Purchasing Diamonds as an Investment? Most Definitely!

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I have been involved with binary option trading for quite some time now. Unlike most traders in this vertical, I’ve always managed to make ends meet. I did make money trading, but I also took the time to educate others, and at the end of the day, this turned out to be the most rewarding part of my trading career, not just on account of the help I gave others, but in regards to direct financial gains as well.

Everyone who has ever traded binary options – profitably or otherwise – will tell you that the volatility in this vertical is indeed nerve-wrecking. While I did well, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was never more than a couple of clicks away from disaster. This burden I simply couldn’t ditch, even when impending doom was clearly not in the books. It had become obvious that I needed to branch out and move into something perhaps less rewarding in the short-run, but much more stable and laid-back overall. Profits still had to be had though, so the choice was not an easy one.

Fixed-income investments did not represent a workable path, on account of their negligible yields. Equity markets came with the same sort of volatility I was looking to escape. The answer? Diamonds.

Diamonds Investing

Gems have traditionally been vehicles of value, but their use as investment vehicles only recently began to emerge. Looking to expand their portfolios and to increase yields, institutional investors were driven into diamonds the same way I was. With various hurdles out of the way (like the lack of transparent pricing and a liquid trading market), the path has become clear for everyone to join this stable commodity market, which dangles potentially high returns within reasonable time-frames. For the little guy, the retail trader, this opportunity was much delayed. Now though, with the emergence of trading platforms like DiamondsRush.com, everyone has a change to put some money into these spectacular stones, hoping to be able to cash out more further down the line.

The advantages of using diamonds for investment purposes are rather clear. Touted by some as the “new gold,” diamonds offer some advantages even above and beyond what precious metals do.

Expected profitability on diamond investments (when done right, of course) is upward of 8% per year. The price increases associated with this new “commodity” have indeed been exactly in that range for the last 5 years. On some diamonds (fancy, colored stones) this price increase has been much bigger. Security is touted as another inherent advantage of the fancy stones. Given how they tend to not only preserve value, but to actually increase it over the years, this angle is quite self-explanatory.

Liquidity is also touted as an advantage by some, given how there is now a standardized global valuation system in place in this regard, though frankly, this angle might rather be considered an Achilles’ heel of the setup rather than an actual advantage, as readily exchanging your stones for currency might still not be as easy as it perhaps should be at this point.

The tax benefit angle on the other hand definitely holds water. In many countries, diamonds are classified as works of art, and as such, they do not fall under taxation. Couple this with the fact that the stones concentrate a massive amount of value in a relatively small and easily transportable spot, and you do indeed have the perfect weapon against the taxman, not that I condone such behavior.

The hedging value that diamonds bring to the table cannot be ignored either. The trading in these precious stones is not controlled by outside institutions, and speculation is virtually absent. The last diamond-business bubble – and its subsequent bursting – took place in the 1980s. That’s indeed quite a testimony to the overall stability of this market. Even this bubble was one focused on a very small section of the diamond market: 1-2ct stones, which do indeed represent the most vulnerable segment to this day, due to their relative accessibility to the masses.

If you too are considering pouring some of your money into diamonds though, there are a number of things you should definitely know and understand before you make your move.

First of all: how are the stones priced? A formula can be used for this purpose to simplify things, called Tavernier’s Law. According to it, the price of the stone is determined by its weight in carats to the second power, multiplied obviously by the price of a single carat, as determined by the market. The formula makes it clear that with increasing carat-weight, the price of the stone rises exponentially rather than in a linear manner. If a one-carat stone is worth $1k for instance, a 10ct one will be worth $100,000.

That said, there is no universal price-per-gram for diamonds. When I mentioned a standardized global valuation system above, I referred to a set of standardized guidelines used to determine the value of various stones.

According to these guidelines, there are 4 characteristics instrumental in price-evaluation: carat, color, clarity and cut. The Rapaport Diamond Report represents one such set of guidelines. There are several such Reports though, like PriceScope, the Troy Diamond Report etc.

The price of the “commodity” used to be controlled through tight supply-controls, exerted by the DeBeers cartel. Since 2001 though, when the said cartel was broken up, the price-controlling mechanism of supply and demand has vaulted to the forefront.

Synthetic diamonds represent a major problem for retail investors. To make a long story short, as an investor, you do not want to be sold such stones. In this regard, technology has caught up with mother nature, making the artificial production of diamonds possible in the required sizes and chemical composure. Such artificial diamonds are not as valuable as their natural counterparts though.

Another thing that needs to be known about diamonds is that in the UK and EU, they are in fact subjected to sales tax and VAT, so that somewhat diminishes their utility as investment vehicles.

One of the driving forces behind the seemingly unstoppable price-explosion of diamonds is the limited supply. Apparently, no new diamond mines have been opened in recent years, and the ones that currently operate, are very expensive to maintain.

Increasing demand is obviously also part of the picture, perhaps its biggest part too. Despite setbacks such as the 2008 global financial crisis, the global economy steams ahead at never before seen speeds. Indeed, the world around us is getting smaller by the day and wealth is being created in scores of locations around the world which never really had access to the free markets and the benefits of the global economy before. Eastern Europe is on this list, together with China, where demand for the fancy rocks has simply skyrocketed. Russia’s ruling class and increasingly wealthy middle class has been known to fancy diamonds as well. More and more people worldwide want rocks for one reason or another, even as there are no increases in production.

For the first time in history, fine gems are not purchased for their value as works of art, but rather, as an investment, by an increasingly large segment of retail investors, as well as institutional actors, such as private banks and private equity funds. The amount of money such institutional investors can afford to sink into diamonds has been a true game-changer and massive price-driver indeed. Such institutional investors are looking at the best, finest and most expensive rocks, as obviously, such gems offer the biggest potential upside: not only are they just about guaranteed to keep their value, they are quite likely to increase it.

How do you invest in diamonds?

There are obviously several ways to do it, one of which would be to join a diamond fund. There are several such investment funds available, though their minimums are quite daunting for most: you will have to invest at least $250,000. That is obviously beyond the reach of the little guy.

There are special events held every now and then by various diamond producers, who aim to specifically sell investment-focused diamonds at these events. Needless to say, price-wise, the sky is the limit at such events too, because the more money one has to invest, the bigger his/her eventual returns are slated to be. Such events are not for the little guys either.

The solution is a diamond trading platform like DiamondsRush.com, which I already mentioned above. What do you need to know in regards to your diamond trading platform?

First of all: you need quality stones at affordable prices, and when it comes to quality, these stones need to be top-notch in more ways than one.

On one hand, they obviously have to be as flawless as possible physically. They also have to be ethically sourced. Everyone has heard about “blood diamonds,” precious stones obtained and trafficked at a great human cost by various unscrupulous individuals in lawless areas of the world. No ethical diamond trader will have such stigma-carrying stones on offer.

The diamonds offered at DiamondsRush are all GIA certified and they have all gone through the Kimberley process, to make sure they do not come from conflict areas.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was set up in 2003, by the UN General Assembly’s Resolution 55/56. According to its requirements, every international rough diamond shipment has to be accompanied by a Kimberley Process Certificate, issued by the government of the country from where it originates. The rough diamonds need to be locked in tamper-resistant containers. Only other KPCS-members can receive such shipments.

While the efficiency of this process has indeed been called into question by at least one organization, the KPCS remains the single best way to control the origin of diamonds and to make sure conflict stones are kept away from the international markets.

With the KPCS comes an international system of warranties, in addition to which, DiamondsRush makes use of an equally intricate and far-reaching system of certifications, encompassing associations like Gemological Institute of America, the International Gemological Laboratory, HRD Antwerp, the International Gemological Institute, the European Gemological Laboratory and the American Gem Society.

The diamonds on offer at DiamondsRush can cost as little as $300, though as a would-be investor, you need to understand that the more expensive they are, the more likely they are to increase in value over time. There’s a set of principles you should know in regards to determining the value of individual stones.

The demand of the markets is the most important value-determining factor, in addition the above mentioned 4 Cs (Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut). The markets like colored, fancy diamonds, so these are the best suited for investment, and as such, these are obviously more expensive too.

For a beginner, making the correct first moves when investing into diamonds can indeed be a daunting task. You will obviously be quite clueless when you make your first purchases, but fortunately, DiamondsRush’s customer service essentially takes you by the hand and guides your first steps.

The customer service is available every weekday from 9:30 GMT+2, to 22:00 GMT+2 and they are professional as ever. There is a live chat option available as well, so requesting immediate support is easier than ever too. The operator has more than 800,000 diamonds on offer and it has all sorts of deals in place to facilitate the secure storage and transportation of the stones you purchase.

Every diamond offered for sale by DiamondsRush is fully insured, from the moment of purchase right up to the moment of reception. Should secure storage services be needed, they are available in various free-trade zones, where storage fees are the lowest available.

If you’re seriously considering investing into diamonds, remember that no new mines have been commissioned over the last 25 years. Scarcity is indeed there, and the price-history of this new (and extremely beautiful) commodity is solid testimony to the potential that is definitely there as well in these investments.

Invest in Diamonds


Feel free to explore DiamondRush.com to learn more. I suggest leaving your name and contact information as well to receive a free consultation and introduction to the trading platform. I will share more information about this site in a future review if people are interested, including how to make the most out of the site and how to use the DiamondRush trading robot to buy and sell diamonds. Just drop me a comment below and let me know if you want to receive additional posts from me about this interesting and highly lucrative investment opportunity.

Will you invest in diamonds?

How I Made $10,000 With Bitcoin in Just 2 Months

Everyone is talking Bitcoin. Ever since the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin has, despite its volatility, risen from the ashes, soared to dizzying heights and woken up everyone’s interest.

Despite its notorious reputation in the past, Bitcoin has been earning brownie points even with government regulatory bodies. Speculators are looking at the currency as a vehicle of investment and are betting heavily.

There is no question that Bitcoin’s future looks bright. Notwithstanding the fact that in the past there have been many speculations that the end of Bitcoin is near, the world first decentralized cryptocurrency is here to stay.

In this post today, I will not only tell you how I made $10,000 with Bitcoin in just 30 days, but I will also give you tips on how to get started with Bitcoin and make money with this currency.

How to Start Buying Bitcoin and How Best to Store Bitcoin

Before you can earn money with Bitcoin, you will need to purchase Bitcoin or parts of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s valuation at the time of writing this article, is valued around $2400.

Therefore, this investment in just one coin, may be hefty for some. Bitcoin can be bought in fractions, and these are called Satoshis. The name of the fractional Bitcoin is given after Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name assumed by the inventor of Bitcoin, allegedly a Japanese mathematician who created the coin based on the blockchain database.

Before you can buy Bitcoin or Satoshi you are going to need a Bitcoin wallet. A wallet is pretty much like the purse you hold with your regular FIAT currencies from which you will be able to buy, sell, transfer or even purchase goods with your Bitcoin. Your digital wallet will allow you to transact your Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin digital wallet can be obtained from any online exchange such as Coinbase or even Blockchain.info. There are plenty of other Exchanges but these are among the more popular ones because they even come with a mobile online version.

In order to be able to make transactions with your Bitcoin, you do need to have an online wallet, however, having said that, the safest way to hold Bitcoin is offline in what is known as “cold storage” system. Basically you can use tools like Trezor whereby  you transfer your coins into a digital tool and take them offline when not in use, and have them online only when you need to make a transaction.

Trading Bitcoin – Taking Advantage of Volatility

My interest in Bitcoin started at the beginning of this year. At the time Bitcoin hit it’s first high by going over the threshold of $1000. I was very much tempted to invest then, however, I felt that I probably did not know enough about Bitcoin to invest heavily at the time.

Bitcoin Chart - Buy

By March 2017 I was doing daily technical analysis, but I knew that one important event could alter the course of the rising Bitcoin.

This was related to the application by the Winklevoss Twins, with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) to transact Bitcoin as an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). This would technically mean that Bitcoin could really become transacted like Gold or any other tangible asset.

On March 10, the SEC REJECTED the Winklevoss ETF proposal on the basis that it wanted to look into security issues of transacting Bitcoin. However, the SEC did not rule out that a Bitcoin ETF would be re-considered in a safer trading environment.

Naturally the price nose-dived to below $1000 again, since there had been much speculation on the prior days leading to the decision.  However, in just a few days, Bitcoin recovered and bounced back to over the $1,000 threshold.

This was the moment that I bought my first ten coins. Since the amount was a substantial one at a $10k investment, I decided to opt for the “cold storage” system and kept my coins offline.

By May 20th Bitcoin went over a new threshold when it hit a new all-time high of $2000. It was at this point, where I simply placed my coins back online in my digital wallet and sold! A very tidy 10k profit. 100% return in just a matter of two months.

Bitcoin Chart - Sell

Bitcoin Day Trading and How You Can Profit

The sheer price volatility of Bitcoin offers an opportunity and a playground for profits. Bitcoin can be traded just like any other currency, however, the fact that price swings are high means that it offers better opportunities.

The basic understanding of charts and price dynamics remains the same for Bitcoin as it does with any other trading of financial assets. The speculation strategy is also the same.

The only difference is that you only need to follow the Bitcoin news instead of following all the world news. Bitcoin trading can be made by regular leveraging even with a small capital investment. Some exchanges will allow you to trade Bitcoin using leverages.

Bitcoin and the Future

There is no question that Bitcoin is here to stay. One of the reasons by which I made $10k with Bitcoin, was that the price soared on the 12th of April when Japan legalized Bitcoin as a method of payment. At around the same time, Russia declared that it is also looking at ways to legitimize the currency as a means of payment.

Governments all over the world are now acknowledging the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and are wising up. Despite the fact that the currency is decentralized and its price movements are impervious of central politics – governments understand that unless they adopt Bitcoin in their system legitimately, they will never be able to collect taxes! The advantages for the governments are obvious, however, the advantages for Bitcoin holders are also evident. There is safety in protection.

Will Bitcoin continue to Rise?

Of course there is much speculation about how high Bitcoin will rise. Some say that the price may hit $100,000 in the next five years.  Other informed investors expect Bitcoin to rise above the $4000 threshold before the end of the year.

There is no doubt that it is only a question of time before the price will see some spectacular movements in the right direction again. The present market cap for Bitcoin is $40 Billion. Bitcoin is in limited supply. The total mining of Bitcoin so far is at 17 million out of a total of 21 million ever to be mined. It is anticipated the last bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140!

This is how difficult it is today to mine bitcoin and why the current supply will continue to have more and more value.

If you are looking at making money with Bitcoin you can look short term with day trading, or long term with proper invest and forget. Either way, the opportunities are there and despite the fact that this may look like a new market, it is the market of the future.

In my signals group we recently started offering Forex and binary options signals for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so if you’re into day trading, you should definitely join the group!

Best Binary Options Bitcoin Trading Pattern

One of the most sought after trading patterns for online trading involves the incorporation of a crypto-currency known as Bitcoin. Bitcoins, a type of digital currency, has sky-rocketed in value since it was presented into the marketplace back in 2010. Having increased in value at an exponential rate the ability for newbie day-traders to invest in this booming asset has been made nearly impossible except for those willing to dish out between 5 to 6 figures just to get started. A rather hefty price to invest which is why many newbie investors have turned to other forms of investing like binary options and forex.

Bitcoin Demand and Incorporation

Luckily for us though, the demand to invest Bitcoins has resulted in many binary option and forex brokers to incorporate Bitcoins into their online trading platform. Examples would be BitPlutos and Finrally who allow both bitcoin deposits and withdrawals and the actual trading of bitcoin via a binary options platform. Making the once inaccessible Bitcoin investing available to traders of all experience levels. What’s the catch though? Well, the catch would be that you aren’t actually investing the full value of Bitcoins but instead a derivative value created by your online investment broker. So what are the advantages of investing Bitcoins through binary options or forex? Well, one significant advantage would be that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg just to invest in the hottest new trend.

Bitcoin Trading Pattern

A second advantage, which is often overlooked, would be that you can greatly minimize your risk while maximizing your earning potential when properly investing Bitcoins through binary options and forex. However, as many of you may have experienced by now, that is much easier said than done. So how can you maximize your earnings through Bitcoin investing? The answer is quite simple, all you need is an accurate and consistent Bitcoin trading trading pattern! Which brings us to why we are here today, to discuss a reliable trading pattern that you can apply when investing Bitcoins through binary options and forex!

Bitcoin Trading Pattern Set-Up

Now that we have distinguished the demand for Bitcoin investing and how to pursue investing Bitcoins through binary options and forex, let’s move forward. It is important to note that this Bitcoin trading pattern is based upon technical analysis and price action trading trading pattern.

Due to my Bitcoin trading pattern being based upon technical analysis, access to a charting solution that supports Bitcoin (BTC, BTC/USD) is a necessity. A free online charting solution that you can use that supports Bitcoin charting would be TradingView.com. Now that you have your charting solution up and running, make sure you have BTC or BTC/USD as your asset of choice. Once you have completed those simple steps, you can move forward to changing your charting solution to a time frame between 5 to 15 minutes.

Bitcoin Trading Pattern - Charting Solution

One side note that you may want to jot down would be since we are applying PATS would be that you can, in theory, use any time frame you deem necessary. So even if you venture outside the recommended time frame between 5 to 15 minutes, just know that is okay. However, there are a few contingencies that you should know before experimenting and using this trading pattern in a live investment situation.

Contingency #1: Keep your expiration time near the same time value as your time frame. 

(So if you are using a 5 minute time frame on your charting solution this means keep your expiration time between 3 to 7 minutes)

Contingency #2: No matter which time frame you use all trading signals are generated in the same format (refer to trading pattern steps below).

Contingency #3:  Avoid investing during intra-trading hours.

Applying Bitcoin Trading Pattern

The most accurate and reoccurring set up that we will be applying with this Bitcoin trading pattern would be the execution of PUT investments with support levels signals. In order for a PUT signal to be generated, we require a total of 5 steps to be completed. The first step, as you can better understand in the image provided below, would be the creation of a support level.  Support levels are created when the price of an asset bounces off an “imaginary” price level and heads back in an upward direction. This is symbolized by a bearish candle closing at the same value that the following bullish candle opens.

Support Level - Bitcoin Trading Pattern

The second step would be that after your support level has been created you need to confirm that price heads back in a bullish (upward) direction. Meaning that the price of the asset, which in this case would be Bitcoin, is increasing in price value. This step should automatically occur due to the following bullish candle that subsequently occurs after the bearish candle starts the formation of the support level. The third step that needs to occur would be that we need the price of Bitcoin to retrace back below our support level in a strong downward break.

Bitcoin Trading Pattern

After the third step has occurred you can move onward to the 4th step which would be that we need the price of Bitcoin to retrace back above our support level in a decisive upward (bullish) break. Once this has occurred, we only need to wait for one more step to take place which would be that we need price to once again break our support level in a bearish fashion. Once this break has occurred then you are clear to go ahead and place a PUT investment with a expiration period near your time frame value.

Now, there is a vetting process that you can add to this Bitcoin trading pattern to help reduce the amount of false signals generated. (Not that they are many false signals with Price Action Trading Trading Pattern but an additional confirmation step never hurt). The confirmation step you can add when using this trading pattern would be to wait for the bearish candle that breaks our support level to close, while making sure the next candle that forms is heading in a bearish direction. Now, if you are using this Bitcoin trading pattern on a time frame of 5 minutes or less, I don’t encourage you to perform this confirmation step since your entry level is more crucial and time is of the essence.

Bitcoin Trading Pattern

Bitcoin Trading Pattern Conclusion

Learning to adapt and becoming resourceful will better secure your probability of success as an online trader. For years I have helped thousands of online traders get started with reliable brokers and profitable trading patterns which is why I encourage you to maximize your efforts by diving right into all the free, educational content made available to you on my site. If you follow the contingencies correctly and don’t rush the application portion of my Bitcoin trading pattern, there is no reason why you cannot consistently supplement your income online from home.

If you have any questions, comments or experiences to share, please know you can leave your feedback below. For those of you needing help on getting started on a profitable investing path, make sure you visit my Signals List or Contact Me for additional 1-on-1 support.

Note: The above post as well as any information on my website is educational material and not to be seen as investing advice. Binary options and Forex are highly risky and you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Please only try the trading pattern on a free demo account.

Did you try my Bitcoin Trading Pattern? Please share your results as a reply to this post.

Mike’s Facebook Signals Group Update for 2017

Hi folks! I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my update for my private Facebook signals group! Many of you are reading this right now are most likely already a member of my group or are wondering how to become part of my FREE binary options signals group! With this in mind, I will discuss how my signals group has been performing, which brokers work best with my signals group and the projected future of our amazing trading family!

One the most considerable factors that many of you may be weighing or wondering about would be our past performance. Having a member base exceeding 12,600 members, surely our group must have some consistent and profitable investment results? Well, you would be absolutely correct there! For those of you who have been with us from the start or throughout most of 2016, you know that our performance has been hard to beat by any binary options signal service or trading software. Although our trading admins number has diminished after we have weeded out some of the negative performing or abusive admins, I am delighted to say that our admin group has never been more prominent and reliable than now.

At the moment we have three absolutely dominating trading admins with another showing a good amount of promise! Snir, Afzal and Marco are among some of the best online day-traders currently available in binary options and Forex! Each having a consistent success rate over 75% after sending out hundreds and hundreds of investments is an absolutely incredible feat in itself. However, knowing that our amazing admins are generating investment results as consistent as they are to over thousands of day-traders just goes to show how lucky and fortunate we are to have them be part of our family!

To be honest, I don’t think our top admins receive enough praise and without their contributions our group would just like every other Facebook signals group that is just mediocre and not truly beneficial. So if you guys would just drop them a message sometime and thank them for all of their hard work I know they would value it and greatly appreciate it! Another factor that you can benefit from joining my private signals group for binary options would be learning how to become a more knowledgeable investor. On top of providing free signals our admins also offer paid webinars and additional trading signals to get first-hand experience on how their strategies work along with benefit from generating more income.

By taking part of their webinars not only will you be learning from some of the best online traders but you will also be generating enough trading profits to oftentimes cover the webinar fee and make a good amount on the side! So really you don’t have anything to lose but a little bit of your time but the rewards are definitely worth it!

One question that I get asked a lot with my signals group would be which brokers work the best with this service. So although more information on how to join my signals group can be found on my Join my Private Signals Page, I will cover some of the best brokers you can use while trading signals generated from our admins. Now, one thing you should note would be to only use regulated trading brokers when trading with my signals group or honestly anytime when you are trading online. The last thing you want would be to make a good sum of money and not be able to withdraw from your broker.

For those of you who live in the United States, I encourage you to solely invest with Nadex. Although this binary options trading broker is an exchange, Nadex along with Cantor Exchange are the only regulated and legal to trade binary options for US citizens.

For those of you who are live in Australia, New Zealand or Japan you are in need of a AU-regulated broker, such as HighLow.

The best EU-regulated and safe to invest with broker would be IQ Option. IQ Option requires only a $10 minimum deposit has one of the biggest investor bases for binary options. For more information about Forex brokers, please visit my new Forex page.

All of the brokers mentioned above are regulated and used by a wide number of investors who are actively part of my private signals group!  Each of the brokers have their own perks and special trading features so I encourage you to read my reviews to learn more about each broker so that you can make a more educated decision prior to getting started with any particular investment broker.

The future of my private Facebook signals group looks very bright! Having grown to over a member base of over 12,600 traders, we are the most transparent and beneficial signal group for not only binary options but Forex as well! Over the past two years, we have had thousands of FREE signals sent to our members from all across the world and you can count on us to be here for the next two years to come! By the end of the year, we are projected to have our ever-growing family exceed a member base of over 20,000 online traders! Remember, it costs nothing to get started although we do encourage you to get started with one of the brokers mentioned above!

For those of who would like to get started, make sure that you have a regulated investment broker before you get started. For more information on how to join the group, please visit the Join my Private Signals Page.

Thanks for taking the time to read my update review for my private signals group and I hope to see you all on the other side! 😀

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Powerful VWAP Indicator Trading Pattern for Binary Options

Wow has it been quite a bit of time since I have written an educational investment article for Michael Freeman and binary options! I can honestly say that I am happy to be back and let’s get back into the swing of things!  Today I have this updated version of my previously published VWAP Indicator and Trading Pattern from a little over 2 1/2 years ago made available after receiving over 20 requests to have an updated version of this article to be completed. So what do you need to get started?  Well, first and foremost since this is a technical analysis based trading pattern access to a charting solution is absolutely essential!

Trading Pattern Requirements

A few charting solutions that you could consider using would be FreeStockCharts.com, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. Also, access to a Free Demo Account is encouraged so you can practice this trading pattern prior to implementing it in a live investment situation. Moving forward, all of the images provided to you below are taken from the FreeStockCharts charting solution and are meant to help you better understand the concept and executing process of this software.

Trading Pattern Set-Up

So once you have your charting solution up and running, you should select up to 5 different assets in different tabs to use with this trading pattern. Typically I encourage traders to get started with low volatility currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad, Nzd/Usd and Usd/Chf. Other assets you could consider investing with would be high volume stocks such as Apple, Facebook, Exxon, Google and Amazon. These assets are less prone to change directions due to minor fluctuations that may occur in the financial markets which ultimately mean they are more reliable for you to invest with.

Now, there are two technical indicators that we use when investing with this trading pattern which would be the Moving Average and the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) indicator. The main function of the Moving Average technical indicator would be to help filter out the “noise” from random price fluctuations and serves as a trend following indicator. This indicator is extremely effective when used with trend trading or when used in combination with the VWAP indicator which effectively identifies powerful short-term market reversals.

VWAP indicator customization

Now that you have your targeted assets of choice and your indicators incorporated into your charting solution, the next step you need to complete would be to make sure that the time frame of each chart is set to a period of 5 minutes. Once you have completed that step, the next step that you need to fulfill would be to edit your Moving Average indicator so that the Average Type reflected is showcased as Simple. If you right-click your mouse while hovering over the Moving Average indicator, you should see this option made available to you then the other alteration that you do would be to make sure that the period is set to 4.

VWAP indicator customization

In case some of you were wondering the numerical period value that you set your Moving Average to will showcase the number of days that the indicator reflects. So if you were to set the period to 10 it would reflect a period of 10 days but with it being 4 with this trading pattern we are seeing the average price period of that asset over the past four days. No customizations are necessary with the VWAP indicator but if you want to change the Line Style to dotted you can, typically it is a line but I prefer dotted just to change things up once and awhile!

Applying The Trading Pattern

The signaling process with this trading pattern is simple and relatively straightforward. If our VWAP indicator crosses our Simple Moving Average indicator in a downward direction then we go ahead and place a short-term PUT investment with an expiration between 3 to 10 minutes. However, if our VWAP indicator was to cross our Moving Average indicator in an upward cross then we go ahead and place a CALL trade with an expiration time between 3 to 10 minutes.

VWAP Trading Pattern

Now, if you want to filter out signals, you can wait for a confirmation candle to appear next to the cross to signify that a reversal is in fact in play although you can only apply this confirmation if you are planning on trading an investment with an expiry close to 10 minutes. Otherwise if you wait too long and place a more short-term trade, you may completely miss the signal while you were waiting for the candle to close. (A confirmation candle for a PUT trade set up would be a bearish candle and vice versa for a CALL trade set up).

VWAP Trading Pattern

Trading Pattern Tips

  1. Try to invest like assets with correlating market hours. Meaning that if you are trading the Usd/Cad for example make sure that you are using this trading pattern during the New York Stock Exchange. Or if you are trading the Eur/Jpy, try to only invest that currency pair during the late Sydney and throughout the Tokyo trading session.
  2. Try to take 10 minute breaks before and 15 minutes breaks after a major press release has been released. A free online economic calendar has been provided to you below for simplicity and to make things easier on you.  Any press release with a bull symbol of 2 or 3 is when we apply this tip!
  3. Try tweaking some of the indicator settings to smaller or large values if you want to test this trading pattern with different time frames and expiration periods. Make sure you change the Moving Average Period, the time frame of your charts along with your expiry times before applying these customizations in a live investment mode. Make sure to practice on a Free Demo Account first though!


The best advantage about this trading pattern would be how user-friendly and simple it is to apply in a live investment scenario. One of my main goals when I provide you guys educational and informative articles would be to provide it to you in an easy-to-read and understandable manner which are among one of the many goals I strive for. Make sure to follow all of the tips above, only invest with regulated online trading brokers that are legal where you reside and leave any questions or your feedback below in a comment!

When investing online with binary options or Forex it is imperative that you invest with only regulated binary option or Forex brokers. Due to the large number of fraudulent trading operations and crooked trading brokers I only encourage you to sign up with regulated brokers!

If you need help finding a regulated broker you can always contact Mike by leaving a comment below and I know he will be more than willing to help you out! I have been asked to stay as well due to the demand of trading patterns and educational articles so if you would like to learn about a specific investing topic or have any educational topics you want covered, feel free to leave your feedback and requests below.

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BinaryOptionsTradingSignals by Franco Honest Review

Hey guys, it’s Mike here and many of you have been asking me lately about a binary options and Forex related signal service known as Franco’s BinaryOptionsTradingSignals, wondering about whether or not you can trust this service and if it is profitable or not. Well, as many of you know, for those of you who are apart of my Facebook group of over 12,000+ members, I have been suffering from a minor flu and have been away so I thought it would be best just to provide you guys with a complete review of BinaryOptionsTradingSignals on my blog. So today we are going to learn just about everything we need to know about Franco’s binary option and Forex signal service and if this service is indeed all that it is talked up to be and more.

One of the first things that I came across while researching into Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS) would be just how long and established this signal service has been in operation. I was a bit surprised, to say the least, to know that this service has been around almost a year before I made my debut into the binary options industry, which was a little over 5 years ago. To be completely honest, I don’t remember ever coming across a signal service for binary options that has been in operation that long, heck only a few really good brokers have been operating that long so that was the first thing to catch my eye. Evidently if they are still going strong after 6 years of being in the binary option and Forex industry then in all honesty they must be doing something right!


One characteristic about Franco’s signal service that I think many of you will find appealing would be how you don’t have to sign up and deposit with any binary option brokers. I’ve begun noticing quite a bit over the past few years just how many services and software require a binary options broker sign up so it is quite nice not to have this requirement forced upon us for once. So even if you already have a pre-existing binary options or Forex trading account, you can use BinaryOptionsTradingSignals, although I only encourage you to invest online with regulated binary options or Forex brokers.

Now, if you don’t have a regulated investment broker account and aren’t quite sure where to begin don’t worry, I have a compiled list of Regulated Brokers that you can view to learn which ones are suitable for you and can be used for binary options and Forex day-trading. With that being said, let’s go ahead and move to BinaryOptionsTradingSignals hours of operation. Running between the hours of 9:30 A.M. EST to 11:30 A.M. EST, which equates to 2:30 P.M. GMT to 4:30 P.M. GMT, BOTS operates during the opening hours on the New York trading session. What this means would be that it is a perfect service for day-traders who reside within the United States or those who just prefer to invest with the wide number of assets that are available during the NYSE.

When it comes to using Franco’s signal service, you only have to commit two hours per day to get all of your investing, which is just about the average amount of time devoted by experienced day-traders on a daily investment basis. So in 2 hours you on average receive between 9 to 15 investment signals, which is about 2 to 3 times more than what you truly need to trade on any given investment day in order to start generating some solid trading profits. One of the best aspects about Franco’s signals as well would be just how accurate his signals are. On average, investors report a success rate between 72 to 80% on a weekly cumulative basis and there are seldom any losing days which makes this service all the better.

As many of you know, most legitimate binary option and Forex signal services that are currently in existence operate in an email or SMS signal delivery mode, which is great and all, but sometimes receiving investment signals can be delayed due to this style of delivery. Well, this is where BinaryOptionsTradingSignals differs from other promising and accurate services because each trading session takes place in a live, web-based chat room.  As you can see in the image that I included for you guys below, the set up is rather promising and lets you know what sort of experience you are in for.

BinaryOptionsTradingSignals Chatroom

As you can see, you have the ability to chat with other investors from all around the world, although most of them just point out which investments they placed and help point out possible investment set ups for the rest of the group. Now back a few years ago, when Franco’s BinaryOptionsTradingSignals wasn’t as popular or used by so many investors like it is today, he used to place his signals that the software generates live for you to see on his 24Option trading account so you could see him execute his trades live while using BOTS and just copy his signals.

However, due to the scale that this signal service has amounted to, he solely just answers questions, supervises the group much like I do with my Facebook group, and he points out the investment signals generated by the software so that you can get the best entry rates and investment signals possible. As I mentioned a few brief moments ago as well, you can expect to place at least 5 to 7 high quality signals per day, but oftentimes up to 15 investment signals per trading session are generated which means your earning potential is greatly increased with BinaryOptionsTradingSignals.

One aspect that I did notice and that I know all of you would appreciate as well would be how Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals offers a 100% money back guarantee up to 60 full days if you aren’t happy with your investment results. Although I would almost find it to be near insanity if you weren’t pleased with a 70% or higher success rate and placing between 5 to 15 investment signals per day, but like come on now, no other service that I’ve come across offers this legitimate guarantee and delivers the results like Franco’s signal service.

However, just like with any other service that I review, there are always some drawbacks which in the case of BinaryOptionsTradingSignals would be how it comes with a $97 bi-weekly payment requirement, isn’t offered to investors who reside within the country of Canada and lastly because it comes with a minor learning curve. Now, more likely than not most of you reading this review won’t consider this service anymore due to you knowing the price but let me share some of my wisdom with you so you can know what sort of mistake you would be making if you didn’t try out this signal service.

If you did some simple math, you would notice how BOTS comes out to be under $10 a day, to be precise it is only $9.70 per trading day. Now, if you are telling me that you can’t at least earn $9.70 per investment day while using BOTS then I would certainly call you crazy. Let’s not forget their 100% money back guarantee either which may have left your mind after you read the price tag associated with this software. So let me ask you, what do you have to lose besides a little bit of time and effort, which you would’ve spent already by researching for a different unproven investment alternative?

BOTS - Binary Options Trading Signals

Who is BinaryOptionsTradingSignals best suited for? Franco’s signal service is best suited for binary option and Forex traders who possess an experience level a little bit beyond elementary. Although you don’t have to do any of the work besides joining the service, taking a couple hours to learn the signaling process and executing trades on your trading platform with your broker, having some investment knowledge beforehand is without a doubt beneficial. When getting started with this service, no matter your experience level, I would encourage you to try it with a Free Demo Account for the first few days just until you get use to how this service works.

With Franco’s signal service being the longest operating and most consistent signal service for binary options, I believe that this service will be a suitable investment opportunity for binary options and Forex traders for the years to come. Every trading session is live and all the investment results are 100% transparent, which throws away any illegitimate characteristics that oftentimes are questioned by other signal services.  Remember, you have far more to gain than to lose with BinaryOptionsTradingSignals due to their 100% money back guarantee and incredible live investment sessions.
Thank you for those of you who took the time to read my BinaryOptionsTradingSignals review for binary options and Forex. I have been wanting to conduct an in-depth review on them for quite sometime but never really had the incentive until many of your started asking me about their service. If you have any experience or feedback to share below about BinaryOptionsTradingSignals or online investing in general, I invite you to share it for everyone to benefit from. Want to subscribe to my blog to stay current on all the latest investment news? Subscribe above on the right-hand side and join over 5,000 other subscribers currently benefiting from my binary option and Forex reviews!

If you are new to binary options, I would like to invite you to join my signals group and trading community on Facebook! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below this review. If you believe you have been scammed or have a scam to report, please make sure to visit BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com for free help!

Remember I only recommend using this service with a regulated binary options or Forex broker. Lastly, I would like you to remember that I don’t recommend you to sign up with non-regulated brokers but if you do I implore you to deposit no more than the minimum requirement and never accept a broker deposit bonus or account management services.

MarketsWorld Review – Regulated, but Fraudulent?

Note: At first, years ago, I believed that MarketsWorld was a scam since I received many complaints about them. Later on, I found that they became regulated and thought they had mended their ways so I gave them another shot. That’s when I wrote the below review, which as you will be able to see for yourself is quite positive. Lately however I’m having doubts about them again. The reason is twofold. First, I heard that some of their partners were not getting paid even though they were owed money. In fact, they even terminated their contract with the owner of ObjectiveBinaryOptions.com without even giving him a notice. Secondly, although they are regulated, they are providing service in countries where it is illegal to do so, such as the US, Australia, Canada and Israel. Therefore, it’s very possible that they will get shut down when authorities find out. So if you decide to work with MarketsWorld, I recommend making a minimal deposit or just using their excellent free demo account. For safer choices, please visit my Regulated Brokers page.

And now… to the review!

Given the high-profile of its binary options operation, Marketsworld is definitely deserving of a full and complete review on my part. Besides binary options, the broker also offers Forex services. The company behind the operation is MarketsTheWorld Ltd. and it’s based on the Isle of Man. Regulated by the local Gambling Supervision Commission, Marketsworld has been a licensed broker since 2011. The reasons why I like this binary option operator are numerous.

They have thorough protections in place regarding the funds of their traders and they offer some of the highest returns in the business. Their trade order execution speed is also quite outstanding. The operation is periodically reviewed and audited by Isle of Man government regulators, to make sure that the prices they offer aren’t manipulated in any way. The bottom line is that the operation is a solid and reliable one, featuring decent withdrawal times and absolutely outstanding minimums, deposit- as well as investment-wise.

Marketsworld also feature a great education section, in which they detail the differences between binary options and other, “traditional” investment methods. Spread betting and CFDs are also considered in this regard. I personally prefer to trade binary options with this operator only, despite the fact that their underlying asset selection is rather limited in this regard. Still, I have all my favorite currency pairs and commodities, and I don’t really care about outliers such as coffee and bananas. The fixed risk aspect is obviously one of the biggest advantages of binary options, but there’s also the fact that there aren’t any broker fees and stamp duties involved, and that large profits can be realized with relatively small investments.

The minimums featured by the operator are guaranteed to attract scores of beginners, hence this focus on the basics and education. The site offers beginners a full How to Trade guide, and more importantly, a no-strings-attached demo account, with 5,000 practice credits in its balance. These demo accounts can be upgraded to real money accounts once the trader feels he/she is ready for the leap. One has to bear in mind though that no trades can be placed on credit at Marketsworld.


Withdrawals represent one of the most important aspects of a binary option broker in my opinion. Therefore, I make a point of delivering as much information about withdrawals as possible in my reviews.

The minimums on withdrawals are set to USD10/EUR10/GBP10, below which the broker cannot process requests. There is no upper limit on Marketsworld withdrawals. It is indeed possibly to cash out one’s entire balance at any time.

Cash-out requests can be cancelled, but there is no limit on how often one can request a withdrawal. Making such a request is very simple: one has to access the Deposit and Withdrawal section, through the Your Account page. According to the withdrawal processing procedure, withdrawals are made through the same method in which the trader has made his/her deposit. The oldest deposits are considered first, then, as more money gets withdrawn, newer deposits are lined up as well.

Withdrawals are always processed within one business day and the money thus cleared will land in the trader’s account within 2-7 business days.

In order to prevent fraud and money laundering, Marketsworld does not accept withdrawal requests made within 48 hours from one’s last deposit.

To have their accounts verified, and thus cleared for withdrawals, traders will be required to provide a number of documents, such as documents regarding proof of identity, proof of residence, as well as copies of the credit/debit cards used for the deposits.

Payouts and Features

As I stated above, the payout rates offered by Marketsworld are some of the best in the business. As far as maximums are concerned, we’re looking at 90% in this regard, though it has to be stressed that most payouts will be lower than that. During special periods of increased market volatility, the return rates on some options can be as low as 60%.

Though its underlying asset selection is rather limited, Marketsworld lets its traders place several trades at a time. Simultaneous trades can be placed on the same asset with the same expiry time, as well as on different assets with different expiry times.

The Marketsworld platform is extremely simple and easy to use. Its charting features aren’t exactly impressive, but they do accomplish what they’re supposed to. The operator offers mobile trading apps too, for Android mobile devices.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimums featured by Marketsworld are some of the best in the industry. Traders are only required to deposit USD/EUR/GBP 10 to get a real money account going. The minimum stake on options is USD/EUR/GBP 1, which does indeed give traders plenty of flexibility capital management-wise.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this operator is the fact though that it offers a wealth of bonuses, rewards and benefits. Those making their first trade for instance, can claim the money back in case of a loss, up to USD/EUR/GBP 50. This risk-free trade deal only applies to one’s very first trade though. The money that one gets back as part of this promotion is bonus money, and it has to be treated as such. The rollover requirements on this bonus are more than reasonable though: the money has to be traded once, in order to become cleared for withdrawal.

Those looking for more bonus money can opt for a 100% match on their first deposits, up to USD/EUR/GBP 1,000. The problem with this reward is though that it has to be turned over 50 times before it can be withdrawn.

Yet another way to pick up a bonus is to refer a friend. In this case, the trader doing the referring gets a 100% match on the friend’s first deposit, up to a maximum of USD/EUR/GBP 500. This bonus money needs to be rolled over 50 times by the referred trader and then 50 more times by the referrer to be cleared for withdrawal.

Customer Support

The Marketsworld support staff is available 24/7. The handiest way to contact them is through the Live Chat feature offered by the operator. The support email is service@marketsworld.com, and there is a UK phone number available as well: +44 (0) 1624 679 022.

Marketsworld’s Monthly Loyalty Reward

Marketsworld are probably the only broker to offer such a reward to their clients. All one needs to do to claim this reward is to go about his/her trading as usual. The broker tracks one’s monthly activity, and if it’s deemed worthy, bonus money will be issued at the end of the month.


I personally like Marketsworld: they’re regulated, they offer superb minimums and some decent bonus deals. Their return rates are above industry-average on most tradable assets, and their trading platform is decent as well. Their demo account is a superb addition to an already attractive offer.

However, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, there’s a big downside to working with MarketsWorld. Therefore, I only recommend working with MarketsWorld free demo account or depositing small amounts.

eToro Review – Forex Broker and Social Trading

eToro.com is without a doubt the top destination for the copy-trading of binary options and Forex. As such, I felt I had to let you know the opportunities it holds for rank-and-file traders as well as professionals. eToro is called an “investment network” for a good reason: its main goal is to connect traders, to allow them to communicate and eventually to simply copy the trades of those who really know what they’re doing. eToro currently connects 4.5 million traders from 170 countries, and apparently, thousands of new accounts are created every day. There’s certainly opportunity here, and to take advantage of it, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of this operation.

eToro is more than a simple copy-trader though: it allows its members to learn from their more experienced peers, and to build up expertise, so one day they can become traders copied by the masses too. What are eToro’s biggest draws though?

First of all, I’d never even consider an unlicensed broker or social investment network myself, so I would obviously never recommend one to you either. eToro is operated by eToro Europe Ltd, which is a registered Cypriot Investment Firm. Licensed and regulated by CySEC, eToro offers its traders multi-layered protection against a host of eventualities. In the UK, eToro is run by eToro UK Ltd, and it is regulated by the FCA. The operation is fully MiFID compliant.

Considering the daunting nature of combining flexible trading platforms with the world’s largest social investment network, eToro have come up with surprisingly and pleasantly simple solutions. Learning to trade through their systems is a cinch even for those who don’t have any experience.

The social trading aspect is obviously where the bulk of the value of the eToro proposal resides. Besides finding profitable traders and copying their moves, eToro enable traders to interact with experts and each-other through live chat and through a number of discussion boards, which are superb vehicles for the propagation of investment ideas.

Responsible trading is one of the priorities of the operator. eToro use preset leverage levels and a number of other responsible trading-promoting features to make sure novice traders do not blow through their balances quickly and with nothing to show for it.

The site is focused on personal service. Every eToro client can enroll in one of the Trader Programs run by the operator. The in-house market analysis team delivers up to the minute reports, and a constant stream of news is served up from some of the top financial sources. Traders can set up free practice accounts, with balances of $10,000 in virtual funds. The operator also offers a wealth of courses, covering everything from the basics to advanced trading concepts.

If you decide to follow a trader and to copy his/her moves, you’ll be able to see a risk profile on the said trader, complete with trading history. Special deals and promotions are also featured from time to time, giving traders the opportunity to add to their balances in various alternative ways.

eToro Withdrawals

Withdrawals can be requested at any time from eToro, and provided all the conditions are met, they are processed within a day. Money can be withdrawn through the same method the trader used for his/her deposit. The order of priority in this regard is Credit Cards, PayPal and Bank Wire. The time to receive the withdrawn money depends on the method used. It can be as little as 1 day, but it will not exceed 8 days, according to eToro. Withdrawals can be cancelled at any time, obviously before the actual payment goes through.

To make a withdrawal, traders obviously have to have an available balance, and they have to withdraw at least $20. The account has to be verified, meaning that there has to be a green tick next to it. To have the account verified, traders will have to provide a selection of documents proving their identity and residence.

Every withdrawal carries fees too. From $20 to $200, we’re looking at $5. From $200-$500, the fee is $10. From $500 upward, the fee is $25. On top of these, conversion fees may be added too, in case the withdrawal is in a currency other than the USD.

eToro Features

According to eToro.com, their CopyTrader is based on the wisdom of the masses. In this respect, they do indeed have some 5 million users to count on. To use the CopyTrader, traders have to register a real money account and then to open the OpenBook platform to locate the top social investors. Choosing one of these traders to copy should be based on thorough analysis of the said trader’s risk profile and trading history. With that out of the way, the follower has to allocate a certain amount of money to copy the social trader, and the copying can begin. The minimum amount one can allocate in this respect is $100. One cannot invest more than $500,000 in a social trader.

The CopyFunds feature is rather interesting as well. It lets traders invest into two types of funds: Top Trader CopyFunds and Market CopyFunds. The first of those is obviously focused on the best performing traders, while the second is based on a strategy centered on a balanced selection of ETFs, CFD stocks and commodities.

The Popular Investor program is the rank-and-file trader’s most straightforward path to joining the pros. Popular Investors are traders whose moves are copied by others. Popular Investors earn a 2% commission on their Assets Under Management, on an annual basis. In addition to that, Popular Investors get to trade spread-free and they get to keep all their profits from their regular trading.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

According to the eToro site, the minimum on first deposits ranges from $50 to $1,000. For instance, Israeli clients are required to deposit at least $1,000. Traders from other locations may be required to deposit less. On bank wire deposits, for non-Israeli customers, the minimum is $500. You will want to deposit at least $100 at any rate, because that’s the minimum you will need to take advantage of the copy-trading services of the operator.

As far as incentives go, eToro don’t seem to be particularly keen on bonuses, though they do give their traders the chance to earn as much as $1,000 by referring 10 friends. In this case, the referred friends will be rewarded too, with $200 in eToro credits. In order for the scheme to work, the referred friends need to deposit at least $500.

Customer Support

eToro feature an extensive customer service wall and help section, where most of the frequent questions are answered. In addition to that, traders can also use an email form to contact the support staff. Replies to these messages may take as much as 48 hours.

eToro Review Conclusion

eToro.com is beyond doubt the top destination for social trading. Regulated and featuring superb trading platforms and services, it represents the easiest path to profitability for unskilled traders.

Please share your feedback, experiences and opinions below and thank you for reading my eToro Review. If you have any questions concerning any services or binary options brokers, feel free to leave a comment below. Cheers to success! Michael Freeman

Nadex Review – Best US Binary Options Platform

Nadex.com (North American Derivatives Exchange) is a US-based binary option exchange, one of the first ever to legally offer binary options to US residents. I feel that Nadex is an absolute must-review for me, not only because more and more EU-based traders are drawn to it, but also because I feel that it may actually represent a glimpse into the future of binary option trading all over the world. What is so special about Nadex though and why do more and more people, even from outside the US, trade there?

As you may have noticed, I didn’t call Nadex a “broker,” because it isn’t one in the currently accepted sense of the word in regards to binary options. It is an exchange, which works on an entirely different business model from the single-market maker one currently so popular just about everywhere with the exception of the US. The reason why US authorities won’t allow “traditional” binary option brokers to operate in the country, is the fundamental conflict of interest their business model entails. This business model sees the broker trade against its own clients, on a platform it wholly controls, and through assets the pricing of which it solely controls as well. That doesn’t seem like a fair setup, does it?

Exchanges like Nadex aren’t direct parties in the trading equation. They couldn’t care less which side of a trade wins, since all they do is provide the technology to bring traders together, so they can trade among themselves. With an exchange like Nadex, the price-making is done by the traders themselves, and it’s based on the dynamic of supply and demand – which is indeed inherently fair, and thus viable over the long-run. Nadex trading is a zero-sum game. Whenever a trader wins, another trader has to lose. The exchange earns its revenues from the commissions it cuts on every trade. As such, it only really needs to keep the action going to keep making money. This way, traders can be certain they’re not swindled by the greedy “house,” and that pretty much explains why well-informed traders world over find the Nadex setup an attractive one.

Of course, given the dynamics of this exchange-based business model, the actual trading process differs from how one would trade at one of the “traditional” brokers. I have done a number of tutorials in this regard and I can tell you that while it may seem daunting at first, everything is very logical and straightforward once you understand how supply and demand drive the pricing of options every step of the way towards expiry.

Another factor you need to understand is that Nadex options are capped profits, as well as losses-wise. You can never win more than $100 on a single contract, though you are indeed welcome to purchase several of them in one go, thus increasing your profit-potential.


Nadex is a trusted and regulated operator, one of two or three such exchanges allowed to work with US traders. When it comes to withdrawals, they are indeed serious and trustworthy. The withdrawal section at the Nadex site consists of two separate parts: one for US-based customers and one for everyone else.

US residents can initiate withdrawals through ACH, on which Nadex do not charge any fees. Following the actual withdrawal, it will take 3-5 days for the withdrawn funds to settle in clients’ bank accounts.

Wire withdrawals are also available to US residents. They’re usually processed within one day. Nadex charge a $25 processing fee for every wire withdrawal.

While Debit Cards are actually displayed as a withdrawal option for US residents, no funds can be withdrawn to such cards. Those who use debit cards to make their deposits, will be able to request ACH and Wire withdrawals once their cards clear a one-time verification process.

For non-US residents, the top (and only) withdrawal method is international wire transfer. The $25 processing fee is in place for every such withdrawal though, so making small withdrawals doesn’t really make sense for such clients.

Debit cards can be used for account-funding by non-US residents too, though money can’t actually be withdrawn to such cards. Those who deposit via a debit card will be able to withdraw through wire once their cards are verified.

Payouts and Features

Given that we are talking about contract-based trading here, the payouts are always 100% (minus fees). Options which expire in the money are always worth $100, options which expire out of the money are always worth exactly $0. Obviously, the tricky part here is the “minus fees” one. What sort of fees are we talking about and how much are we looking at?

To purchase an option, a trader will always be charged exactly $1. If the trader then goes on and wins his trade (finishes in the money for $100), he’ll be charged a $1 settlement fee, for a total of $2. If the trader decides to exit the trade early, he’ll pay a $1 trading fee. Losing trades (those that end up out of the money) aren’t charged a settlement or a trading fee. In such cases, traders only pay a total of $1 in fees.

All this makes it obvious that the payout rates at Nadex are far better than anything a “traditional” broker will offer in this regard.

The main Desktop-based Nadex platform is a web-based, no-download platform, which – besides giving traders all the tools they need to buy and sell their contracts, also offers a market depth view and a handy selection of real-time charts and data. The platform is designed to allow traders to “let the market come to them” with the use of limit orders. The MOP (Market Order with Protection) feature, lets traders jump in and out of trades immediately, under favorable conditions.

The Nadex website also features a sturdy education section, complete with a video library, webinars, trade examples, handbooks and market commentary.

One of my favorite features about Nadex is the fact that they offer a free, no-strings-attached binary options demo so that you can try the platform before making a deposit.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimum deposit currently required by Nadex is only $100, so it’s safe to say it is indeed a very accessible option. Still, those who are serious about their trading should deposit at least $500. The way Nadex hand out their deposits is extremely original as well. Those who make a large enough deposit become eligible to pick up a few free trading days, called Fee Holidays. A $500 deposit for instance earns 2 such days. During these days, all the above detailed fees are waived, and the exchange makes no money at all on the contracts traded by the beneficiaries of the deal. A $1,000 deposit is worth 4 free trading days, while a $3,000 one earns 6 such days.

To pick up the maximum of 10 free trading days, one is required to make a $10,000 deposit.

Customer Support

Nadex support can be contacted through email: customerservice@nadex.com, or through a couple of phone numbers. The toll-free number for the US is 1 877 776 2339. The international number is: +1 312 884 0100.

Nadex Review Conclusion

Nadex is a very solid, proper and regulated binary option exchange, which boasts by far the best liquidity in the industry and which is therefore able to provide pricing on a surprisingly large range of assets. Its payout rates are great and the actual trading mechanism is very interesting.

Open an account with Nadex

We get commissions when a new Nadex account is funded via our referral link.