Powerful VWAP Indicator Strategy for Binary Options

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 by Tim Lanoue

Wow has it been quite a bit of time since I have written an educational investment article for Michael Freeman and binary options! I can honestly say that I am happy to be back and let’s get back into the swing of things!  Today I have this updated version of my previously published VWAP Indicator and Strategy from a little over 2 1/2 years ago made available after receiving over 20 requests to have an updated version of this article to be completed. So what do you need to get started?  Well, first and foremost since this is a technical analysis based trading strategy access to a charting solution is absolutely essential!


Strategy Requirements

A few charting solutions that you could consider using would be, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. Also, access to a Free Demo Account is encouraged so you can practice this strategy prior to implementing it in a live investment situation. Moving forward, all of the images provided to you below are taken from the FreeStockCharts charting solution and are meant to help you better understand the concept and executing process of this software.

Strategy Set-Up

So once you have your charting solution up and running, you should select up to 5 different assets in different tabs to use with this strategy. Typically I encourage traders to get started with low volatility currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad, Nzd/Usd and Usd/Chf. Other assets you could consider investing with would be high volume stocks such as Apple, Facebook, Exxon, Google and Amazon. These assets are less prone to change directions due to minor fluctuations that may occur in the financial markets which ultimately mean they are more reliable for you to invest with.

Now, there are two technical indicators that we use when investing with this strategy which would be the Moving Average and the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) indicator. The main function of the Moving Average technical indicator would be to help filter out the “noise” from random price fluctuations and serves as a trend following indicator. This indicator is extremely effective when used with trend trading or when used in combination with the VWAP indicator which effectively identifies powerful short-term market reversals.

VWAP indicator customization

Now that you have your targeted assets of choice and your indicators incorporated into your charting solution, the next step you need to complete would be to make sure that the time frame of each chart is set to a period of 5 minutes. Once you have completed that step, the next step that you need to fulfill would be to edit your Moving Average indicator so that the Average Type reflected is showcased as Simple. If you right-click your mouse while hovering over the Moving Average indicator, you should see this option made available to you then the other alteration that you do would be to make sure that the period is set to 4.

VWAP indicator customization

In case some of you were wondering the numerical period value that you set your Moving Average to will showcase the number of days that the indicator reflects. So if you were to set the period to 10 it would reflect a period of 10 days but with it being 4 with this strategy we are seeing the average price period of that asset over the past four days. No customizations are necessary with the VWAP indicator but if you want to change the Line Style to dotted you can, typically it is a line but I prefer dotted just to change things up once and awhile!

Applying The Strategy

The signaling process with this strategy is simple and relatively straightforward. If our VWAP indicator crosses our Simple Moving Average indicator in a downward direction then we go ahead and place a short-term PUT investment with an expiration between 3 to 10 minutes. However, if our VWAP indicator was to cross our Moving Average indicator in an upward cross then we go ahead and place a CALL trade with an expiration time between 3 to 10 minutes.

VWAP Strategy

Now, if you want to filter out signals, you can wait for a confirmation candle to appear next to the cross to signify that a reversal is in fact in play although you can only apply this confirmation if you are planning on trading an investment with an expiry close to 10 minutes. Otherwise if you wait too long and place a more short-term trade, you may completely miss the signal while you were waiting for the candle to close. (A confirmation candle for a PUT trade set up would be a bearish candle and vice versa for a CALL trade set up).

VWAP Strategy

Strategy Tips

  1. Try to invest like assets with correlating market hours. Meaning that if you are trading the Usd/Cad for example make sure that you are using this strategy during the New York Stock Exchange. Or if you are trading the Eur/Jpy, try to only invest that currency pair during the late Sydney and throughout the Tokyo trading session.
  2. Try to take 10 minute breaks before and 15 minutes breaks after a major press release has been released. A free online economic calendar has been provided to you below for simplicity and to make things easier on you.  Any press release with a bull symbol of 2 or 3 is when we apply this tip!
  3. Try tweaking some of the indicator settings to smaller or large values if you want to test this strategy with different time frames and expiration periods. Make sure you change the Moving Average Period, the time frame of your charts along with your expiry times before applying these customizations in a live investment mode. Make sure to practice on a Free Demo Account first though!

Effective Strategy & Software Combos

Although this strategy is quite effective on its own, I have noticed pretty accurate results when using this strategy to serve as a signal confirmation for the OptionRobot Software. Just make sure to use the software in a manual investment mode like I do, wait for a solid entry rates and let the strategy filter out and do the rest of work. You see, one of the nice advantages about this strategy would be that it is simple and generates a high volume of signals so you don’t have to spend much time in front of your computer just to get your trades in. Below are my most recent results with this strategy and OptionRobot combo!

VWAP Strategy - OptionRobot

After several requests and inquiries about possibly having a wide number of my strategies put into a downloadable software format I have successfully begun to work on just that! So if you want to be able to use this strategy and have the software just do all the work for you in the form of a downloadable charting solution like MetaTrader 4, please leave a comment below and we will share more about this opportunity. A sign up with a regulated binary options or Fore broker will more than likely be a requirement but just know you are safe with a regulated broker and with these proven strategies!

VWAP Strategy -

Above are my results with, a new Forex and CFD (Contracts-For-Difference) broker that offers amazing trading features, stop-loss features and a style of Forex trading that is much like binary options. To get a free demo account with them, check out Free Demo Account!

VWAP Strategy Conclusion

The best advantage about this strategy would be how user-friendly and simple this strategy is to apply in a live investment scenario. One of my main goals when I provide you guys educational and informative articles would be to provide it to you in an easy-to-read and understandable manner which are among one of the many goals I strive for. Make sure to follow all of the tips above, only invest with regulated online trading brokers that are legal where you reside and leave any questions or your feedback below in a comment!

When investing online with binary options or Forex it is imperative that you invest with only regulated binary option or Forex brokers. Due to the large number of fraudulent trading operations and crooked trading brokers I only encourage you to sign up with regulated brokers!

If you need help finding a regulated broker you can always contact Mike by leaving a comment below and I know he will be more than willing to help you out! I have been asked to stay as well due to the demand of strategies and educational articles so if you would like to learn about a specific investing topic or have any educational topics you want covered, feel free to leave your feedback and requests below!

BinaryOptionsTradingSignals by Franco Honest Review

Hey guys, it’s Mike here and many of you have been asking me lately about a binary options and Forex related signal service known as Franco’s BinaryOptionsTradingSignals, wondering about whether or not you can trust this service and if it is profitable or not. Well, as many of you know, for those of you who are apart of my Facebook group of over 12,000+ members, I have been suffering from a minor flu and have been away so I thought it would be best just to provide you guys with a complete review of BinaryOptionsTradingSignals on my blog. So today we are going to learn just about everything we need to know about Franco’s binary option and Forex signal service and if this service is indeed all that it is talked up to be and more.

One of the first things that I came across while researching into Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS) would be just how long and established this signal service has been in operation. I was a bit surprised, to say the least, to know that this service has been around almost a year before I made my debut into the binary options industry, which was a little over 5 years ago. To be completely honest, I don’t remember ever coming across a signal service for binary options that has been in operation that long, heck only a few really good brokers have been operating that long so that was the first thing to catch my eye. Evidently if they are still going strong after 6 years of being in the binary option and Forex industry then in all honesty they must be doing something right!


One characteristic about Franco’s signal service that I think many of you will find appealing would be how you don’t have to sign up and deposit with any binary option brokers. I’ve begun noticing quite a bit over the past few years just how many services and software require a binary options broker sign up so it is quite nice not to have this requirement forced upon us for once. So even if you already have a pre-existing binary options or Forex trading account, you can use BinaryOptionsTradingSignals, although I only encourage you to invest online with regulated binary options or Forex brokers.

Now, if you don’t have a regulated investment broker account and aren’t quite sure where to begin don’t worry, I have a compiled list of Regulated Brokers that you can view to learn which ones are suitable for you and can be used for binary options and Forex day-trading. With that being said, let’s go ahead and move to BinaryOptionsTradingSignals hours of operation. Running between the hours of 9:30 A.M. EST to 11:30 A.M. EST, which equates to 2:30 P.M. GMT to 4:30 P.M. GMT, BOTS operates during the opening hours on the New York trading session. What this means would be that it is a perfect service for day-traders who reside within the United States or those who just prefer to invest with the wide number of assets that are available during the NYSE.

When it comes to using Franco’s signal service, you only have to commit two hours per day to get all of your investing, which is just about the average amount of time devoted by experienced day-traders on a daily investment basis. So in 2 hours you on average receive between 9 to 15 investment signals, which is about 2 to 3 times more than what you truly need to trade on any given investment day in order to start generating some solid trading profits. One of the best aspects about Franco’s signals as well would be just how accurate his signals are. On average, investors report a success rate between 72 to 80% on a weekly cumulative basis and there are seldom any losing days which makes this service all the better.

As many of you know, most legitimate binary option and Forex signal services that are currently in existence operate in an email or SMS signal delivery mode, which is great and all, but sometimes receiving investment signals can be delayed due to this style of delivery. Well, this is where BinaryOptionsTradingSignals differs from other promising and accurate services because each trading session takes place in a live, web-based chat room.  As you can see in the image that I included for you guys below, the set up is rather promising and lets you know what sort of experience you are in for.

BinaryOptionsTradingSignals Chatroom

As you can see, you have the ability to chat with other investors from all around the world, although most of them just point out which investments they placed and help point out possible investment set ups for the rest of the group. Now back a few years ago, when Franco’s BinaryOptionsTradingSignals wasn’t as popular or used by so many investors like it is today, he used to place his signals that the software generates live for you to see on his 24Option trading account so you could see him execute his trades live while using BOTS and just copy his signals.

However, due to the scale that this signal service has amounted to, he solely just answers questions, supervises the group much like I do with my Facebook group, and he points out the investment signals generated by the software so that you can get the best entry rates and investment signals possible. As I mentioned a few brief moments ago as well, you can expect to place at least 5 to 7 high quality signals per day, but oftentimes up to 15 investment signals per trading session are generated which means your earning potential is greatly increased with BinaryOptionsTradingSignals.

One aspect that I did notice and that I know all of you would appreciate as well would be how Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals offers a 100% money back guarantee up to 60 full days if you aren’t happy with your investment results. Although I would almost find it to be near insanity if you weren’t pleased with a 70% or higher success rate and placing between 5 to 15 investment signals per day, but like come on now, no other service that I’ve come across offers this legitimate guarantee and delivers the results like Franco’s signal service.

However, just like with any other service that I review, there are always some drawbacks which in the case of BinaryOptionsTradingSignals would be how it comes with a $97 bi-weekly payment requirement, isn’t offered to investors who reside within the country of Canada and lastly because it comes with a minor learning curve. Now, more likely than not most of you reading this review won’t consider this service anymore due to you knowing the price but let me share some of my wisdom with you so you can know what sort of mistake you would be making if you didn’t try out this signal service.

If you did some simple math, you would notice how BOTS comes out to be under $10 a day, to be precise it is only $9.70 per trading day. Now, if you are telling me that you can’t at least earn $9.70 per investment day while using BOTS then I would certainly call you crazy. Let’s not forget their 100% money back guarantee either which may have left your mind after you read the price tag associated with this software. So let me ask you, what do you have to lose besides a little bit of time and effort, which you would’ve spent already by researching for a different unproven investment alternative?

BOTS - Binary Options Trading Signals

Who is BinaryOptionsTradingSignals best suited for? Franco’s signal service is best suited for binary option and Forex traders who possess an experience level a little bit beyond elementary. Although you don’t have to do any of the work besides joining the service, taking a couple hours to learn the signaling process and executing trades on your trading platform with your broker, having some investment knowledge beforehand is without a doubt beneficial. When getting started with this service, no matter your experience level, I would encourage you to try it with a Free Demo Account for the first few days just until you get use to how this service works.

With Franco’s signal service being the longest operating and most consistent signal service for binary options, I believe that this service will be a suitable investment opportunity for binary options and Forex traders for the years to come. Every trading session is live and all the investment results are 100% transparent, which throws away any illegitimate characteristics that oftentimes are questioned by other signal services.  Remember, you have far more to gain than to lose with BinaryOptionsTradingSignals due to their 100% money back guarantee and incredible live investment sessions.

Want to give Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signal service a shot?  Get Started exclusively at

Thank you for those of you who took the time to read my BinaryOptionsTradingSignals review for binary options and Forex. I have been wanting to conduct an in-depth review on them for quite sometime but never really had the incentive until many of your started asking me about their service. If you have any experience or feedback to share below about BinaryOptionsTradingSignals or online investing in general, I invite you to share it for everyone to benefit from. Want to subscribe to my blog to stay current on all the latest investment news? Subscribe above on the right-hand side and join over 5,000 other subscribers currently benefiting from my binary option and Forex reviews!

If you are new to binary options, I would like to invite you to join my signals group and trading community on Facebook! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below this review. If you believe you have been scammed or have a scam to report, please make sure to visit for free help!

For those of you who would still enjoy getting started with BinaryOptionsTradingSignals, you can do so by visiting Franco’s BinaryOptionsTradingSignals but remember I only recommend using this service with a regulated binary options or Forex broker. Lastly, I would like you to remember that I don’t recommend you to sign up with non-regulated brokers but if you do I implore you to deposit no more than the minimum requirement and never accept a broker deposit bonus or account management services.

MarketsWorld Review – Regulated, but Fraudulent?

Note: At first, years ago, I believed that MarketsWorld was a scam since I received many complaints about them. Later on, I found that they became regulated and thought they had mended their ways so I gave them another shot. That’s when I wrote the below review, which as you will be able to see for yourself is quite positive. Lately however I’m having doubts about them again. The reason is twofold. First, I heard that some of their partners were not getting paid even though they were owed money. In fact, they even terminated their contract with the owner of without even giving him a notice. Secondly, although they are regulated, they are providing service in countries where it is illegal to do so, such as the US, Australia, Canada and Israel. Therefore, it’s very possible that they will get shut down when authorities find out. So if you decide to work with MarketsWorld, I recommend making a minimal deposit or just using their excellent free demo account. For safer choices, please visit my Regulated Brokers page.

And now… to the review!

Given the high-profile of its binary options operation, Marketsworld is definitely deserving of a full and complete review on my part. Besides binary options, the broker also offers Forex services. The company behind the operation is MarketsTheWorld Ltd. and it’s based on the Isle of Man. Regulated by the local Gambling Supervision Commission, Marketsworld has been a licensed broker since 2011. The reasons why I like this binary option operator are numerous.

They have thorough protections in place regarding the funds of their traders and they offer some of the highest returns in the business. Their trade order execution speed is also quite outstanding. The operation is periodically reviewed and audited by Isle of Man government regulators, to make sure that the prices they offer aren’t manipulated in any way. The bottom line is that the operation is a solid and reliable one, featuring decent withdrawal times and absolutely outstanding minimums, deposit- as well as investment-wise.

Marketsworld also feature a great education section, in which they detail the differences between binary options and other, “traditional” investment methods. Spread betting and CFDs are also considered in this regard. I personally prefer to trade binary options with this operator only, despite the fact that their underlying asset selection is rather limited in this regard. Still, I have all my favorite currency pairs and commodities, and I don’t really care about outliers such as coffee and bananas. The fixed risk aspect is obviously one of the biggest advantages of binary options, but there’s also the fact that there aren’t any broker fees and stamp duties involved, and that large profits can be realized with relatively small investments.

The minimums featured by the operator are guaranteed to attract scores of beginners, hence this focus on the basics and education. The site offers beginners a full How to Trade guide, and more importantly, a no-strings-attached demo account, with 5,000 practice credits in its balance. These demo accounts can be upgraded to real money accounts once the trader feels he/she is ready for the leap. One has to bear in mind though that no trades can be placed on credit at Marketsworld.


Withdrawals represent one of the most important aspects of a binary option broker in my opinion. Therefore, I make a point of delivering as much information about withdrawals as possible in my reviews.

The minimums on withdrawals are set to USD10/EUR10/GBP10, below which the broker cannot process requests. There is no upper limit on Marketsworld withdrawals. It is indeed possibly to cash out one’s entire balance at any time.

Cash-out requests can be cancelled, but there is no limit on how often one can request a withdrawal. Making such a request is very simple: one has to access the Deposit and Withdrawal section, through the Your Account page. According to the withdrawal processing procedure, withdrawals are made through the same method in which the trader has made his/her deposit. The oldest deposits are considered first, then, as more money gets withdrawn, newer deposits are lined up as well.

Withdrawals are always processed within one business day and the money thus cleared will land in the trader’s account within 2-7 business days.

In order to prevent fraud and money laundering, Marketsworld does not accept withdrawal requests made within 48 hours from one’s last deposit.

To have their accounts verified, and thus cleared for withdrawals, traders will be required to provide a number of documents, such as documents regarding proof of identity, proof of residence, as well as copies of the credit/debit cards used for the deposits.

Payouts and Features

As I stated above, the payout rates offered by Marketsworld are some of the best in the business. As far as maximums are concerned, we’re looking at 90% in this regard, though it has to be stressed that most payouts will be lower than that. During special periods of increased market volatility, the return rates on some options can be as low as 60%.

Though its underlying asset selection is rather limited, Marketsworld lets its traders place several trades at a time. Simultaneous trades can be placed on the same asset with the same expiry time, as well as on different assets with different expiry times.

The Marketsworld platform is extremely simple and easy to use. Its charting features aren’t exactly impressive, but they do accomplish what they’re supposed to. The operator offers mobile trading apps too, for Android as well as iOS-based mobile devices.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimums featured by Marketsworld are some of the best in the industry. Traders are only required to deposit USD/EUR/GBP 10 to get a real money account going. The minimum stake on options is USD/EUR/GBP 1, which does indeed give traders plenty of flexibility capital management-wise.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this operator is the fact though that it offers a wealth of bonuses, rewards and benefits. Those making their first trade for instance, can claim the money back in case of a loss, up to USD/EUR/GBP 50. This risk-free trade deal only applies to one’s very first trade though. The money that one gets back as part of this promotion is bonus money, and it has to be treated as such. The rollover requirements on this bonus are more than reasonable though: the money has to be traded once, in order to become cleared for withdrawal.

Those looking for more bonus money can opt for a 100% match on their first deposits, up to USD/EUR/GBP 1,000. The problem with this reward is though that it has to be turned over 50 times before it can be withdrawn.

Yet another way to pick up a bonus is to refer a friend. In this case, the trader doing the referring gets a 100% match on the friend’s first deposit, up to a maximum of USD/EUR/GBP 500. This bonus money needs to be rolled over 50 times by the referred trader and then 50 more times by the referrer to be cleared for withdrawal.

Customer Support

The Marketsworld support staff is available 24/7. The handiest way to contact them is through the Live Chat feature offered by the operator. The support email is, and there is a UK phone number available as well: +44 (0) 1624 679 022.

Marketsworld’s Monthly Loyalty Reward

Marketsworld are probably the only broker to offer such a reward to their clients. All one needs to do to claim this reward is to go about his/her trading as usual. The broker tracks one’s monthly activity, and if it’s deemed worthy, bonus money will be issued at the end of the month.


I personally like Marketsworld: they’re regulated, they offer superb minimums and some decent bonus deals. Their return rates are above industry-average on most tradable assets, and their trading platform is decent as well. Their demo account is a superb addition to an already attractive offer.

However, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, there’s a big downside to working with MarketsWorld. Therefore, I only recommend working with MarketsWorld free demo account or depositing small amounts. Better alternative include:

For US traders – Nadex

For Australian, NZ and Japanese traders – HighLow and VantageFX

All other countries – Daweda Exchange and IQ Option

Canadians, sorry, but there is no good binary options broker that is available in Canada at the moment. I will provide an update if the situation changes. If you’re interested in Forex trading on the other hand there are quite a few great Forex brokers that are available in Canada, such as MarketsYes.

eToro Review – Forex Broker and Social Trading is without a doubt the top destination for the copy-trading of binary options. As such, I felt I had to let you know the opportunities it holds for rank-and-file traders as well as professionals. eToro is called an “investment network” for a good reason: its main goal is to connect traders, to allow them to communicate and eventually to simply copy the trades of those who really know what they’re doing. eToro currently connects 4.5 million traders from 170 countries, and apparently, thousands of new accounts are created every day. There’s certainly opportunity here, and to take advantage of it, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of this operation.

eToro is more than a simple copy-trader though: it allows its members to learn from their more experienced peers, and to build up expertise, so one day they can become traders copied by the masses too. What are eToro’s biggest draws though?

First of all, I’d never even consider an unlicensed broker or social investment network myself, so I would obviously never recommend one to you either. eToro is operated by eToro Europe Ltd, which is a registered Cypriot Investment Firm. Licensed and regulated by CySEC, eToro offers its traders multi-layered protection against a host of eventualities. In the UK, eToro is run by eToro UK Ltd, and it is regulated by the FCA. The operation is fully MiFID compliant.

Considering the daunting nature of combining flexible trading platforms with the world’s largest social investment network, eToro have come up with surprisingly and pleasantly simple solutions. Learning to trade through their systems is a cinch even for those who don’t have any experience.

The social trading aspect is obviously where the bulk of the value of the eToro proposal resides. Besides finding profitable traders and copying their moves, eToro enable traders to interact with experts and each-other through live chat and through a number of discussion boards, which are superb vehicles for the propagation of investment ideas.

Responsible trading is one of the priorities of the operator. eToro use preset leverage levels and a number of other responsible trading-promoting features to make sure novice traders do not blow through their balances quickly and with nothing to show for it.

The site is focused on personal service. Every eToro client can enroll in one of the Trader Programs run by the operator. The in-house market analysis team delivers up to the minute reports, and a constant stream of news is served up from some of the top financial sources. Traders can set up free practice accounts, with balances of $10,000 in virtual funds. The operator also offers a wealth of courses, covering everything from the basics to advanced trading concepts.

If you decide to follow a trader and to copy his/her moves, you’ll be able to see a risk profile on the said trader, complete with trading history. Special deals and promotions are also featured from time to time, giving traders the opportunity to add to their balances in various alternative ways.

eToro Withdrawals

Withdrawals can be requested at any time from eToro, and provided all the conditions are met, they are processed within a day. Money can be withdrawn through the same method the trader used for his/her deposit. The order of priority in this regard is Credit Cards, PayPal and Bank Wire. The time to receive the withdrawn money depends on the method used. It can be as little as 1 day, but it will not exceed 8 days, according to eToro. Withdrawals can be cancelled at any time, obviously before the actual payment goes through.

To make a withdrawal, traders obviously have to have an available balance, and they have to withdraw at least $20. The account has to be verified, meaning that there has to be a green tick next to it. To have the account verified, traders will have to provide a selection of documents proving their identity and residence.

Every withdrawal carries fees too. From $20 to $200, we’re looking at $5. From $200-$500, the fee is $10. From $500 upward, the fee is $25. On top of these, conversion fees may be added too, in case the withdrawal is in a currency other than the USD.

eToro Features

According to, their CopyTrader is based on the wisdom of the masses. In this respect, they do indeed have some 5 million users to count on. To use the CopyTrader, traders have to register a real money account and then to open the OpenBook platform to locate the top social investors. Choosing one of these traders to copy should be based on thorough analysis of the said trader’s risk profile and trading history. With that out of the way, the follower has to allocate a certain amount of money to copy the social trader, and the copying can begin. The minimum amount one can allocate in this respect is $100. One cannot invest more than $500,000 in a social trader.

The CopyFunds feature is rather interesting as well. It lets traders invest into two types of funds: Top Trader CopyFunds and Market CopyFunds. The first of those is obviously focused on the best performing traders, while the second is based on a strategy centered on a balanced selection of ETFs, CFD stocks and commodities.

The Popular Investor program is the rank-and-file trader’s most straightforward path to joining the pros. Popular Investors are traders whose moves are copied by others. Popular Investors earn a 2% commission on their Assets Under Management, on an annual basis. In addition to that, Popular Investors get to trade spread-free and they get to keep all their profits from their regular trading.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

According to the eToro site, the minimum on first deposits ranges from $50 to $1,000. For instance, Israeli clients are required to deposit at least $1,000. Traders from other locations may be required to deposit less. On bank wire deposits, for non-Israeli customers, the minimum is $500. You will want to deposit at least $100 at any rate, because that’s the minimum you will need to take advantage of the copy-trading services of the operator.

As far as incentives go, eToro don’t seem to be particularly keen on bonuses, though they do give their traders the chance to earn as much as $1,000 by referring 10 friends. In this case, the referred friends will be rewarded too, with $200 in eToro credits. In order for the scheme to work, the referred friends need to deposit at least $500.

Customer Support

eToro feature an extensive customer service wall and help section, where most of the frequent questions are answered. In addition to that, traders can also use an email form to contact the support staff. Replies to these messages may take as much as 48 hours.

eToro Review Conclusion is beyond doubt the top destination for social trading. Regulated and featuring superb trading platforms and services, it represents the easiest path to profitability for unskilled traders.

Try eToro!

Please share your feedback, experiences and opinions below and thank you for reading my eToro Review. If you have any questions concerning any services or binary options brokers, feel free to leave a comment below. Cheers to success! Michael Freeman

Nadex Review – Best US Binary Options Platform (North American Derivatives Exchange) is a US-based binary option exchange, one of the first ever to legally offer binary options to US residents. I feel that Nadex is an absolute must-review for me, not only because more and more EU-based traders are drawn to it, but also because I feel that it may actually represent a glimpse into the future of binary option trading all over the world. What is so special about Nadex though and why do more and more people, even from outside the US, trade there?

As you may have noticed, I didn’t call Nadex a “broker,” because it isn’t one in the currently accepted sense of the word in regards to binary options. It is an exchange, which works on an entirely different business model from the single-market maker one currently so popular just about everywhere with the exception of the US. The reason why US authorities won’t allow “traditional” binary option brokers to operate in the country, is the fundamental conflict of interest their business model entails. This business model sees the broker trade against its own clients, on a platform it wholly controls, and through assets the pricing of which it solely controls as well. That doesn’t seem like a fair setup, does it?

Exchanges like Nadex aren’t direct parties in the trading equation. They couldn’t care less which side of a trade wins, since all they do is provide the technology to bring traders together, so they can trade among themselves. With an exchange like Nadex, the price-making is done by the traders themselves, and it’s based on the dynamic of supply and demand – which is indeed inherently fair, and thus viable over the long-run. Nadex trading is a zero-sum game. Whenever a trader wins, another trader has to lose. The exchange earns its revenues from the commissions it cuts on every trade. As such, it only really needs to keep the action going to keep making money. This way, traders can be certain they’re not swindled by the greedy “house,” and that pretty much explains why well-informed traders world over find the Nadex setup an attractive one.

Of course, given the dynamics of this exchange-based business model, the actual trading process differs from how one would trade at one of the “traditional” brokers. I have done a number of tutorials in this regard and I can tell you that while it may seem daunting at first, everything is very logical and straightforward once you understand how supply and demand drive the pricing of options every step of the way towards expiry.

Another factor you need to understand is that Nadex options are capped profits, as well as losses-wise. You can never win more than $100 on a single contract, though you are indeed welcome to purchase several of them in one go, thus increasing your profit-potential.


Nadex is a trusted and regulated operator, one of two or three such exchanges allowed to work with US traders. When it comes to withdrawals, they are indeed serious and trustworthy. The withdrawal section at the Nadex site consists of two separate parts: one for US-based customers and one for everyone else.

US residents can initiate withdrawals through ACH, on which Nadex do not charge any fees. Following the actual withdrawal, it will take 3-5 days for the withdrawn funds to settle in clients’ bank accounts.

Wire withdrawals are also available to US residents. They’re usually processed within one day. Nadex charge a $25 processing fee for every wire withdrawal.

While Debit Cards are actually displayed as a withdrawal option for US residents, no funds can be withdrawn to such cards. Those who use debit cards to make their deposits, will be able to request ACH and Wire withdrawals once their cards clear a one-time verification process.

For non-US residents, the top (and only) withdrawal method is international wire transfer. The $25 processing fee is in place for every such withdrawal though, so making small withdrawals doesn’t really make sense for such clients.

Debit cards can be used for account-funding by non-US residents too, though money can’t actually be withdrawn to such cards. Those who deposit via a debit card will be able to withdraw through wire once their cards are verified.

Payouts and Features

Given that we are talking about contract-based trading here, the payouts are always 100% (minus fees). Options which expire in the money are always worth $100, options which expire out of the money are always worth exactly $0. Obviously, the tricky part here is the “minus fees” one. What sort of fees are we talking about and how much are we looking at?

To purchase an option, a trader will always be charged exactly $1. If the trader then goes on and wins his trade (finishes in the money for $100), he’ll be charged a $1 settlement fee, for a total of $2. If the trader decides to exit the trade early, he’ll pay a $1 trading fee. Losing trades (those that end up out of the money) aren’t charged a settlement or a trading fee. In such cases, traders only pay a total of $1 in fees.

All this makes it obvious that the payout rates at Nadex are far better than anything a “traditional” broker will offer in this regard.

The main Desktop-based Nadex platform is a web-based, no-download platform, which – besides giving traders all the tools they need to buy and sell their contracts, also offers a market depth view and a handy selection of real-time charts and data. The platform is designed to allow traders to “let the market come to them” with the use of limit orders. The MOP (Market Order with Protection) feature, lets traders jump in and out of trades immediately, under favorable conditions.

The Nadex website also features a sturdy education section, complete with a video library, webinars, trade examples, handbooks and market commentary.

One of my favorite features about Nadex is the fact that they offer a free, no-strings-attached binary options demo so that you can try the platform before making a deposit.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimum deposit currently required by Nadex is only $100, so it’s safe to say it is indeed a very accessible option. Still, those who are serious about their trading should deposit at least $500. The way Nadex hand out their deposits is extremely original as well. Those who make a large enough deposit become eligible to pick up a few free trading days, called Fee Holidays. A $500 deposit for instance earns 2 such days. During these days, all the above detailed fees are waived, and the exchange makes no money at all on the contracts traded by the beneficiaries of the deal. A $1,000 deposit is worth 4 free trading days, while a $3,000 one earns 6 such days.

To pick up the maximum of 10 free trading days, one is required to make a $10,000 deposit.

Customer Support

Nadex support can be contacted through email:, or through a couple of phone numbers. The toll-free number for the US is 1 877 776 2339. The international number is: +1 312 884 0100.

Nadex Review Conclusion

Nadex is a very solid, proper and regulated binary option exchange, which boasts by far the best liquidity in the industry and which is therefore able to provide pricing on a surprisingly large range of assets. Its payout rates are great and the actual trading mechanism is very interesting.

Try Nadex

If you’re in the US, I recommend that you quit looking for an off-shore broker; trade binary options ONLY with Nadex!

If you’re not in the US, but still would like to trade on an exchange, I suggest reading about Daweda Exchange, which is EU-regulated and also provide a free auto trading system.

If you are planning to open a Nadex account or already have one – you’re welcome to join my FREE Facebook signals group!

Daweda Exchange Review – EU-regulated Auto Trading is one of the binary option trading destinations that I just have to review. It is quite possibly the first attempt to transfer the US exchange-based trading model to the EU market. Daweda is licensed by CySEC and it is fully MiFID compliant. Its business model probably makes it a favorite of regulators, after all, it does away with the long-decried conflict of interest that is inherent with the “traditional,” single market-maker business model. The way contract-based trading works at Daweda is extremely simple, quite a bit simpler than the way the US-based model works. The return is 100% on every one of the options purchased by the trader, and every contract is priced at exactly $10. This way, one’s winning potential on a single contract is capped at $10. The way around this minor impediment is to purchase several options, obviously.

Daweda Exchange - the platform
Daweda allows trading using your computer, mobile phone and tablet.

With the Daweda business model, traders do not trade against the broker. They trade against each-other. Thus, it’s clear that every contract needs a buyer as well as a seller. The setup is a zero-sum one. What one trader wins, another trader loses. How does the exchange make its money then? Daweda charges a fee of $0.5 on every contract. The cost is fixed and traders know exactly what they can expect from a trade before it’s actually launched. For unmatched orders, no fees are charged.

While the advantages of exchange-based trading are obvious, there are a few drawbacks to this business model too. Due to the way the pricing is done, the tradable asset selection of an exchange usually suffers. It has to be a massively popular operation to be able to offer pricing on as wide a range of assets as most of the brokers do. This issue is present with Daweda too. Despite that though, there are enough currency pairs and indices (and even a couple of commodities) to make things work.

Another issue is the fact that sometimes, when launched, trades go into pending status. This happens because the system needs to find a match for the other side of the purchased contracts, and that’s not always easy.


To access the Daweda withdrawal page, all one has to do is to hit the Withdraw option in the main menu. The withdrawal page is where one’s withdrawal-related activity is displayed in full. The pending withdrawals are there as well. These can be cancelled at the click of a button. A new withdrawal can be requested on the same page. Withdrawals take 24 hours to process. Every trader is entitled to make a free withdrawal once a month. For additional withdrawals there’s a $25 fee.

Daweda have a Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering policy in place. According to these rules, a number of documents have to be submitted by traders. These documents include photo ID card scans, utility bill scans, and a credit card copy.

Payouts and Features

The payouts are 100% on all purchased contracts (minus the commission of course).

The Daweda Auto Trading System

When it comes to features, the Daweda ATS is obviously at the top of the pops. ATS stands for Auto Trading System, and it is indeed Daweda’s own, in-house auto trader and the first EU-regulated auto trader.

The ATS allows traders to set certain parameters, according to which, trades will be taken on their behalf automatically. In this regard, the settings are surprisingly simple. Traders can set the number of trades the ATS is allowed to take per day, as well as the number of contracts it can purchase per trade. In addition to that, the assets which it’s allowed the trade, can obviously be selected as well. There are two strategies available: the Trend strategy – which is about following the trend – and the Reversal strategy – which is looking to take advantage of trend-reversals.

The algorithms on which the two strategies are based are rather simple though, as they make no use of advanced technical indicators. Daweda are upfront about this and they provide the actual formulae at their site. The Stop Loss and Take Profit features allow traders to set limits on the losses they’re willing to accept and on the profits they’re willing to take (although the latter doesn’t really make much sense).

While I only recommend using an auto trader if you’re an experienced trader, the Daweda Exchange ATS is quite simple to use.

Daweda Exchange Regulated Auto Trader

  1. Choose the number of contracts you would like the ATS to execute.
  2. How many daily trades?
  3. Select the strategy – Trend or Reversal.
  4. Take profit – choose how much you want to earn per day as an amount of percentage of your account.
  5. Stop loss – how much money or percentage of your account will you lose before the ATS stops?
  6. Choose your currency pairs and expiries.
  7. Submit!

The bottom line is that unlike the scam auto-traders out there, the Daweda ATS will not trade away your entire balance while you’re sleeping.

The Order Book

Another outstanding Daweda feature is the Order Book. It lets traders take a sweeping look at the markets and the activities of other traders, for every chosen asset. The Order Book displays the information in real time, and it consists of two sections: one for the Call orders and another for the Put orders. In an environment where one is trading against and competing with other traders, such a tool is indeed very valuable.

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimum required deposit at Daweda is $100, which I personally consider very reasonable indeed. Every contract costs $10 as said above, so that’s the minimum on investments. As far as incentives go, Daweda have a unique cash-back program, which rewards account longevity and activity (measured in the number of contracts bought). To take advantage of this loyalty deal, traders are obviously required to have a live real money account. It is recommended that one stick to a single account to maximize his/her cash-back potential.

Customer Support

The Daweda customer support can be reached via email and phone. Their support email is The phone number is +357 22777313. There’s an email form available at the site as well.

The Daweda Hedging Feature

Daweda make it possible for their traders to hedge the positions they open, automatically. Placing a counter-trade in the opposite direction is as easy as clicking a button. The hedging options need to be covered by other traders as well. Hedging has to be done with care, as it’s a sort of delicate balancing act, which is very easy to get wrong. Bear in mind that straight-up hedging makes no mathematical sense whatsoever (buying an option and then buying a similar one in the opposite direction).

Daweda Exchange Review Conclusion

Everything accounted for, is a rather superb binary option trading destination. It is regulated, it features a great trading platform and a rather interesting little toy in the shape of the Daweda ATS. Always bear in mind that exchange-based trading is a zero-sum game. In order to make money at the Daweda Exchange, you will have to outsmart other traders.

Open a FREE demo account and try Daweda Exchange!

Daweda Exchange is not available in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

US traders should only trade binary options with Nadex.

Traders from Australia, New Zealand and Japan should consider using HighLow.

Read about my recommended binary options brokers.

HighLow Review – Best AU-Regulated Broker

HighLow ( is a binary option broker based in Australia. I’ve always had a keen interest in binary option operators from Down Under, because they have to fulfill some very strict regulatory criteria, and as such, they all tend to be extremely serious about they do. They aim to draw in traders through a combination of superb trading tools/platform and excellent payout rates/attractive minimums. This is obviously all true in HighLow’s case too.

Online since 2014, HighLow has already managed to build up a good reputation. Licensed by ASIC, the operation has adopted an innovative approach to binary option trading, evident in the web-based and mobile trading platforms it offers. The broker uses the single market-maker business model, and it does not accept traders from the US.

Why do I personally like HighLow though? First of all, the returns it features are downright superb. On some option types, it can be as high as 100%. Traders can access their funds quickly, and they can make withdrawals just as quickly, without having to deal with any hidden terms and conditions in this regard. New account creation is rewarded with cash back, and their support staff is amazing. Funds safety is excellent. The broker keeps trader monies in segregated accounts and it does not use them for any other purposes.

HighLow feature a superb demo account too. There’s a “quick demo” option, which lets everyone jump right into the middle of virtual money trading, at the click of a button. While profits-wise, the demo account is wholly irrelevant, it does offer traders a way to explore the software, the option types and the general inner workings of the operation. HighLow is one of only a handful of binary option brokers who let their traders create a demo account which can then be maintained after the creation of a real money account too.

Just about the only downside to HighLow is the fact that they do not accept US traders, but given the business model that they use, that is indeed understandable and thus hardly an actual drawback.

The corporate entity behind the brokerage is Highlow Markets Pty Ltd, and it’s based in Sydney, Australia.

HighLow Review
HighLow is AU-Regulated!

HighLow Withdrawals

Withdrawals are fast and simple with HighLow. They accept a number of deposit methods, such as credit cards, Neteller, bank wire and scores of eWallets. Every one of the deposit methods can be used for withdrawals too. Withdrawal requests are always processed in a timely manner. The site offers a cash back deal for newly created accounts, and the terms and conditions attached to it may limit one’s ability to withdraw.

To make a long story short: withdrawals cannot be made until the redemption requirements on the bonus have been met. These requirements are extremely reasonable though. They’re not designed to impede traders’ ability to withdraw their monies. As said above, trader funds are held in secure, segregated accounts with the National Australia Bank (NAB). Withdrawals are possible to overseas bank accounts too, in which case, a $20 fee will be charged on every transfer.

Payouts and Features

According to some reviewers, the maximum payout rates offered by HighLow are around the 90% mark, but apparently, in reality they are 200% on some options- according to However, the site counts your initial investment as part of the return too, so it’s safe to say that the maximum is in fact 100%. 90% may be the average, which is very impressive at any rate.

The HighLow trading interface can be accessed by all comers at no cost, through the free demo feature. The platform features plain and simple graphics, obviously designed with functionality in mind. The amount of information displayed for every option type is sufficient, some would call it an “information-rich environment.” There’s a superb walkthrough feature at the site, which takes traders trough the trading platform one step at a time, providing plenty of information about asset selection, about adding various assets to the favorites and about the actual trading process. The charting solution used in the trading interface may seem a little raw at first, but it is quite useful, even though one can’t apply various technical indicators to it directly.

The option-types featured aren’t particularly impressive, but there are a few of them you won’t find anywhere else. The most basic type is the High/Low, suited for trading range-bound markets or small movements in the underlying asset-price. The return on such options is in the 80-90% range.

High/Low Spread options feature Bid/Ask spreads, reflecting the way price-making happens in the Forex markets. The payouts on such options can be as high as 100%. These options are suitable for trading larger market movements, as the larger payouts make them quite attractive indeed.

The Turbo options are essentially short-term options. They cover expiry times ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and they’re obviously suited for those after instant gratification.

The Turbo Spread options are just like the Turbo ones, with the difference that they feature Bid/Ask spreads, and are thus suitable for trading larger market movements.

The Traders’ Choice indicator is the simplest and handiest way for traders to gain an understanding on where the investor-sentiment is in regards to a certain asset. One can choose to follow the flock or to strike out against the masses. Either way, the indicator is a basic trading tool that makes the decision an easier one for beginners as well as for advanced traders. Located on the left-hand side of the traded asset chart, the Traders’ Choice indicator is continuously updated.

HighLow’s Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The minimum required first deposit is $50. The minimum trade amount has been set to $10, which means that one can log at least 5 trades on a minimum deposit. While much larger sums can be staked on single trades too, for those trading on a minimum deposit, it is recommended to stick to the minimums.

As far as bonuses go, HighLow offer a $50 cashback deal. This deal is apparently valid for demo accounts too, though in that case, the money is obviously only virtual. The redemption requirements on the cashbacks are extremely reasonable, and as soon as they’re fulfilled, traders are free to withdraw their cashback monies.

Customer Support

The backbone of the HighLow customer support is a ticketing system, which essentially allows traders to air their grievances through email. Other than that, there’s a phone number available as well: 1300-870-442. This is only valid in Australia though and it only works on weekdays, between 9:00 and 4:00. It is always recommended that you read through the FAQ before you contact the support staff.

HighLow Review Conclusion

Everything considered, HighLow is a good binary option broker. It will not short-change its customers and it will not tinker with the pricing. The trading platform is solid, though it could use a few more analysis-oriented tools.

In short, if you’re in Australia, New Zealand or Japan, look no further. HighLow is the BEST binary options broker for you.

Signing up with HighLow will grant you FREE access to my signals group and the broker’s platform is fully compatible with our signals. So don’t hesitate and open a demo account with HighLow TODAY and I’ll see you in my Facebook group!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below this HighLow review.

You might also enjoy reading the HighLow Review at

Is United Trading Network Legit? Learn the truth here! 

Hey guys, its Mike here and I’m back with another scam review for you today regarding a new system commonly referred to as the “Facebook” of Online Trading. So can you trust the United Trading Network software for binary options? This has been the question on most traders mind no doubt since the release of this new and intuitive social trading software that is receiving a large amount of buzz in the online investment community lately. To answer this question with certainty though, the United Trading Network is indeed a legitimate and proven online trading software for online day-traders!

United Trading Network


With being an authoritative figure in the binary options and Forex arena, I was quite proud and excited to be given exclusive access to the United Trading Network software. For a few weeks I gave this system a relentless test drive to see if the hype could match the performance and the results were not only consistent but also better than the results that I achieved with the OptionRobot Software or UpDownSignals Service for binary options! Although the website says that there is an average winning percentage of 83%, I accumulated an average just over 76% with my best investment day being 100% in-the-money with 9 investments placed.

What I learned truly separated the United Trading Network software apart from the hundreds of other online trading systems and software that I have seen enter and exit the binary options industry would be that this system offers an effective social trading structure. Sure, other software in the past have tried implementing a social structure into their system but lacked enough of a user-base for it to become effective which ultimately lead to their demise. The United Trading Social App for binary options though is used by hundreds of day-traders around the world and does not rely solely upon the signals provided by other professional day-traders.

So with being given access to this software ahead of time and having many connections I also had the opportunity to learn quite a bit more about how the software functions and how newbie day-traders across the world are benefiting from using this social featured trading software.  When compared to other systems that enter the binary options arena that usually say that their system is powered by some “advanced” algorithm or a couple of fancy, tweaked trading indicators, I tend to roll my eyes and close the page. Time after time have I seen these tackless and pitiful marketing tactics aimed at earning your trust without providing any real concrete information on how the system actually generates profitable and consistent trading signals.

Luckily for me I was given inside information on how the software generates its investment signals and have received approval to disclose some of that information to you guys in this informative software review.  So what I learned about this trading software is that it involves a three tier signal process that involves the incorporation of 3 proven trading algorithms used in combination with 4 technical analysis based trading strategies. In addition, the United Trading Network software also incorporates fundamental analysis and social trading components into the infrastructure of this software so quite a few variables are taken into account prior to an investment being reflected on the United Trading Social App platform.

So let’s go over how this intuitive and collective trading software creates the investment signals reflected on the United Trading Network’s platform. Since this is a three tier process the first process to occur is that the software analyzes a variety the potential volatility affecting events to narrow down which assets are currently best to invest with.

Now, whether or not an economic calendar is programmed within this software or if the United Trading Network team updates their software on a couple hour basis in regards to all market reports being scheduled to be announced, I am not entirely sure. Unfortunately, I was not able to extract this information from them due to proprietary copyrights but to make this understandable the first tier would be that the software analyzes assets and securities that will have a low probability of price fluctuations in the future.

Next, those approved assets move onward to the more technical integral which would be where the 3 algorithms and the 4 trading strategies get incorporated into the tier structure of this software. You see, in order for a signal to be generated by the United Trading Network software, it must first have an approved asset or security pass tier 1. Then in tier 2, an algorithm must have a signal that matches a signal created by one of the four technical analysis based investment strategies.

If a match does not occur between one of the algorithms and trading strategies then it does not pass through the screening process of this United Trading software and the last tier is not met. However, when a match does occur between an algorithm and a trading strategy, the software then completes its final tier and generates the investment signal on the United Trading Social App platform.

Unlike most systems that specialize solely in currency pairs, the United Trading Network incorporates currency pairs, stocks, commodities and even indices into the signal structure of the software allowing traders to invest more dynamically and with more variety than any other trading system.

One of the best advantages about the United Trading Network software would be that it allows traders to invest in a semi-automated or fully-automated fashion so ultimately you get to decide how you want to invest with this social powered trading software. So not only do investors have the ability to optimize their investment portfolio from the fundamental and technical components of this software but they also have the ability to consistently and effectively supplement their income through the social trading aspect of this software.

In all honesty, I have yet to find a software that offers the total-package like the United Trading Social App. If you have been relentlessly researching that one software that will allow you to actually supplement your income between $450 to $3,500 per month then I implore you to check out the United Trading Social App for binary options. All you need to get started would be a minimum broker deposit of $250 and once your account has been funded your software becomes activated and you are all set to go.

Check out this video demonstrating how the United Trader software can be used profitably:

Perhaps one of the best aspects about the United Trading Network social trader would be that they only work with reliable binary option brokers that are widely-used and possess a solid reputation. This is oftentimes one of the biggest issues that investors face when trying to find a reliable software to supplement their income with. Another great user-friendly feature that is offered by this software as well would be the educational department that is incorporated into their software. For those of you who are completely new to binary options and aren’t familiar with how trading systems function and work their free educational center will certainly help you out because it provides complete in-depth tutorials on how to effectively use the semi-automated, auto-trading and social trading features offered by this software!

The only downfall that I could find in regards to this system would be that it doesn’t accept US traders, unfortunately (but see the note at the bottom of this post). Everything else about the software is innovative and professional to be honest and with this being the first successful social trading software for binary options I predict that it will be around for a few more years to come!

Why should you consider the United Trading Network for binary options?  Well if you want a software that actually delivers consistent results for once and if receiving highly accurate trading signals from a wide number of actual professional online day-traders from around the world sounds appealing to you then this software is the only way that you will be able to get one step closer to your goal. Listen guys, I’ve been in this industry a long time and I know when something special enters this industry. Yes, it is true it may only happen once in a blue moon but when it does it becomes HUGE and the United Trading Network for binary options is the next BIG thing!

You know I have been so blessed and fortunate to have not only your guys’ support throughout the past half decade but your love as well. I mean it, speaking from the bottom of my heart, I’m so lucky to have some of the greatest fans and subscribers in the world which is why I’m literally so emotional and overjoyed to share with you this social trading software for binary options. Not only will this software change the way that investors trade with binary options but it will make the industry a much better place and a perfect starting point for newbie online day-traders looking for a proven way to make money online from home!

Want to Start Social Trading? Get Started exclusively at United Trading Network!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my United Trading Network scam review for binary options. I am very excited about this amazing social trading software for binary options and once more the future of binary options looks bright! Please make sure to leave your

experience and feedback below and if you would like to join my binary options newsletter to stay in-the-loop in regards to all news related to binary options please, feel free to subscribe at the right-hand side of this page!

Lastly, make sure to stick around for several educational and strategy articles that I plan to publish within the next couple weeks on my blog along with a couple performance updates with my personal investing sessions with the United Trading Network!

If you are new to binary options, I would like to invite you to join my signals group and trading community on Facebook! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. If you have been scammed please make sure to visit for free assistance.

For those of you who are determined to get started with the United Trading Network, you can still check out the website but you will be redirected to an alternative system that is available for US traders. I would also like to remind you that I don’t recommend to sign up with non-regulated brokers but if you do make sure not to deposit more than the minimum requirement and never accept a broker deposit bonus.

IQoption Review

Launched in 2013, has grown into the preferred destination for scores of traders in a remarkably short time. The success of the operation can be attributed to a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that IQoption’s minimums are hands-down the very best in the business. As one of the industry-leading brokers, IQ Option deserves a full review. Being as popular as they are comes with certain costs of course, one of which is that they receive some negative feedback from some of their disgruntled traders. I can whole-heartedly affirm though that the operation is legitimate indeed, and the complaints regarding various withdrawal issues are either unfounded, or they’re posted by traders who haven’t provided the documentation required for such an operation.

IQoption used to have an extremely advanced trading robots platform too, which allowed traders to create their own auto-traders and to put them to the test in various trading competitions. This feature has recently been discontinued though.

The IQoption platform is superb. It’s a proprietary one and it comes with a user-friendly trading interface, as well as a number of interactive learning tools. IQ Option features some of the best returns in the binary option trading industry, to go with its attractive minimums.

IQoption is licensed by CySEC, and as such, it is fully MiFID-compliant. In addition to its Maltese license, IQoption is registered with a number of other European regulators, such as the FCA, Consob, BaFin and AFM, among others.

IQ Option Withdrawals

Despite some of the complaints out there, provided all the required documents are made available, IQoption withdrawals are smooth and seamless. It usually takes the operator one day to process a withdrawal request. The maximum in this respect – depending on the method used – is 3 days. While IQ Option doesn’t charge any fees, various commissions may be charged by payment providers.

In some cases, the broker may indeed ask for certain documents from the traders. The exact requirements in this respect will be emailed to the trader. The required documents have to be scanned and sent in.

While there is no minimum on withdrawals, for technical reasons, the operator cannot process withdrawals of less than €2.

Payouts and Features

The maximum on IQoption payouts is in the neighborhood of 91%. For most of the options though, it’s lower than that. Interestingly, IQ Option only offers two trade types: Turbo and Binary. The Turbo options feature expiries under 5 minutes, while the Binaries offer expiries over the 15 minute mark. A new option-type product is in the works as well, which I personally am looking forward to. Called “Classic” option, this category will allow traders to purchase options which they will be able to sell at any time, featuring limited loss potential and unlimited profitability.

For the time being though, we’re looking at 88% payouts on Turbo options and 77% on the Binaries. On currency pairs like the EUR/GBP though, we have 90%, so yes indeed, the IQoption payout rates are great.

When it comes to features and various trading tools, the IQoption platform is unbeatable. It carries all the indicators and graphical tools that one could possibly need for proper technical analysis. The charting feature supports 4 chart types, there are 4 lines and no fewer than 12 different indicators available.

The IQ Option trading interface offers one-click access to just about everything the operator has to offer. One can access his/her trading history and open positions (which are wonderfully drawn up onto the graph too), there’s a handy news section, video tutorials, as well as a special offers section, which features one or two assets on which the trading conditions are better than on others for some reason. One can view this feature as a sort of trading signal feature, which lets the trader decide the direction of the trade as well as expiry.

This sophisticated trading platform can be accessed by everyone, without the need to make a real money deposit. IQoption offer a great demo account, with $1,000 in virtual funds, which carries all the features of the real money trading platform.

IQ Option Trading Platform – FREE Demo

Minimum Deposit and Incentives

The feature that I personally found the most attractive about IQoption is that they only require one to deposit $10. While for a seasoned trader, this super-low limit doesn’t really offer anything interesting, for a beginner, it shines an entirely different light upon the whole operation in terms of affordability. With such a generous minimum on deposits, comes an equally generous minimum investment amount. Traders are only required to stake $1 on their trades, which means that the minimum deposit will actually let them purchase 10 positions.

In light of the latest requirements of European regulators, IQ Option do not offer any sort of bonuses, nor do they actively encourage their traders to trade more in any way.

IQ Option Customer Support

IQoption support can be contacted from the website of the operation, or directly from the trading interface. They have a ticket-based system going, which requires traders to open a ticket and to ask their question. It will then take the IQoption support staff an average of 25 minutes to answer the question. Those who do not want to wait, can contact IQ Option support by phone too. Their number is +44 20 8068 0760, and it’s available 24/7, around the clock. There is no localized phone support.

IQoption’s Weekend Quotes

Some traders will be surprised to see that IQ Option features quotes during the weekends too, when the markets are closed. These quotes are a unique feature which allows traders to trade through OTC (Over the Counter) instruments on weekends too. An OTC deal is a deal made between two parties, without going public.

IQ Option Review Conclusion

I’ve done a lot of trading through various brokers and trading platforms, and with certainty stemming from that experience, I can affirm that is one of the best binary brokers out there. Their platform is superb in every way, they are accessible for everyone, and their payouts are extremely fair as well. It is one of my top trading destinations, as it’s quite possibly the best place to start your trading venture.

Open an IQ Option account TODAY!

I suppose most of the people who read this review, except for those of you who are in the US, Canada and Australia, already have an account with IQ Option since it’s one of the brokers I recommend to those who want to join my signals group. If for some reason you don’t already have an account with them , make sure to open a free IQ Option account as this is definitely one of the best binary options brokers out there. Scam Review: Can You Profit? 

Yes, as you all may have been wondering we are still alive and kicking!  We would thoroughly like to apologize for our extreme absence from the binary options industry for quite sometime but we would like to announce that we are back full-time stronger than ever and plan to provide you with mountains of educational articles and endless amounts of comprehensive scam reviews! With this promise set in stone, let’s get back to business and discuss a rather unique trading software that has recently emerged within the binary options industry known as the OptionRobot. Now, just like any day-trader would like to know can you actually generate a consistent profit with the OptionRobot trading software for binary options?

Well, we are glad to report that after testing the software for over the duration of two weeks, it has proven that it can generate a substantial and consistent sum of supplemental income. You know for almost four years now we have been providing free trading strategies, scam exposure reviews and educational investment articles to thousands of online viewers without ever asking for anything in return.  That is just the way we are to be honest, that is how how we were hard-wired to be and that is how we will continue to be for all the rest of our days to come! Unlike most of the binary option software, systems or services that will promise you the moon and to take you from rags-to-riches, this is perhaps one of the few software that doesn’t feed with you falsehoods and deceit.

There are several advantages of the OptionRobot software compared to other competitive software but perhaps the three biggest advantages associated with this system would be how it yields an average success rate between 68 to 75%, is available to every online investor no matter where you reside and lastly how it can be used as a semi-automated or fully-automated trading software! Dissimilar to the vast sum of auto traders that are flooding the binary options industry (one of the reasons why we took so much time off, too much stress and too many death threats), the OptionRobot software yields an average success rate over 70% whereas most of the other systems that we have tested out for our subscribers typically achieve an average 40 to 50% in-the-money ratio.

With the OptionRobot software accepting traders from East to West, North to South and from all walks of life it has accumulated a tremendous amount of users all within a relatively short duration of time. In less than a year, has accrued a user base exceeding 14,000 traders so obviously this system is doing something right! Another aspect of this software that deserves some recognition would be how it actually assigns reliable or regulated brokers for you to sign up with. We have seen far too many times binary option trading systems and software that are supposed to be the next quote-on-quote “great thing” yet before you even have the opportunity to get started you become hesitant and stop right in your tracks because the brokers assigned to you to gain access to the software have an unfavorably bad number of reviews and a bad reputation.

With the OptionRobot software you are encouraged to sign up with reliable brokers that have outstanding and untarnished reputations such as 24Option and StockPair. You don’t have to worry about signing up with unreliable brokers which is perhaps one of the many reasons why this software has generated such a vast and dense trader base! Not to mention that the OptionRobot software can be used in a manual or automated investment mode whereas 9 out of every 10 systems only give you the option of fully-automated trading and more often than not they don’t even empower you and give you the ability to turn those software off if the accuracy of the systems starts to deteriorate and crumble. As you may have assumed by now, though the OptionRobot software does provide you with this ability along with the power to manipulate whatever settings you deem fit.

In fact, binary option day-traders have the ability to choose a variation of over 140 different settings with this software which ultimately gives you more user-control than any other binary options system or software available in the industry. You are given the power when to turn the system on or off, which settings the software should incorporate and most importantly you are given control to secure a better financial future for you and your family. One truth we are have learned the hard way over our time in this industry would be that a binary options trading system, software or service is only as good as the broker they require you to sign up with. Remember that if you could because that is the cold, honest truth! You could have the best system in the world but if you can’t withdrawal your funds then what is the point?

Moving onward now we will discuss some our experience with the OptionRobot trading software and the settings that we discovered to work out the best for us. Since this is a manual and automated trading software, we decided to try out both styles of investing and found that investing on manual allowed us to generate a higher success rate with investments winning by a larger margin of pips. Now this isn’t to take away from the automated trading mode, we also experienced good success (71.35%) but the manual mode allowed us to maximize more of our investments and yield a success rate just over 73%. We also learned that using the “classic” or “fibonacci” method of investing produced the most accurate results when investing and we also took the initiative to incorporate our Short-Term Reversal Strategy and Best 5 Minute Strategy to add extra conditions and improve signal strength.

We’ve been fortunate enough to become one of the most visited binary options portals out of the web and after some much needed time off we feel extremely blessed and grateful to start delivering you with free educational strategy articles, intuitive trading approaches and never-ending scam reviews to keep you safe and take your binary options investing to new heights. Please if you at anytime have any questions or feedback to share with us about the OptionRobot trading system or investing online in general, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.  We are here to grow and prosper together as a community as we have since day one and that is what we shall continue to do!

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Note from Michael Freeman

While OptionRobot may be an excellent software, I’d like to remind you that I don’t recommend to sign up with non-regulated brokers. If you decide to use a non-regulated broker, make sure you don’t deposit more than the minimum and that you don’t approve any bonuses or account management services. Also, using OptionRobot profitably requires trading skills and knowledge. If you’re new to binary options, I would like to invite you to join my signals group and trading community on Facebook! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have been scammed, please visit for assistance.