Binary Options Broker Reviews

How To Choose a Broker? Finding the best broker is not always easy. There are over a 100 brokers in 2014 with only a few being CySEC regulated. Don’t settle for the first website you come across and definitely not for the first pop-up advertisement. Here are a few factors to consider before you decide to invest:

  • Reliability Is the broker regulated and licensed? Make sure you select only a top-rated company! Don’t settle for less. Look for reviews and avoid any scams. Don’t forget to visit the Black-List.
  • Payout Why settle for a low payout? On average you will get a %75 on winning trades and %0 on losing trades. Keep in mind that some brokers will offer up to %95 on winning trades and %5-%15 on losing trades.
  • Regulations Before signing up make sure you to narrow down your search to CySEC regulated Brokers.

Lowest Deposit Broker

Starting with a lower budget? The average deposit requirement is $200 and some brokers require up to $500 to get started. The following brokers offer a lower deposit.

$5 min      Ayrex. (Ayrex Review)

$10 min    IQ Option – EU Regulated. FREE demo available. (IQ Option Review)

General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Top Rated Brokers

Are you looking for the most reliable brand? Stay safe and signup with one of the leading brokers with a clean record, absence of negative reviews and full EU regulations. The Top rated brokers are:

Finrally – Auto Trading available. Available everywhere. (Finrally Review)

High Low – AU-regulated. Best choice for traders in Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan. (HighLow Review)

83 thoughts on “Binary Options Broker Reviews

  1. Imran Safdar

    Hi Mike !!
    Firstly I may state that almost 2 years ago when I was looking to learn Forex Trading, I came across your website one day when I was exploring the internet. And the stuff I viewed on your website, I got stuck with it… And hence I learnt the Art of “Trading”!! Really THANKS to you and your marvelous Website who acted as a ‘Mentor’ and ‘Sincere Guide’ to me and made me a trader today !! Countless Warm Wishes & Hearty Prayers for You,, Cheers …
    Well, today I have turned up to this forum with a few important issues for whose solution I thought to seek your precious advise as your expert advice will carry value for me and solve my problems. So please read this thoroughly and plz accept my apologies for this text will be a bit prolonged. Sorry for that. So here are my Issues:
    (1) I was registered with IQ Options since long for I had started experimenting on their platform what all I learnt from your website and from my further research and studies. And in the recent period, I really got hold over the consistent success in my trading. But almost 2 weeks ago, one day I got my IQ Option Account / Platform blocked !! When I checked my email, I found an email from their Document Department dated a week ago from the date of blocking of my Account, requiring my some documents for certifying my Account etc as per their company’s policy according to them. Although a week had gone, but still I atonce scanned and sent them all of those required documents via email but they did not unblocked / opened my Trade Account. Then I sent them another email after few days, then another and then another… But Neither they are unblocking my Account, nor they are replying back to me!! And please note down that they blocked my Account right at the time when I almost doubled my last deposit amount by winning the trades!! So please suggest me any appropriate way as to what must I do for getting my IQ Options Trade Account / Platform unblocked ??
    (2) Apart from the upper told issue, I also want to register now with any other reliable regulated broker for which I checked your recommended brokers on top of this page. About OptionFair, I really liked them and ofcourse never found any negetive opinion regarding them on any site, forum or blog. But the problem is that they never register with them any trader from my country “Pakistan”. That’s why I can not trade with them. And please also note down that their Minimum Deposit is not lowered to 100 $ as I had a live talk to their customer support agent one day ago who told me that their Minimum Deposit Fund is 300 $ and the Minimum Investment 45 $. So please check that and update your review which tells 100 $ as Minimum Deposit. Shortly saying, I am not allowed to trade with them as they do not recognize / accept traers from my country. So your next recommended was the BDSwiss. There I could be registered for they accept traders from my country but honestly speaking I found many negative views and comments about them while my research !! There are also the complaints that their Customer Service is very poor and in-active who never responds back if any issues come. Their Mt4 Platform is also reported to be over-burdened and slow to get launched. They also offer a very limited number of currency pairs due to which the trade options become limited. So for all these reasons, I am not getting satisfied to be registered with BDSwiss !!
    (3) So in light of the above averments, please recommend / suggest me a few other reliable, trust worthy and regulated brokers (within 100 $ Minimum Deposit, if possible). I know you could surely recommend some.
    (4) What do you comment about “Expert Option” , “FXTM” and “XM” ?? Are these regulated, legit and reliable ??
    Please reply the answers of my queries one by one. I have taken a lot of your time,, again my apologies, and Thanks a lot for everything. Have a good day. Stay Blessed !!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      1. I’m sorry to hear about this issue. For help, please email my assistant at
      2. Thanks for letting us know about the changes to OptionFair deposit requirements. We’ve updated our OptionFair review.
      3. I think you will like Ayrex.
      4. Expert Option has a great demo platform, but they are not regulated. FXTM and XM are Forex brokers. Both are good. FXTM is better in my opinion.

      For more information, please email my assistant at

      1. Imran Safdar

        Really Thanx for everything Buddy. I’ll do as directed by you. I’ll get intact again if I need so.
        Warm Wishes & Regards.

  2. Maree wilson

    Interested in your view on BBB Markets. Would you deal with them?

  3. Marcus

    Hello mike,
    May i know if ABT (auto-binary trade) is a scam? I won $81,000 within 2 weeks with their account manager and they don’t allow me to withdraw funds. They said i must upgrade my account first so that i can withdraw. It cost $2,600-10,000 for the upgrade. What will i do? Please help me.

      1. Marcus

        Thanks a lot mike, i hope your team can help me and get my money back from that ABT scammers.

  4. Dale Evans

    Hello Michael,

    365binaryoption. – I know they are not regulated and therefore not, ” recommended” by you,..however, I dont see their name in your Blacklist.
    Do you have any great or horror stories, “absolutely DO NOT INVEST” advice, or do you know anything much about them? Or do you know of people who have gotten their money back ( plus more….) from them?
    Yes, I have unfortunately put money in…

    Thank you.
    Regards, Dale

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      As long as you don’t accept any bonuses, account management services and not deposit more than the minimum, you should be OK. But next time I wouldn’t recommend signing up with a non-regulated broker.

  5. Ulrika Högman

    Hi im just get a account whit our autotrading service and i got 72 option as Brooker from you. Are they trustfull? Im from sweden. Can you desscribe for me hos everything works

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I don’t recommend signing up with non-regulated brokers. Please email for more information (

  6. Sheila

    Dear Michael

    Did a sign up with CFD Stocks. They made an error and instead of a $250 dollar account being opened, they opened a £250 pound account. They then Tried to pressure us into investing $50 000! We didn’t. All reviews indicate a scam – how do you think I can get my £250 pounds back which is quite a bit of money in South Africa.

  7. Essi

    Hi, for those of us who live in Canada our deposit and withdraw options are pretty limited with most brokers. I tried all methods with HighLow except for Bitcoin and wire transfer. Bitcoin should work but they only have that as deposit method and not for withdraw. offers more methods, including Bitcoin deposit and withdraw and accepts Canadians.
    Which broker do you recommend in this case? stay with HighLow and use wire transfer or use and is as safe as HighLow?
    Thank you

  8. Barry English

    Dear Michael,
    What are your views on option72? They played hardball with me on extra bonuses etc.

  9. elman t. caguioa

    good day,michael.
    i’m from the Philippines and i would like to invest in stock trade.what is the best stock trade in our country?please help

  10. John

    Mike what about Smartoptionson. I intend investing.Will appreciate you feedback

  11. Freddie Prior

    Hi Michael.
    If it is possible please let me know . How the following brokers are ?
    JAFX FX Choice Tradersway 10 Markets Or can you suggest a good trader for me and the rest of us. Who has been scammed before. Thanks Regards Freddie.

  12. Linda Lim

    Hi Michael,

    I am Linda from Malaysia. Which broker would you recommend for me to trade?


    Hi Michael,
    What is the latest update on – is it still good?
    Please revert.

      1. Darren Donnelly

        Michael is itrader for U.K. To. E trusted .just given £250 deposit.
        If not why can I do now .

        1. Michael Freeman Post author

          Don’t send them any more money. Don’t approve any account management services. Next time only deposit with regulated brokers.

  14. Scott

    Hi Michael I am in ur Facebook group which I think is brilliant,but i never got the time to use the signals in the day as I work full time in construction in I looked high and low on ur blog sights for a reputable auto trader and found neo2 I was so excited as u were involved in it funded my trading account with £500 with uk options was all going really well until I found out they were not regulated so I put in request after request to get my money back and now they have shut down and taken the money in my account and plz what happened to neo2 I can’t access that any more neither where have they gone kind regards

  15. Bruce

    Hi Michael have you heard anything on Metainvesting. Out of the UK

  16. Paul L

    Hello Michael, I signed up with BDB and one of their senior account managers about 14 months ago, I invested a rather large amount of money. To cut a long story of deception, misinformation and reckless guidance short – In less than 2.5 hours on the Trading Platform, over 2 evenings, I followed completely and only the guidance of my account manager, after which 99 % of my initial investment was completely lost/gone and then my account disappeared.
    BDB are apparently a regulated Brokerage ? . . . what about their account managers ?
    Your thoughts would be appreciated please Michael.

  17. Chris

    Hi Mike, is Copy Buffet and Option Robot ligit? I’m new at this looking for a honest Auto trader out there. Every trader I’d checked and researched already been mentioned above.


  18. Joseph

    Hi I signed up with binary cooperate and since then they are not answering any of my questions and the senior broker they sssigned me to has not been calling me and never answered any of my call. What do I do

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      Would you like to keep trading with them or withdraw your money? If you want to keep trading with them, I recommend joining my signals group. To make a withdrawal, you need to upload your documents to their website to complete the verification process and then ask for a withdrawal.

  19. superstylefactor

    hi mike,

    I have tried to sign up for a NEO2 account, but the brokers I get assigned to always seem dodgy, is there a reason why these brokers are associated with your autotrader? What would be some examples of reputable brokers which I can be assigned with? so I can try to create new accounts until I get these brokers. I had good impressions with Porter Finance, however my Neo2 wasn’t properly synced with the broker so the auto trading didn’t work properly, and since then I haven’t had luck getting PF assigned to me. Any suggestions would be welcome. No Titan or Tradorax please!

    1. Michael Freeman Post author

      I no longer recommend signing up with Neo2. Not only are there no good brokers available with the software, but also it’s currently a signal service and not an auto trader.

      1. Alan

        Hey, I have an account with marketsworld right now. Should I cancel? Also is there any other broker for people in the united states other than nadex? thanks

      2. SUZEN

        Hi Mechael,

        Please could you tell me your opinion about PlusOption & Itrader??
        What is the best broker in the Uk


  20. Narrinder Sahota

    Hi I’m from the UK so which broker would you recommend?


  21. William Stone

    Hello, I looked through the Blacklist and didn’t see . Did I miss them or have there been no problems reported? Your thoughts please.

  22. Inga

    Hello Mike. I am from Malta. Could you please recommend a binary broker to me

    1. Dmutro Kateruna

      You will not find the right person and a deceitful broker on the Internet!

  23. Steve

    Anyone heard of optionleague – said they are based in UK. How reliable are they?

      1. Siyabonga Sishuba

        Hi Mke, my name is Siyabonga Sishuba I recentley joined IQ Options under the group today with $100 but the system does not allow to be added on group please assist.

  24. Shawn Knox

    Hi Mike I am from Ontario Canada what binary broker do you recommend ?

  25. Anna Pandaram

    I was scammed into depositing money into a plus options trading account and they even sent me a protected capital form to sign. But now, there is no reply to my emails and I cannot get through to their UK number at all. Is there any legal entity I can approach to get my money out of them? Please help

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