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Hey traders, It’s Michael Freeman and today I wanted to review a new auto trading software called the Citidel LTD Investment APP. It’s important to know right away that this is NOT a scam and I am certain that this will become the most popular auto trader of 2016. After testing this software for a number of months and making a substantial amount of money I have decided that it was time for me to speak up about the app everyone’s talking about. Something that really excited me about this app was it is available for US traders, yes, finally something for you guys! I always encourage you to do your own research, however as I am sure you will find out there are many positive reviews on google proving the success of the CitidelLTD.com APP for day-traders.

The software was created by a man named Dr. Kent Grifly. The app was reported to have 350 other investors to ensure that it was perfect before launch. Just before I signed up I did a lot of research and had come across some interesting facts. I had discovered that Dr Kent Grifly’s experience in finance is fairly extensive and starts way back in 1983. His new-found career in finance began when he was Chief Investment Strategist and Chairman at Citidel LLC. This was a company that has grown and grown over time, Griffly explains the full details of this really well on citidelltd.com so please check it out. The website has lots of strong testimonials and I could not find a single paid actor, everything felt really legitimate. With Grifly having such a firm and long career in the financial sector and with all the great feedback I was getting I thought it would be great to give it a try and boy I was glad I did!


Citidel LTD Investment revealed that they had profits of over $986M in 2015 alone, which just proves that a cash rich company such as this one must only be producing the very best software in the financial markets. The app itself has been providing profits of over $144,000 per month over the period of 5 years. Besides the outstanding 84%+ ITM rate of this app you also get something special which you would never get with binary options scams. You will gain access to a brilliant webinar on financial trading and a pass for live talks that Dr. Grifly makes around the globe. These things alone are valued at around $399 and you’re getting a free auto trading solution too!

The Citidel LTD Investment app uses a complex set of algorithms to minimize risk and places its trades on a number of very important key factors. However the basis of the trading system is to trade during high volatility, ensuring clear frequent wins, the best possible entries and most importantly the removal of human emotions. Something that was really refreshing was the brilliant 24/7 email support that I received on support@citidelltd.com. I didn’t have any problems with setting up the Citidelltd.com because it was so simple. Instead I decided to ask some questions about the system, I was amazed how quickly these guys emailed me back with all the answers.

All you really need to get started with this software is PC, tablet or phone with any type of web browser and after a few taps or clicks you can have the auto trader running. It really is as simple as that. The interface has been designed so that even complete Binary Options newbies can take advantage of the Citidel LTD Investment App. Having experienced the app myself I can tell you that the above points are all true, it really is as simple as clicking a mouse. Citidel LTD Investment app works seamlessly with your broker account and takes the trades automatically for you, meaning you can also earn huge profits on complete autopilot.

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I think the conclusion speaks for itself, however let me break it down in simple terms. Citidel LTD has received a huge amount of publicity and is it any wonder? With these kinds of results and such a simple system I am giving this a massive thumbs up! If you have any feedback, share your feedback below this review.

5 thoughts on “Mike’s Citidel LTD Investment APP Review”

  1. Incredible performance with Citidel LTD, best I ever had in the last 3 years and I’ve been threw a lot. Registered with countless of services. Thank you for a credible review Mike!

    1. Only with brokers that are synced with Citidel, I know of 20 different brokers but it depends on your location so after you submit the registration form on Citidelltd.com you will be redirected to a regulated broker that offers service in your GEO location. Many services do it this way, it’s a great benefit for traders since some of the brokers also offer customer service in various languages and it’s nice to have someone local to communicate with.

  2. I attended some of the conferences before, I am looking forward to the Citidel LTD webinar, I finally signed up with the software on Monday before you posted this review and before it was advertised all over the place. Got many winning trades all week but I had no doubt because I’ve been an investor with Citidel for years before binary options was even around. Most of my income was generated through appreciation, some of the Real Estates investments were not mentioned but this company is also big in the property appreciation world and it helped their shares and all investors gain massive returns in the 90’s. This online trading is new to me but since a real company is taking part in this industry I decided to give it a try and all should do the same because I’ve done a lot of research and many systems are scams so you have to really watch out. Thank you Freeman!

  3. Thank you for letting us know about this product. I heard so much good things about this product. This review makes it more clearer

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