Copy Buffett Progress Review! (Results)

Hey Everyone, It’s Michael Freeman and this is a follow-up to my previous review on the Copy Buffett Software. I decided that instead of focusing on my own experience that it would be interesting to share some of the progress and results by other members of I chose one of my friends from Bulgaria who trades for 2 years and has been part of my Facebook Signals Group for over a year, Ventsislav Velev owner of His YouTube channel is growing and about a week ago he decided to take on the 30 days free trial with Copy Buffett and share his live results. Keep trying.. I am getting close to 20,000 subscribers. 😛

It’s fascinating to see how Jeremy Fin is getting a tremendous number of positive reviews for his great innovation and I am personally not surprised but it’s not often that you see such a clear consensus. Every forum or blog that has any reputation seems to be endorsing Copy Buffett and after seeing the consistent performance for my own eyes, I feel confident to recommend to anyone who is after a reliable automated software for binary options. Checkout Ventsislav’s first video for a taste of what’s this software is about:

It’s important to remind potential members that you can use the fully automated feature or take manual trades but you can also adjust the risk exposure and most members including myself would agree with the following tips. You can set the safety on maximum but you will not receive many daily trades, so around 80% is ideal and will get you a sufficient ITM performance of approximately 79%-84% on average.

Optimal Copy Buffett Software Setting Review

Knowing how to adjust the Copy Buffett with a few clicks, can actually save you from the possibility of losing money, especially if you set your trades on high amounts. In general I would recommend starting with $25 on each trade and as the days pass and as you build your capital up, you can start increasing the trade amount up to $100. I wouldn’t go any further, especially if you’re using the Auto-Pilot Feature just in case, because the software can generate a large number of trades and if anything drastic happens with the markets, which the software might not pick up on in time, can result in potential losses. Luckily none of the folks who are testing the Copy Buffett and carefully reviewing it reported any losses and on Google you will find 100% great ratings, just keep in mind that nothing is perfect. I read one review on Copy Buffett that gave it 5 starts but also mentioned that it’s possible to get over 95% ITM, so this is false and don’t buy into any of the fake promises, Jeremy Fin himself never promised such a high winning rate. Luckily even if on a slow day you will generate 76-78% ITM, it will still translate into profits!

3rd Copy Buffett Review and Results by Ventsislav

In the last two weeks I’ve been receiving many questions relating to and I noticed high popularity in the Australia, US, Canada, UK and Germany. To remind those who didn’t read my initial review on the Copy Buffett software, if you are trading from India or Central Africa, you will not be able to access the software unless you’re using a Proxy (different IP), which I wouldn’t recommend unless you are computer savvy and have access to a fast VPS. Instead of trying to figure out how to get in or for risky loopholes, check-out Mike’s Binary Options Signals for alternatives because other services might be available in your country.

I also have an update for US residents who are interested to join my private Facebook Signals Group, we’re now working with Nadex and you can join them with a $100 minimum and never pay any membership fees. The signals are sent manually but we have powerful admins who will educate you and send you accurate trades on a daily basis. My group is receiving great reviews and endorsed on many authority websites in the industry, however you should consider that at this point we are unable to offer full automation such as with Copy Buffett or similar services. Please share your feedback if you have any questions or results to share! Thank you for reading my follow-up review and I want to thank Ventsislav Velev for allowing me to share his progress with my blog followers.

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  1. Hello, I would like to ask you if the copy buffet software is still accepting new people and if USA is included.

    I live in PA, USA

    I am very interested in registering with this software.

    Thanks in advance, your answer will be highly appreciated.

  2. Thank you Binary Options channel, Copy Buffett App is indeed a great app. Have recommended this app to some of my friends as well.

  3. Thank you Michael and Ventislav, the Copy Buffett auto trader is indeed a great software. I liked the videos, a lot of important information!
    Cheers guys!

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