlie.if you had $2000.00 swindled from you on your credit card and some idiot praised the crooks who did this,would you be nice?I doubt it!I still did not get my credit put on my credit card like you said I would CHARLIE!

  102. To Jan,this Alfred Schubert at ext.309 is nothing but a lying piece of garbage like Alex Robinson ext.313,Kate Morison ext.303,Cindy Johnston and everyone else who works at Global Trader 365.Do not believe anything that comes out of their lying mouths.They will do anything to make money.Money is the most important thing to them,regardless of who they and how they steal it.

  103. Well I guess there is a new scam app out called , I just deposited 250 with gt365 , guess I won’t be seeing that ever again!!

    1. Hi Peter, Is this Rapid binary Machine affiliated with GT365? It looks like a terribly done marketing pitch page, by just another internet loser. I love black-listing these crooks. It’s becoming a hobby for me. The truth tends to go viral…and they deserve to lose business! I wish you read this review before depositing 250 with Global Trader, but at least now you know that you are one of the luckier ones, in comparison with others who lost thousands to G365.

      Another thing, there’s a new company out there charging people’ cards with no consent, I recommend cancelling your credit card just in case.

  104. Funny thing is, I asked this Alfred if he had recently seen reviews on Global Trader 365, and he said it didn’t concern him a bit. If some disgruntled housewife deposited $500 and then did not follow the broker’s instructions posted a bad review, so what?
    He’s there for people like me, who are serious about making money.

    1. I wonder what a judge would think about a 1000 disgruntled housewives testifying in a class-action against Alfred and his buddies. I think that if we as a society want to truly root out scams from resurfacing, each time under different names, because trust that Global Trader 365 is not their first gig, we have to prosecute the companies offering “high risk” merchant credit card processing for these crooks. Legitimate Merchant companies would and should freeze the company’s money after passing a %1-%2 charge back rate. These merchant companies know exactly what these crooks are doing and all they care is about the %3-%5 transaction fees. This is the root of the problem! Shut down the high-risk merchant companies, and these scams won’t have anyone to work with! The solution is so simple but the people in power are to blame! The legislators, the voters, the Politicians and everyone who is ignoring this world-wide infrastructure enabling scams to continue operating are all to blame!

  105. Add another name to their list. Alfred Schubert ext. 309. He is the “head” of the investment division. They only do “secure golden” trades. You deposit, say, $5000 and then they trade on that amount. If it losses, you get your investment refunded. If it wins, you get a payout of $10,000. You cannot loose, he says. I got sucked into this a few months ago, and made loads of money, until I wanted to withdraw. Then the broker gave false signals so I lost $30k of my account balance in one day. Now I could not withdraw, because all that was left was “bonus” money.
    By the way, this Albert called me today, and said they are registered with the BBB and FTC, and there are zero complaints registered there.
    I tried finding them on the BBB website, but couldn’t find anything.

    1. Hi Jan, it’s a good move on their part to try to get people to look them up on sites they’re not listed on. What next? Maybe they’ll start sending trader to Myspace for references?! or Yelp..anything to confuse potential victims. Perhaps they should make a new site for Global Trader, it should be called the ‘Better Scam Bureau”! The only advice I am sure they will refrain from giving people is to Google search their name. I wish more people Googled this company before depositing money with them. This is so unfortunate! I am sure that even during Thanks Giving and Christmas Global Trader will continue scamming people. They don’t give a damn about you, me or Santa!

  106. Please your help. I didn´t know anything about this company and yesterday I have deposit around $1,000.00 with my credit card.
    Please let me know how to proceed in order to get my money back. I am from Panama.

  107. I have become an at home wife since I am pregnant and cannot do my job as a result. My job said they will be paying me my last month’s salary and they haven’t so I was online looking for a way to work from home and I came across global trader 365.
    I deposited $200US and received a call from a broker who told me his name is Arthur, he told me the only way he could assist me is if I deposited a minimum amount of $1000, I couldn’t at the time so he said he will call me back on thursday at 10am my time since we are in different time zones. But that evening I called back to ask some questions, the person who answered the phone said that he knew Arthur but not his full name so connected me to the HR department and they said that his shift was finished. So I asked for his full name and they said they didn’t know it.
    I tried to withdraw my money and now I cannot get through to anyone also he did not call me back at the time he said he would.
    I am glad to see these reviews before I invested $1000. Thanks so much!!!

  108. I have been calling them,emailing them and they have the gaul to say (in an email), I have only $245 in my account when their brokers said I am guaranteed to get the $2000.00 credit back on my credit card if I followed their trade recommendations by Alex Robinson,Kate Morison and Cindy Johnston even if I lost.The phone # 1-800-957-3732 ext.313 Alex Robinson,ext.303 Kate Morison,and Cindy Johnston was fired. Call them enough times and maybe they will admit the truth if they have a soul.

  109. Thanks guys about your comments and reviews about globaltrader365. I was just about to open an account with them and then decided to search for public comments about. Thank God i bumped into this site. Does anyone here know any thing about this broker REDWOODOPTIONS.COM, whether they are a scam or real broker. Please, anyone here who has a experience with them should please make comments here about them. Thanks guys.

    1. Redwood Options is not regulated. I am sure they are not as bad as Global Trader 365, it just can’t get any worst! Why don’t you register with a fully EU regulated broker? There are over a 100 brokers out there, %90 are not regulated. I also recommend going with Topoption, being the 1st EU regulated broker in the industry, they are also owned by, they are definitely legit. Checkout the complete Topoption Review! Be sure to also stop by the Black-list and make sure that you’re not signing up with a scam site!

  110. I am a new victim of Global Trader 365 and of Automated Income Up. I’m sure that they collaborate together, because, when I asked for my money back, Global Trade advised me to consult my broker. I wrote them that the broker was not to be trusted. I knew that I was not going to get my money back when the broker called me and told me that I was going to get my money if I accepted to do a transaction. After a few seconds, from 2000$ I remained with 80$. This is it. In some ways I felt relieved not to here the bull shits of those disgusting people on the telephone. On the other hand, I couldn’t figure out what was the problem with such a kind of people. I thought I would never trust a human being anymore. I started to think that they will die of severe illnesses. I strongly believe that those who take advantage of poor and desperate people, will be punished by a God or by a judge or by their weak consciousness. I will survive, by keeping my pieces together. They will be euphorical in stealing our bread, but they will never be happy. If I had to decide to starve or to do something that could harm another person I wish I died before thinking of it.

  111. You know it is sickening and even a little funny what happened yesterday.I called and finally talked to Alex Robinson and then he said this was not him but James Abrue and I wanted their address and he (Alex Robinson who said he was James Abrue)said they can not disclose their address because of security reasons.What legitimate operation(business) does not want their address known? He did tell me they are in Manhattan on Wall street which is probably a lie.I told him about the $2000.00 that was to be credited to my credit card and he said he would call me back in one hour. Well that did not happen.Frauds and liars,that is what they are at Global Trader 365.

  112. Well the Global Trader has been calling me non stop to try to get Christmas money before I spend it. Ha Ha fat chance!!!!I am sure that they are hurting a little bit because people are refusing their services. I called the number back and told them to stop calling my number. He wanted to know my account name…which they already informed me that they had deleted all the money from. Now they are sending emails promising everyone a bonus will be deposited to their account and they have insurance against losses. BUT THEY DON’T TALK ABOUT HOW YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW ANYTHING!!!!

    1. You have no idea how many people you saved by sharing your experiences with Global Trader 365. Google ranks pages based on true engagement. On fake Global Trader 365 reviews, they will have the same person creating a fake monologue on how good the broker is, but Google recognizes the IP addresses and quickly figures out that it’s a fake review and fake people commenting on the review. The comments that you guys left on this posts are as authentic as comments can be, all posted from different IP addresses, indicating that you are all real people VS a puppet show type marketing used on fake reviews promoting this scam. This review is now costing Global Trader 365 $1000’s of potential fraud income…Search for anything related to Global Trader and you will find this review. At least we can find comfort in knowing that we helped deter others from these crooks. Unfortunately I am pretty sure they are already working on re-incorporating under a new name…but I will personally find them wherever they go, until they are either arrested or too tired to change names and get listed as a scam over and over.

  113. No Michael i absolutely do not work for them,but i understand your point, that’s why i can’t confirm the fact until it happens, but i will speak directly via you then.ok

    1. Well, if you have anything good to post on Global Trader 365 you may, but keep in mind that there are over 100 traders who either left a comment or emailed me after being deceived by this company. I just find it hard to believe that Global Trader 365 will decide to change and send everyone back their money. Good news for me would mean that they either refund 100’s if not 1000’s of traders their money back, or shut down their operation.

  114. Hi Everyone re my post of Nov 13th 11.04pm… Please all watch this space carefully … I may have some news of encouragement and hope, for all of you that are ASSUMING you MAY of LOST some or ALL of your money, i should know in the next few days… are GT 365 about to make us all EAT OUR WORDS, because if they do i want to be the first to apologise to them, but i am not saying anything, else until it happens, but i assure you i will report back to you all, so keep calm pleeeeease ok.

    1. Hi Charlie, you don’t happen to work for Global Trader 365, right? Because I am actually moderating the comments here, and I am not going to let anyone leave a positive comment on Global Trader 365, without solid proof. I would love to believe that there is a good ending to this story, but leaving positive comments on a fraud company won’t help anyone right now. For now, I will have to just trust the 100+ comments on this post and posts on other sites.

  115. To Maria Cristina Cataldo,I thought you used a credit card.If you used a wire money transfer and the bank will not help you ,file a complaint with the banking institution of your country of Italy.I hope this helps get your money back.

  116. Italy is a country where you cannot claim you money back. I am going to die. This is too much to be accepted!

  117. I went to my bank, but they said that there was nothing to do. I lost my money because the bank was not equipped against fraud?

    1. In some cases banks will warn you before wiring money to these companies but some bank reps are not trained or have access to tools to assist consumers against potential frauds. I know that CitiBank, Bank Of America and several banks actually warn people before suspicious transactions, but the issue is mostly when making a deposit with a credit card since the credit card companies are mainly interested in the %2-%5 processing fees on each transaction done vi their merchant account. The best is always to charge back but the problem is that fraud companies often partner with “high risk merchant” providers, allowing them to keep a higher % of chargebacks (disputes), without freezing their account or interfering with their activities. Legitimate banks will not allow companies exceed a %1 charge back rate, which for Trader 365 would mean that they would’ve been out of business a long time ago, probably after the 5th customer. If you funded an account with a bank wire it’s a problem but with a credit card, you have a chance to get something back.

  118. I agree with you, I just experienced the same loss, it is unbearable! I cannot sleep at night. They have to be punished for what they did. They have to die!

  119. To Maria Cristina Cataldo,we did not lose our money.Call the credit card company and tell them the lies you were told,and like I have said before name names.Also tell the bank about this website.The bank Global Trader 365 uses is Hortense Holdings in Gibraltar Phone # is 1-877-456-6578.Call them and leave a message about the scam(s) that are going on at Global Trader 365 and please name names.

  120. Michael, please do not forget which is also in this mix with has the same software with different logos for the website. I got involved through an email from a Nicholas Grey with link to and since then have received inumerable emails from Bryan Miller and the Automated Income App as well as Meghan ( surprise surprise.

  121. When complaining to your credit card company please mention this site and also the full names of the people at Global Trader 365 you are dealing with that swindled you.I am dealing with three crooks. Alex Robinson, Kate Morison,and Cindy Johnston(who supposedly was fired).

  122. All,

    Thanks for the info as I was ready and had 1k in my account than I read this. I than contacted them to get my money and they wanted the following info: Picture of my drivers license, proof of address and a picture of the front and back of the credit card used!! So I immediately called my credit card company to get my money. Holy cow how can we report them or get them shut down ASAP.



  123. I lost 2500$. I called the authorities: US consulate
    Italian police
    and I found out, that it is a waste of time! They try to encourage you that the other side is in charge for your problem! I told them that it is not a matter of refunding the losses. I wanted to be sure that they would not do it again! The answer is: if you are a victim of this fraud, please send a e-mail to we can win if we are united. I want to win the battle against them!

  124. I tried emailing them and telling them that but they didn’t reply so, I guess I will be calling my bank and tell them to dispute these charges on my behalf

  125. WARNING !!! Listen up everyone! First of all, I received threats from Global Trader 365 to remove this post, I am not going to remove it.
    Furthermore, I found that Sycamore Options and TRADERXP…possibly another company are in the criminal GT365 network! If you have any experience with these brands, you can also post it here.

  126. i am also a vitim of this fraud by GT365. i deposited my $250 jst last week as a result of the FAKE bryan miller automated income app. later i find out that the app is fake and wants to withdraw my money…but to no avail. try calling them thru phones dia nos are not goin tru. have emailed them but no reply yet. finally i have seen that i had been duped by GT365. appropriate agencies should intervene and bring them to book. because more and more people are being duped by them evryday. only God will judge them

  127. To David Sschultz,I did not say pretend you did not know who charged your card , I said tell them you did not make the charge which you did not,your son did.Also,if your son is under 18 years old he is technically a child and therefore the charge is not legitimate.You are telling the truth.The bank will understand.Do not lie to the bank because if they find out,all your disputes will be in question.

  128. Just want to reach out to say, Many, many thanks and BLESSINGS to all. I have lost big money throughout the past 10 years. I had given up on trading or trying to start a business on the internet at home. Somehow, Tess Albert from Houston, Tx. emailed me with Brian’s Automated Income App. Last week I just got my finances together, being on a fixed income, and about to adopt a 9 year old girl. After paying down my credit card to $61, I decided to invest in GT365. Then my guardian angle (Holy Spirit) told me to check them out, 1st. I came across your website. Now, I will keep my chips on my credit card. So sorry this happened to so many people. I pray you all receive your funds back 10 fold. I totally believe in what goes around, comes around, they will get just what is coming to them.

  129. To David Sschultz , if your son is under 18 you can claim a child used your credit card without your knowledge and then you should get your money back.If not then claim you did not make the charge and you should get refunded.If your son used cash that is going to be a lot harder to get back.Hope this helps.

    1. That’s a good one! It actually makes more sense that pretending like you don’t know who used the card. I am sure the credit card company would understand, as long as you are not flagged as a “serial charge-backer” and there are plenty of folks out there trying to get money back for legitimate purchases.

  130. My son started with ZGlobal Trader 365 and lost my money without permission is there any way I can get that money back from the bank, the company, or who? Please I need that money immediately to pa bills any ideas or suggestions please email me.

  131. I deposited 500$ total from two different cards – and my money isn’t even showing up in my account on the globaltrader365 site!!!!! They’re not replying to e-mail nor their live chat .. going to call them up in a few minutes, really pissed off

    1. I don’t recommend trying to contact this company. It’s a waste of time because they’re not going to give you any sympathy, they are scam artists, they don’t discriminate between victims, rich and poor, friendly or rude, they can care less. The money might still show up in your Global Trader 365 account but it doesn’t really matter because they are not planning to give it back. Depositing with two different cards is a problem in case you decide to charge-back the transactions in the future. In this case, your credit card company will not believe you if you deny consent. They might still consider your claim if you call them right away and tell them that you just deposited money with the company and Google searched it 5 minutes later and found that it’s a scam. The easiest and quickest way to win a charge back against a company is to basically pretend that you never authorized the transaction and don’t really know who used your card (I do not personally recommend this just for the record) but since you used two different cards the credit card company might not believe you, the credit card dispute departments are not very friendly in most cases, many times people just call them for no reason…Good luck Tim! Keep us posted with any updates.

  132. I feel sick .
    Any guidance would be welcome i was taken in by the big promise of get the magic ap. Via bryan miller. He is good. 300us .deposited stands at 318 now.i got a call Fri mornin. N y .asking for a further 1700. That would double.and can’t lose.
    There is a ring of unscrupulous b##@*s. What do you suggest i do folks to get out and have account reimbursed. Fly by night .its the oldest trial in the book. Promise of wealth taps in to human greed. I came across same link same nonsense asking after i make my first 10k to give a donation to only obligation. I was tryin to deposit a further 200~my card thankfully declined .ap was in use.?different company name ?i will post it on later. Name and shame enough.

  133. To Michael Freeman,thank you Michael, I will not cancel the dispute and I am trying to get Alex Robinson to email me he was going to refund the $2000.00 credit to my credit card until I filed the dispute.

    1. He wasn’t going to pay you back anything. It’s mind games..They are just upset about the charge-back…without the charge-back they would’ve completely disappeared. Now they claim they were going to refund you the money. BS. There is no room for negotiation with scam artists. This is their weak point and hopefully others will take this case as an example. As soon as they disappear, file a dispute and see how quickly the reappear again.

  134. So Michael, if the 3 you mentioned above are not available in Canada or US, where do I go? I live in Canada! How can I invest then?

    1. GOptions is not bad. They offer same-day withdrawals, PayPal depositing and they are legit even though they are not regulated and they offer access for US and Canadian traders. As long as you don’t signup with a bonus offer, you can always request a withdrawal hassle free! Checkout the GOptions Review on my Youtube channel! Cheers! Mike

  135. Listened to Bryan’s sob story about success and loss and how this App was the one to set and relax while it worked miracles. They all make the same video these Options guys. I have received many of these and almost said ok, after losing in Top Capitalist who I thought was so solid and stable, let’s try these options.
    THANK GOD for Google search, I found your review site!!! Thank you! Thank YOU! THANK YOU!
    I am so grateful for all of your stories and feel for all of your losses. We keep playing this game.
    AND there must be a place to WIN at this game. People do, so let us find out where that is.
    Thanks for the head’s up on the top 3 reliable places for Options. Something somewhere must be working. Time to make up for losses and let’s help each other to recover and succeed with reliable and reputable companies.
    Time for all of us to do solid research on companies before we hand over our money. Especially when it is our last dollars/pounds/dinaros to survive on. What a struggle to get out of struggle!

  136. To Michael Freeman, I did sign something in order to get the matching bonus.But the senior analyst (Alex Robinson)said I will get my money back($2000.00 credit back on my credit card). I already filed a dispute and now he says he can not give me the $2000 because if I win the dispute I will have $4000.

    1. It’s too late to back down. If you cancel the dispute they will never refund you the money, because the credit card company won’t trust you the 2nd time you file a dispute. The signature is also not enough, if the company is a scam and get lots of disputes. If they want to get rid of your dispute, tell them to refund you the money via the dispute process. I promise you that if you cancel the dispute you will never see a dollar again.

  137. Thanks your reply.

    It is indeed good to get a reliable broker firm. That is the first major step.

    Now, for the beginners, it will be too hard to do transactions, hence the people who were recommending GT365 were also offering an automatic software, which checked and chose the best transactions in the day, which guaranteed 88 percent winning collection.

    I think, that is why, so many people joined GT365 blindly, because they thought, with this software, they had very good chance of making money.

    Just like you have recommended the broker, is there such software too, already time tested, which will help us all to make some money in this line.

    1. Many signals services offer a free trial when you register with their affiliated broker, once you register they already made a commission from you…which is why in many cases these services are worthless. If the service promotes a company that you can trust, worst case you can quit using the signals service and continue trading with the affiliated broker. On the other hand, some services will try to win your continued business by offering quality signals. I’ll be honest with you, I am not familiar with many good services out there. I’ve been following SignalFeeds for a few months and they average over %70 ITM most of the time, but it’s not guaranteed and sometimes it drops to a “break-even” , either way I know that it’s a service that will work hard to keep you around after the free trial, they are affiliated with Topoption, Anyoption and a few reliable brokers which makes it easier to just move on if it doesn’t workout for you. The worst combination is a scam signals service and a scam broker working together to “double-end” you, it’s totally a bait and switch.

  138. Ok we all now know that GT365 is a scam co. Weather we get our invested money or not, one cannot say.
    but can anyone say, and point us all to a solid guaranteed company/broker, who has a good record in the binary transaction, so we can try and recover our losses.

    Micheal Freeman, can you do this and help us all out ????

    1. Hi there, of course. I didn’t want to take advantage of the conversation in order to promote brokers that I am also affiliated with but if you are looking for an honest opinion, there are only a handful of EU Regulated brokers out of over a 100 brands. If a company is operating without EU Regulations and/or offer access to US Traders, there’s a high probability they are a scam. Topoption, 24Option and Anyoption are top rated, EU regulated and clean from negative reviews. Topoption requires the lowest minimum deposit and minimum per trade $100/$10 which is why I tend to recommend them more often. All three are no longer available in Canada and in the US, they gave up on this market share in order to DO THINGS RIGHT! Trust me that it cost them at least %30 of their visitors, since at one point 24Option and Anyoption did offer access to US Residents. Binary Options is not regulated in the US, therefore it’s prohibited and if a company is willing to mess with US laws, you have to wonder what else they can potentially do… I reviewed all 3 brokers on my blog.
      Topoption Review 24Option Review Anyopotion Review

      If you choose to go with 24Option or Anyoption, remember that the minimum trade is really high at $20 or $25 respectively. Topoption is the best choice in my opinion.

      All the best and thank you for the comment! Mike

  139. Re:GT365 So I got burned this week also for a sum of “only” $250. When I asked for a refund they just closed my account. All I can say is “really”? This makes me mad. Please sign me up for any lawsuit that will sue these clowns. Thanks for your investigative reports…’PS avoid any emails from who hypes

    1. I didn’t know these two sites are directly associated with Global Trader 365. I will review these two sites on my Youtube Channel and deter other traders from joining. In the meantime, all of you need to start disputing the credit card transactions made with GT365.. If they get enough charge-backs, the credit card company will might freeze their merchant account..and many of you might also receive your money. It’s worth looking into!

  140. Nick, you mention Meghan Thompson in your last post, BE AWARE she and another scam artist is
    Aaron Ward, I looked at Make Money With Meghan and her claims were sooooo out of this world and many HUGE red flags popped up. Then I start getting Aaron Wards info crap to my emails not even sure hho he is or it’s a fake name…they “Meghan Thompson, Aaron Ward and a whole group more” are professional liars and scam artists, BE AWARE of these less then human garbage people…

    1. Anyone associated with Global Trader 365 is a scam. I also believe they are all using fake names. Anyone who didn’t “dispute and charge back the credit card deposit” ….what are you waiting for? Contact your credit card company and report the scam! If you want to win the dispute, make sure to lie and say you have no clue who used your account to pay these long as they don’t have a signature from you, there’s a high probability you will receive your money back! Call the number on the back of your credit card and start disputing! There’s no other way you will ever see your money.

  141. To Azman,of course this Bryan Miller is going to recommend Global Trader 365 as a good income opportunity.He makes a $50 commission for every person he gets to join Global Trader 365.There is someone else who is promoting this and her name is Meghan Thompson.

  142. i get to know global trader 365 from in which they recommended gt365 as their broker and thru’ reviews i get to know that automated income app have good reviews(bryan miller is the creator). the only prob is their broker which is global trader 365. still doing some research on this global trader 365. pls check this Review

  143. Just a note on the comment above. They are guaranteeing you will never lose money they will “cover” your losses and refund them so you can just keep investing. Big Red Flag. Also when they call you can here a bunch of other people in the background talking to other people on the phones trying to get them to invest. Definately sounds like a call room of scammers.

  144. I believe these guys are also another Binary Trading company. They claim to be located in Manhattan, NY as well. So far I have received calls from a Jill Smith, an Albert Schubert, and a Constantine. Today I called 8553339834 and talked to a Peter with an accent I couldn’t place. He said he was from Cuba originally. He offered me to get all my money back (about $700) if I sign up as a Silver or Gold membership. and that they match the money at 50% with a 2000 or 5000 investment respectively. At this I began to realize they are a fraud up until today I had not talked to anyone.

  145. An explanation for Tom BH being in Israel could be that he’s in a branch office.

    On the contacts page of GT365 there are tel numbers for France, Canada, South Africa, Spain, UK, US, Germany and Cyprus. Secondly, on the site’s home page you need to select which language you wish to trade in. Why go to this trouble if it isn’t an international organisation?

  146. U just saved my life. I was about to borrow $200 to deposit in GT365 acc. I felt i should get reviews about them. GT365 IS A LIE
    Pls: everyone should ignore any e-mail on automated income app linked to GT365

  147. Global Trader 365 would not be able to get that NY # with all those extensions if they were not in NY.Also what is this Tom B’s last name or full name for that matter? They my be operating out of a boiler room in NY.

    1. So let’s assume they are based in NY, the theory doesn’t explain the Linked-in Profile by Tom B stating he studied and currently lives and works in Israel for Global Trader 365, perhaps the Israel thing could be a cover-up too but it doesn’t look like a fake profile to me.

  148. To Michael Freeman. The phone # 347-471-2403 for Global Trader 365 is a Brooklyn,New York phone # in Flatbush but I need an exact address.

  149. I don’t think the New York address is a cover up, nor that the company is based/located in Israel.

    The info I obtained is as follows: The registrant of GT’s website is Domains By Proxy, Inc. It was registered through, Inc, which, as far as I can make out, hosts the website. Either of these could be registered as businesses in Israel.

    Wherever the company is registered, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is its place of operations, ie where its staff and offices are located. The telephone numbers I’ve used have a NY area code. In the course of getting a fix on time differences (I’m in England) I asked one of the trading coaches I spoke with where he was physically; he said New York.

    My hunch is that the whole operation originates in the US, and that Brainerd Properties Limited is registered in Gibraltar as an offshore company for tax/limiting liability reasons. Brainerd, by the way is in Minnesota. I haven’t yet figured out the relationship between Brainerd Props Ltd and Delano Alliance Corp — suspect one owns the other.

    1. Unfortunately you are wrong… They are not located in the US, Gibraltar is a tax haven for businesses and they never physically operate from there…NY is a cover up, IP look up is not sufficient enough. Perhaps a link to the Sales Manager Linked-in Page will clarify my point

      Look, as I said, I will not go deeper into this matter myself …but I am %100 sure beyond any reasonable doubt that Global Trader 365 is located in Israel. The discussion about Global Trader being from NY I think is totally misleading and diverting people from realizing the truth about this company.

      Many internet scams originate in Israel and it’s nothing new! I have nothing against Israeli people but they are definitely good at what they do..

  150. Does anyone have the exact Brooklyn,NY address these crooks operate out of ?I would like to visit them and get the $2000.00 credit put back on my credit card they traded away and promised to reimburse me by Kate Morison,Alex Robinson and Cindy Johnston.

    1. The NY address thing is a big cover up…even if the IP and registrations point to NY it’s not the case..this was a well planned scam but even the most brilliant scam artists eventually get caught! After receiving so many comments on this post, I decided to bring this to the attention of one of my friends who works as a Inside hacker for a software company, and he was able to quickly trace the crooks to Tel Aviv, Israel! Not Cyprus…not England and not New York. Global Trader 365 is located in Israel…. Search for Tom B H on Linked-in, he is a Global Trader sales manager… Notice how he hides his last name but the picture can’t hide the truth.. The next step is to figure out which authority is in charge of prosecuting scams operating out of Israel. This is as far as I decided to go at this point because I was never personally scammed by them but my heart goes out to everyone who’s been viewing and commenting on this post! Good luck and please update me with any news! Mike

  151. Well hi everyone, So well i’m absolutely devastated,i just invested my last £2000 in these heartless b******s, i cannot believe how sucked in and gullible i was, the guy that turned me over on day 1, called himself Mike Johnson, then on day 2, after mikey baby nearly cleaned me out, with continuous losses, he (mike) had a guy named Bruce supposedly come to the rescue from the recoveries dept, what a load of tosh, where the hell were my brain cells, i cannot believe i sat there taking in all these trading instructions, i’m just sitting here at the keyboard now, trying to turn my tears into laughter, and you know what, as a family of idiots that we have all been, i thank you all for easing my agony in the knowledge, i am not alone on this planet breaking my heart as to what else i could of spent that cash on, just to think how many homeless i could of helped in the phillippines tragedy, turns my stomach,anyway i got all the interpols throughout europe on the case, if that’s any consolation, will keep you updated if i crack it, as for the rent, food and bills outstanding,no point in crying over spilt milk now grrrrr !!! “im off to bed” nite nite.

  152. I too invested with them, first I invested 250, played a little and someone named Johnson called me and encouraged me to deposit 1000 to become a bronze member and to get insurance, he also said if I deposit right away I’ll get a 1000 dollar bonus, so when I deposited he said I’d get an email with a form that I need to fill out which will confirm its me and then I’d get the bonus. I asked him when will the email arrive he said in 10 to 15 minutes. I then asked his contact info, he gave me this number 1800-957-3732 ext 301, I waited an hour for the email, got nothing, tried to call back to see what’s up, nobody picked up. I guess it’s time to fight for my money, I had suspicions about the way he was encouraging me to deposit, wish I saw this blog earlier.! Let’s take these shitheads down.!!

  153. We too are having great difficulty in getting our money back. My husband, who’s easily muddled, managed to open three accounts with GT365 earlier this year, probably through an affiliate marketer: a euro a/c with 250 euros (by credit card); a sterling a/c with £1,645 (by wire transfer to Delano Alliance Corp); and a US$ a/c that has no funds in it. Multiple telephone calls, emails to ‘support’ and at least 80 attempts to get a password that will give us access to the two accounts with money in them rather than the empty US$ account have all failed to even allow us to trade. So I am now trying to close the accounts and withdraw our money.

    In my searches for who to write to, etc, I found this review among others on scams mentioning GT365. I have some scraps of info to add that may be of use: according to a review at Forex Minute (probably an affiliate marketer), GT365 is owned by Delano Alliance Corp, which is headquartered in Cyprus. A search of the register of companies in Cyprus resulted in “no match found”; similarly a search in US company registers for both Delano Alliance Corp and Brainerd Properties; and adding ‘Limited’ to the latter name for Gibraltar companies also drew blank. A search for the location of the telephone number 347-471-2403 resulted in ‘Brooklyn NY 11233, Flatbush, Ocean Drive’.

    I am now writing to the Brainerd address in Gibraltar by registered letter.

  154. I found Global trader 365 via Bryan Miller his FREE automated income app.
    I signed up to G T 365 and my credit card did not have enough in it for the transaction to go through. Lucky. I then got a call from a guy saying they were in New York his name Charles Constantine who gave me a ph number that did not work. By the time I did have the money I got a bad feeling just as I was about to deposit funds so instead I put them into a google search and found a bunch of reviews like this all saying bad things about them too!!!!
    THANK YOU for the warning!!!!!!!!!!
    Bryan Miller’s automated income app needs exposing toooo!!!!!!!!!

  155. If you want to help go to this website and complain about Kate Morison, Alex Robinson, and Cindy Johnston not keeping their promise in putting the $2000.00 credit back on my credit card like they promised they would.

  156. I will try to do so!They must be stopped. I read a post on another website from a man who was severely injured and had traded with them… he was begging for help. They wouldn’t allow any more comments to be submitted however.

  157. I would love to be able to be part of something that would stop them! I am very pleased that people are reading about what crooks they are! It is sickening how they lure people into making these deals and lose so much money!!!!I find it hard to face the reality of their ruthlessness!

  158. Some thoughts for any one interested in a lawsuit/ class action lawsuit against these jokers. They have an office/call center out of New York (Conducting business On USA soil, there fore bound by USA Laws, And Also getting this address would provide a location to send the required serving of Notice of the lawsuit/lawsuits. Most places consider Notice served by news paper ad for 30 days if no address is known… Heehee I’m thinking the New York Times would be good enough)hhmmm, the legal terms Specific Performance and Breach of contract come to mind (Especially when money withdraw is concerned) and lets not forget an atterney’s best friend Pain and suffering(as in the suffering and hardship/ stress caused by the economic loss of money ….”lindahedary’s post about brothers loss and medical bills growing”). Just Might be worth talking to a good contract attorney about how to nail these guys with a class action lawsuit.
    Most good attorney’s know of legal ways to nail these kind of sleazy jokers at their own game.

    NOW for the Fun Part, Look up your local laws about small claims court to see if you qualify (usually the amount sought is usually something like $2500.00 or less to qualify for small claims court) Those with larger amounts would have to file a regular court case. Every one’s is going to be different/personalized. To satisfy the serving of notice use the AD in the New York Times idea according to local court rules (if allowed). File A Claim in local court, With any luck these jokers didn’t see the ad about the court case or decide the amount is too small to even have a local attorney present on their behalf. Once the court date happens if the court doesn’t hear from or have them present usually the judge will award you a default judgment. Any one that get’s a default judgment can send them a copy (Mail, fax, e-mail, pigeon) what ever works to try to collect… And if they want to ignore you, that’s what they made collections companies for.

    Just some intriguing and fun thoughts about how one could conceivably turn the tables in your favor with these jokers.

  159. Thak You !, very much for your kind information.
    Now , I can sleep soundly, because I get clearly information about global trader 365, who always lure with a fairly lucrative profit

  160. These guys find it real easy to ignore our one at a time complaints/ legitimate issues (they’ll just ignore you until you go away). Now should a large enough group individually or jointly files similar Complaints(just as in a class action lawsuit) about the same business(and I use the term lightly), once law enforcement starts asking questions they’re harder to ignore (and they rarely just go away). Every one that has posted about having money taken by these guys should file formal Complaints with Both Action fraud in the UK (since the Head office is listed as Gibraltar a UK province) and Here in the USA (The New York office/”Broker” call center)qualifies them for the FBI’s internet fraud website IC3. Here is a link to The Gibraltar Police Authority (for anyone interested in filing a complaint with them): Filing a Complaint with your Local Police Department is also an option (the money was taken from you locally through the internet). The worst that the local PD could say is to file with the IC3 website/FBI first. My thoughts file complaints with all of them and let them settle which one/ones have jurisdiction.

  161. I just paid 12 dollars for this platform (I think). Is there another company out there that is not a scam? Is anyone trading elsewhere? AND successfully withdrawing their money?

    1. Luckily you didn’t invest a lot of money with them. IF you are interested in binary options I would recommend looking into an EU regulated broker such as Topoption. They are nothing like Global Trader, in fact they have a very solid reputation. Checkout my Topoption Review. Have a nice weekend! Mike

  162. I received an incredible offer from Sean Walker of his Binary Informer which will gives massive profits on Binary Option. I can only use his free software if I open an account with Global Trader 365.
    After reading from this forum, I am fortunate that I did not open an account with 365.

  163. I’m on that sinking ship too. They got me to start depositing through credit cards and eventually wire transfers. Three times they let me withdraw 5k to my credit cards. So my deposits were up to 40k and my account balance stood at 70k! So I asked to withdraw by wire transfer, and they kept cancelling it.
    Without warning, they switched me to a new broker who in one day with 8 losing trades took my account back down to about 30k. Then they said I could not withdraw because what was left in the account is all bonuses.
    Afterward I could not call them anymore, it was as if they blocked my number. Now today about 2 months later, a broker contacts me and tried to convince me to deposit another 10k to hit 50k in deposits. Then I would be in their elite investments division. I told him my story and he said he had nothing to do with the other divisions and their “rookie” brokers. With him I can do “secure golden trades”…
    I did not invest with him. I have lost about 25k with this company, and would love to have it back somehow.
    Any ideas what I can do?

  164. Thank You,Sounds like what is on their website. Stating that all trading is at your own risk and they reserve the rights to take all your money if they think you are not a forthright character. So many loopholes. I wish I had been more cautious….I noticed they have more detailed information now about how they are not responsible for any losses and if you cannot afford to lose all of your money you should not trade it.

  165. To lindahedary : I had to sign a contract to get the matching bonus that says I am responsible for my trading account. Although I was told by my brokers (before and after signing the contract) Kate Morison,Cindy Johnston and Alex Johnston ,that as along as I do their recommended trades I will get my $2000 credit put back on my credit card even if they lost all or part of my money. I am still trying to get my $2000 after Cindy Johnston said they are putting the $2000 back on my credit card.

  166. Has anyone ever received a contract from global Trader stating what they would do? If you have I would be interested in receiving a copy… with a contract we might be able to get our money back.

    1. Hi there, I would personally recommend going with an EU Regulated Broker. IF you are outside of the US or Canada, you can register with Topoption. In fact, out of over a 100 brokers there are only 3 brokers with full regulations in Europe. 24Option, Anyoption and TopOption. I can recommend TopOption because they offer the lowest minimum deposit/trade $100/$10 while with Anyoption the minimum deposit/trade is $200/$25 and with 24Option it’s $250/$20. TopOption is more suitable for beginners because you can invest smaller amounts on each trade. Checkout the Topoption Review and thank you for leaving a comment! Mike

  167. I would like to thank all the people who have come forward with their experiences… I was about to invest with them. But something told me I should do research before investing…

  168. Victoria,I do not think anybody who trades with Global Trader 365’s broker’s recommendations make money.The only ones who make money are the brokers and the company.When you win a trade (which you will eventually) they get the 29% payout you do not receive on your 71% payout on a win.What I think what they do is play one trader against the other,this way they (the company and brokers)make least 29% on every trade recommendation no matter who wins.

    1. Hi Victoria, Thank you for the comment. Global Trader 365 is not a legit broker. The sooner you forget about this company the better and remember that what comes around goes around. Scams cannot continue forever, even the biggest scam-artist in history, Bernard Madoff, was eventually caught and so will they.

  169. Wow the latest from Global Traders to entice investors sounds like the ultimate great deal. Any deposit $2000 or more can get 4 risk free trades. Full return of money….I wish someone could put a pop up warning on all of their adds. They send one almost every day to my email account… Too bad they never do what they promise!!!!

  170. I don’t remember the company the Michael Cruz the broker gave me. Unfortunately they won’t answer my calls any more. Cindy is a big crook!!!!! I don’t know their address.
    This blog is the only way we can fight back… the bank won’t help because they seem to have the loop holes sewn up; but you may tell your bank they illegally took the money from you and possibly get it back. Unfortunately I had so many recorded security calls I would not be able to claim that.

  171. I am in the process of trying to get my $2000 credit put back on my credit card.I was promised by Kate Morison,Alex Robinson and Cindy Johnston I will get the $2000 credited back on my credit card.Still has not happened yet.They say they are in New York.Maybe I should pay them a visit.But first I need their address.Anybody know the New York address?

  172. I tried to call an alternative number the other day and actually got a broker, apparently they are operating under several different names. I asked where they were operating from and the guy said Manhattan,New York. The number was 8553339834 he asked if I could call back Monday and he would try to help me, of course when I called back he had blocked the number.

    1. Hi Linda, That’s good to know! I am hoping to find out which names they are using so I can update the reviews. If you have any information about this, please share! By the way, I appreciate your comments. I noticed that ever since the article started receiving comments, Google ranked the page higher bringing the article more exposure. I think the article is getting about 40 visitors per day! I really hope at least half of the visitors are new traders and will read through the comments very carefully.

  173. I have been trying to contact them from several days to get my money back but none of their customer care numbers pick up my call and not even reply to my emails. I still get calls from different brokers from their company asking me to deposit more money to make more money and when I tell them I won’t deposit until I get my money back they just drop the call and then never reply to my calls. Please suggest whom to contact and complain about them

  174. Well, I feel very bad for the people who have lost so much money. I’m sure for many of them it was a sacrifice to try to get ahead a little. Like my brother, he has some medical problems and has recently become blind in one eye. He has very little money and Global traders was recommended to him by a reputable broker. He lost his $500 which was like $50,000 to him. He was hoping to make a little money to pay some of his medical bills because he is unable to work.It is very sad how a company like this can be dishonest and before any one realizes it they have stolen millions from little people. It is blood money and will never really be profitable for them… they will get the payback one day when they aren’t expecting it.

  175. Here is some fun reading, one of their affiliate sales men turned on them (must have stiffed them on the commissions along with the number of complaints):

  176. Here is some more useful information for reporting these guys in the UK:
    Gibraltar Police Authority

  177. Yes, they NEVER answer any phone calls after they steal the money, its like they have an auto block…unless you try to deposit more money, THEN someone will contact you! I think their screens are fake and they take all the money!!!! I have been trying to contact them for weeks!!!!

  178. Found a very interesting web site with lots of info about who to contact in the UK about these guys. They can ignore us, but lets see them ignore the English cops if enough of us file complaints.

  179. “First Time Deposit Bonus” BS, got nothing. “Deposit And Withdrawal Options” Ohhh they will deposit FROM your bank account in 5 seconds or less. Good luck getting them to deposit BACK into your bank Account after a with drawl request is approved (that took days, money back is pushing a month and still getting ignored, E-mail, Phone doesn’t matter). “Customer Support / Live Chat / Telephone Number Availability Customer Support:” What A JOKE…. Calling you get greeted with an automated system that requests the extension of the person you are calling. The system offers an option if you do not know the extension, the name search is useless… no matter what you input the system replies there is no rep that matches. And pressing 0 only replays the starting message. Guess they don’t want to hear there is an issue, Getting them to listen to a complaint let alone fixing an issue…. GOOD LUCK “Regulated Broker” Would love to know by who exactly, so that I my include them in the list of who to file a formal complaint with.
    If They wish to keep ignoring me then I’ll file a complaint at and any others…. let them find out what ignoring them will do.

  180. Well, the bank agency consultant called and said I had insufficient evidence for them to work with. I have no paper trail to document their statements over the telephone. They asked how I could have given them money without the details. I ask myself the same thing…. Too Good to be true!!!! They also state on their website FAQ’s that you must make 30 trades for every $1 bonus money given. If you receive $2000 bonus money then you would need to make 60,000 trades (impossible ha ha). I guess they have their platform completely sewn up legally to escape from any prosecution. I am glad I only lost 3K I feel sorry for those people who lost more!!!!!I wish someone could stop them!!!

  181. I filed a dispute through my bank because I paid with my master card. After filling out the paperwork and writing a personal letter about my experiences the charges are now in dispute with their bank, Merchant Bank. Hopefully I will get my money back!

    1. If there is one thing businesses are allergic to, it’s Charge-Backs! Every merchant has different rules but in many cases if they exceed %1-%5 charge-backs, they can get their merchant account frozen and which will damage their ability to partner with new merchant account providers. It’s similar to the credit score in the US, if you have a low credit score it’s going to be a lot harder to get credit cards, loans, apartments and in some cases even a job. I have a feeling you are going to get your money back in this case. Filing against Amazon or a reliable company is a different story, but since you are not the first and last one to file a dispute against Global Trader you are most likely to win and in many cases the company will refund you the money because they prefer not to deal with it, after all, they know very well that justice is not on their side. Good luck and keep us posted! Mike

  182. Ia m another one that has been sucked in to the tune of 50k+. Trading was good and as soon as I started to make money no more contact. Have requested refund but again no contact.
    They have failed to keep most of their promises of what they would do.
    As an outsider to your country can you point me to who I should approach to lodge a complaint please.

    1. Hello Ted, I am really sorry to hear about your experience! It seems like the scam is on a much bigger scale than I assumed. Global Trader 365 is an off-shore company and it’s hard to trace back their actual location with the way their company is set up. I would recommend that you consult the CFTC and they will connect you with the right organization since they are US Based and you are trading from Australia, they might point you somewhere else, but checkout this article They are experts and I heard that they respond very quickly to complaints. All the best! Mike

  183. I am also a Victim of trying to withdrawal my money but no replies and of course their phone numbers do not work. But they did withdrawal the money from my account but never showed up on my credit card statement. BEWARE do not trade with these guys!

    1. It’s shocking how many emails and comments I get on this broker ever since I added them on my Black-list, they definitely deserve a class action lawsuit. I received a really sad email from a single mother who lost over $25,000 with them and it brought me to tears. Global Trader 365 is no different than any other scam and they cannot hide behind being a so-called “binary options broker” for too long before they’ll get what’s coming to them. Thank you for sharing your experience and god bless!

  184. I deposited $250 and then had an account manager contact me and tell me about their secured capital program. I never signed any bonus forms or anything. I did document who I was without signing the document claiming bonuses. The rep said if I drop below $2000 that they would replace the money as they were telling me what trades to place daily. Let’s just say I lost $641 and they did put it back in and now they will not let me withdraw any of my money. They will not return calls, emails, and their US and Canadian numbers are not working. These people are a scam. I am going to file reports to IFRA and IC3.

  185. I tried to trade with this company and lost $4000. They insisted that I trade in the manner they recommended in 1000 and 750 increments and blew the money in one day. I think the company is a scam. I want their overseer myself I am sick. I lost so much. Thank you for posting this website. It confirms my suspicions!!!!!

  186. Thanks Mike,

    Hey I’m the same guy who sent you that e-mail and Story about what happened to me with those punks at New York Stock Options.

    Its funny because now I know why they placed a U.S. Dollar symbol in their company name and logo…LOL!

    I’m just glad I contacted their regulator @ and got my initial deposit of $300 USD back in the form of an actual company check.

    IFRA scared the crap out of them and probably threatened to shut their operation down down or revoke their licenses completely!

    Thank you IFRA!

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