6 thoughts on “CedarFinance.com CIF license suspended by CySEC

  1. Steve

    Hi Mike,

    I have been reading the blog posts here about these companies and now am more aware of their dealings and will be very very careful, should I start to deal in the binary options trading. On you tube there has been a number of negative comments from people concerning binary trading and I am taking a careful view on the industry before attempting it myself. But I have seen a number of your youtube videos and have now read a few of your reviews here as well.
    I am from Australia but am interested in the binary options business.

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Steve, Thanks for leaving a comment. Binary Options is risky as it is and there are lot’s of brokers that you should stay away from. Before signing up with a Forex or Binary Options Broker you should always conduct a background check to see if there are negative reviews on the broker. I also created a ‘Black-List’ on this blog with information on how to identify a potential scam site. There are over a 100 brokers but only a handful have EU regulations and a CIF license. Topoption, OptionFair and Anyoption are examples of brands you can trust, Anyoption is the pioneer of the industry and both Topoption and OptionFair acquired full EU regulations and have zero negative reviews online. OptionFair offers the highest payout with up to %85 ITM and %10-%15 OTM. Cheeers! Mike

  2. peter mcghrath

    hi Michael
    boy am I glad that I signed up to your binary options blog otherwise I would never have known about cedar getting its licence suspended and would have spent $997.00 on profitsin60seconds software
    have a great new years eve
    peter mcgrath

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Hi Peter! Thank you for the nice feedback. It’s encouraging to know that some traders are reading this stuff before and not after it’s too late. Many people tend to jump on the offers before without verifying the authenticity or quality of the broker or signals service. Cheers! Mike


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